Making Bead & Wire Jewelry

Making Bead & Wire Jewelry75 stunning pieces of jewellery, made of beads and wire, requiring only a few simple tools and easy to learn techniques. The projects include: earrings necklaces bracelets pendants a contemporary eyeglass chain hair clip filigree choker finger rings pins eyeglass cord There are complete instructions on bead and wire crafting basics; materials, tips and techniques, tools and work spaces are all thoroughly covered. * Two best selling craft subjects bead jewellery and wire jewellery together in one book. * Styles range from the delicate and graceful to bold and chunky. * Beads range from small delicate crystals to large brilliant pieces of turquoise. * Wire includes the new wires currently available, textured and dyed every colour of the rainbow, plus copper, gold and silver options.

Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing

Jewelry: Fundamentals of MetalsmithingIn logical progression, Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing examines the basic techniques of this ancient and accessible craft: fabricating, surface treatments, joining, finishing, stone setting, chain making, mechanisms, and casting. It is illustrated throughout with clear demonstration photos, Mr. McCreight's beautifully rendered drawings, and examples of exceptional contemporary jewelry. This relaxed yet thorough introduction to the skills of metalworking is a fully revised, expanded and updated edition of Tim McCreight's popular guide for novice metalworkers. As both a fresh presentation of fundamental techniques and a portfolio of the finest contemporary design, Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing is an instant classic in its own right.

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