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Dark Intrusions gTo Your Scattered Bodies Go was author Philip Jose Farmer s 1971 novel that went on the win the 1972 Hugo Award for Best Novel About as inventive as areat science fiction novel from a very ood writer can be this describes a world where everyone who ever lived is reincarnated into a river valley environment Filled with philosophical and theological metaphor this is an excellent vehicle for the author to explore various subjects revolving around sociology human nature and roup dynamics Also entertaining is Farmer s selection of historic characters to illuminate for the narrative somehow he chose Sir Richard Francis Burton and Hermann Goering as central figures I have always seen Farmer as a kind of rogue element amidst the Sci Fi Decade of Despair grandmasters a loose cannon comicenius This idea is his masterpiece a solid and uniue exploration in a fantastic situation with a buttressed scientific albeit mysterious foundation I am also led to believe that the producers of The Matrix films were inspired by Farmer s setting However one criticism is the same that often comes to such writers as Poul Anderson and Theodore Sturgeon What Was Lost great idea but an incomplete story And of course this leads me to my most freuent criticism of science fiction novels it is inherently incomplete when you are invited to tune in next year for the seuel This is book one in the River World series Having criticized justly a veryood book let me end on a high note and say that I will probably read the other books in the series it s that Go-Go-Go! good This is a wonderful book so creative and evocative I have favorite books in everyenre In fantasy my fave is The Wind Up Girla fantastic book To Your Scattered Bodies Go is up there in the top five of fantasy This is a book about resurrection and the premise is a little out there When a person dies the wake up on a 4 million mile long river with a Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook grail around their necks The point of view character is Richard Burton the explorer not the actor Everyday the people on the river puts theirrail in a rock and there is blue flash The Reine Mädchensache grail has a hot meal drugs This world has the usual players who were bad in the real world If you like fantasyive this one a whirl I highly recommend itDavid Putnam the author of The Bruno Johnson series I can t even continue with this book The premise is moderately interesting but the sexism is just too much Prudes and whores and nags and every fucking stereotype of woman you can think of but Animal Babies god forbid there be a woman who serves any purpose other than sex object or victim Yet anotherenius who can imagine a world without religion or oppressive sexual s but can t imagine competent women with purpose and agency outside of a manDNFed at page 78 For me the appeal of Speculative Fiction is the breadth and depth of its scope An author is free to explore the most difficult uestions and imagine worlds vastly different from anything we have ever experienced Though all literature is concerned with what it means to be human few outside of Sci Fi o to such lengths to ask what it means to be capable of thought and self knowledgeHowever there is a drawback Often authors succumb to the temptation to create a world so new authors succumb To The Temptation To Create the temptation to create world so new different so complex and so vast that it becomes almost impossible to write it Farmer has selected too vast a canvas too reat a scene and so the small if engaging story he paints upon it seems a far cry from the overarching premiseFarmer creates an artificial afterlife one containing every human being ever born By using the old Sci Fi trick of science did it he avoids the knee jerk response many people would have to a book making overt spiritual claims Since everyone was just recreated by aliens Farmer is not technically a blasphemerEveryone is there even as the book jacket likes to point out you Farmer has the qasas-ul-quran grandest possible cast of characters and does not waste it His protagonists their friends and their enemies are plucked from thereatest and most notorious men in history as well as Farmer himself However we are struck with an immediate difficulty Farmer is trying to write some of the most remarkable people in historyUnfortunately for Farmer many of his characters real life counterparts were brilliant "eccentric men Since they are brilliant and eccentric than Farmer himself we end up with fairly standard protagonists saddled with "men Since they are brilliant and eccentric than Farmer himself we end up with fairly standard protagonists saddled with namesFor example he chooses one of the most remarkable men of a remarkable period Sir Richard Burton In a time of colonial adventurers he was one of the reatest and most notorious He was one of the most adroit swordfighters of his day and braved and escaped death numerous times over his remarkably long careerHe was also a polyglot who knew some thirty languages making him an extremely convenient hero for a book taking place on a world where every culture was rubbing elbows with every other He also nearly discovered the source of the Nile iving him a thematic connection to this Riverworld In short he was a real life hero straight out of an adventure story However he was also a refined and educated man who made a full and unabridged translation of the 1001 Arabian Nights Though Farmer s version of Burton is as capable and impressive as we might expect he does not have Burton s singular and remarkable personalityPerhaps it was wise of Farmer to pick a man so clearly suited to play the role of the adventure hero Many authors have tried to create adventure heroes out of small and inexperienced men However in this case Farmer has thrown his net too far and caught too large a fish for his dinnerFarmer experiences a similar problem with all of the myriad cultures he writes Since he is not a historical expert on any of these cultures their portrayal tends to be rather unremarkable such that as we travel along the river we find Victorian Gentlemen Dakota Indians and Chinese Marauders are or less interchangeable Beyond this their interaction with one another becomes likewise simplified It would be a remarkable feat for any author to be able to write such interactions as might occur between Sumerians and Olmec. XXI век На далечна планета опасана цялата от безкрайна река възкръсват всички хора съществували някога на Земята Сега те са голи подмладени съвършено здрави и душите им са изпълнени с енергия за нов живот Но д. To Your Scattered Bodies GoTo terms with each other along the banks of a Dead-End Road Mysteries gigantic river Unfortunately after a few chapters it becomes clear that the author has no real plan about where too with his concept I remember some reviewer expressing similar disappointment with The Matrix It starts with a metaphysical revelation and ends with a shootout what went wrong But even so this is the best book of the series the Riverworld is entertaining enough in itself to keep things moving along for a while My recommendation is to read it for the atmosphere and not bother to find out what the explanation is when that is duly produced in one of the later volumes Trust me you ll be disappointed Let s say you died in 2005 You wake up on a beach I am simplifying here for those of that have not read this the book does not start off on a beach next to a river that is endless You have no recollection of this place You know this can t be possible because next to you are a man dressed in 16th century attire and a bit further down from him is what looks like a Neanderthal But hey you re in a Philip Jose Farmer novel so anything s possible I love the concept that when we die regardless of what time period we died in we are all sent to a world with a massive river cutting it in half and are dependant upon mystical orbs to Hear the Wolves get food and other necessitiesBut what really works for me is the realization Farmer had that in some way man will still try to develop a power structure Add the fact that war and politics and everything associated with the two are still present and youet what could plausibly be best described as earth And who doesn t want to read about Richard Burton or Mark Twain in the afterlife Though I do have issues with Farmer s writing style the story than makes up for this VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Revisit 2015 is via audio file 074233Description To Your Scattered Bodies Go is the Hugo Award winning beginning to the story of Riverworld Philip Jos Farmer s uneualed tale about life after death When famous adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burton dies the last thing he expects to do is awaken naked on a foreign planet along the shores of a seemingly endless river But that s where Burton and billions of other humans plus a few nonhumans find themselves as the epic Riverworld saga begins It seems that all of Earthly humanity has been resurrected on the planet each with an indestructible container that provides three meals a day cigarettes alcoholic beverages a lighter and the odd tube of lipstick But why And by whomThat s what Burton and a handful of fellow adventurers are determined to discover as they construct a boat and set out in search of the river s source thought to be millions of miles away Although there are many hardships during the journey including an encounter with the infamous Hermann Goring Burton s resolve to complete his uest is strengthened by a visit from the Mysterious Stranger a being who claims to be a renegade within the very roup that created the Riverworld The stranger tells Burton that he must make it to the river s headwaters along with a dozen others the Stranger has selected to help stop an evil experiment at the "End Of Which Humanity Will Simply Be " of which humanity will simply be to die Craig E EnglerBurton s battle with the F icles is a fantastic adventure story and the excitement stood the test of time with this re visit Looking forward to the second book where Mark Twain is a major player if my memory serves me rightHow lucky I was as a young woman there was so much to rab and follow this series Donaldson s Eddings s and the beginning of PTerry s ouevre It was this very book that introduced me to Burton and I ve enjoyed reading about the lives of the explorers ever sinceRichard BurtonAlice LiddellJohn de GreystokeHermann GoringTullus HostiliusFrom wiki Peter Jairus Frigate is a fictionalized version of the science fiction author Philip Jos Farmer which appeared in his Riverworld series of novelsConfusingly it is only towards the end of the series that the true Peter Jairus Frigate appears the one in the earlier volumes was in fact an impostor5 To Their Scattered Bodies Go The Fabulous Riverboat Riverworld 2 The Dark Design Riverworld 3 The Magic Labyrinth Riverworld 4 The Gods of Riverworld Riverworld 5 I was really put off by its misogyny its bullheaded masculinity its eurocentrism Like "much science fiction it simply can t escape the stale assumptions of its time These problems "science fiction it simply can t escape the stale assumptions of its time These problems make the book an interesting read on another level At least I can see how far we ve come But I also wish someone would write an alternative vision a book that would have the same kind of wonderful playful pan historical mish mosh of characters but that would not have the same unpleasant philosophical limitations of Farmer s Riverworld Here is an small example from the book of the kind of thing that made me do a double take on nearly every page even though these probably didn t bother me at all when I read the book in high school Know a man s faith and you knew at least half THE MAN KNOW HIS WIFE AND YOU KNEW THE man Know his wife and you knew the halfFarmer is not interested in knowing anything about women or non white males at all these characters are important in the book only in terms of explaining the european man In particular the female characters in this book are convenient props for sex uickly abandoned by the story and never thought of again by the overwhelmingly male cast of characters I don t think it s much of a spoiler to say the book contains famous historical charactersand not one of these is female either The book jacket promises you ll meet Richard Burton Mark Twain Odysseus Cyrano de Bergeracthere are many others in the book and all of them white menSometimes I mourn the loss of those times when I could delude myself and pretend that I was part of the mass of readers being addressed in phrases like know the manknow his wife Sometimes I m lad to be able to read without the blinders It s worth contemplating such things just as it s worth reading this book however maddening an experience it may be to some of us readers who don t fit the mold. ози роман предлага толкова много събития приключения и интересни герои че наистина се чете по класическата формула „на един дъх“Романът „В телата си разпръснати върнете се“ е носител на наградата „Хюго“. ,

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S but this hardly excuses Farmer after all he was the one who chose to write this bookFarmer took his inspiration from Edgar Rice Burroughs who also had a mysterious and mystical river in his John Carter of Mars series However Farmer might have taken another lesson from Burroughs When Burroughs wrote of strange Martian cultures he could create as he liked without any need for research or knowledge However we can see by the wild inaccuracies of his Tarzan that he probably should have stuck with aliensLikewise if Farmer s book had been about his own made up cultures there would be little to fault him However since he chose such a difficult path himself I feel no compunction in stating that he was uneual to the challenge The book is exciting adventurous and the writing is not without race but it is certainly not what it would promise to beThe next book in the series is worse with a hackneyed unfunny Mark Twain taking center stage ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureAfter he died the famous 19th century explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton wasn t surprised to find that what the Christian priests had taught about the Resurrection wasn t true But he was totally bewildered by what actually happened He woke up young hairless naked and turning in midair as if on a spit in the middle of 37 billion other young hairless naked and rotating humans Soon after waking the bodies all the people over the age of five who had ever lived plunged to the Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan ground and began their new lives together in aiant river valley Is this Heaven Hell Purgatory or is it some huge social experiment being run by aliensMost of the humans happy that their basic needs are being met are content to just be living again Some people see this as an opportunity to seize the power and wealth that they had or never obtained on Earth But Sir Richard just wants to know what s وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله going on He seems to be the only person whoot a Fiend glimpse behind the scenes of their new home and not only does he resent being manipulated but his curiosity is insatiable So he and a few companions set out to explore the Riverworld and they hope to discover the source of the river and find some answersRichard Francis Burton a fascinating and scandalous man in real life is the perfect character to explore the Riverworld Philip Jose Farmer s depiction of Burton and several other real historical figures is superb though occasionally teachy when Farmer periodically interjects an encyclopedic sounding aside about a character s life this minor bit of clumsiness is the reason for my 45 instead of 5 star rating I won t tell you who else shows up in the Riverworld because I d spoil the fun but I ll say that it s hilarious to watch Burton learn about 20th century history and interact with some of its denizensThe best aspect of To Your Scattered Bodies Go is its original premise the idea of all of humanity spread outenerally in chronological order along a iant river which can be traveled like a human timeline There is some scattering of bodies hence the title so that a 21st century American could end up in a tribe of Neanderthals If someone dies in the Riverworld they are resurrected at random somewhere along the riverTo Your Scattered Bodies "Go written in 1971 is creative exciting fast paced and totally " written in 1971 is creative exciting fast paced and totally I was completely enthralled from the first page to the last I listened to Recorded Books version read by Paul Hecht and I had a hard time removing my earbuds for long enough to pay attention to my real life duties By the end of the story Burton has managed to et a few answers but there are so many uestions left and I can t wait to learn about Riverworld Therefore I m already reading the next installment The Fabulous Riverboat It s 1972 and the Hugos just named this one best novel and whyBecause it s actually 2016 and novel has just been optioned by both HBO "AND Showtime For An Series Noted "Showtime for an ongoing series noted for it s all nude cast all the time celebrities and historical personages all coming back to their most perfect forms and of course senseless war and violence When they re not expounding on philosophy of course because philosophy and religion always leads to a cave man s club and a bunch of PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) grabbing of blond hairDon tet me wrong I m actually having a The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, great time with this book I can ignore the constant nudity because after all the main characters are Sir Richard Francis Burton and Hermann Goering What I m most fascinated by is the deeper uestions Like Why Come on SF you know you want to ask it Why are we having the tale of the bodily resurrection in an ostensibly heaven like world complete with Holy Grails for every single person who had ever lived And why does chewingum bring out the very worst in us all And why do we always always always have to degenerate to our very worst selves whenever the outcome just doesn t matter Huh WhyTune in for the next novel Maybe I don t know This is my first Farmer and it s definitely not Marvins Room going to be my last I metting Roberto to the Dark Tower Came great vibes off of this It s tooraphic for Netflix but I think it has practically unlimited possible milage for HBO and Showtime We can do ANYTHING Murders don t even count That eviscerated person will just pop up somewhere else along the nearly infinite world of rivers among yet another random population of ANYONE WHO EVER LIVED Okay why aren t All the Authors Who Ever Lived turning this idea into a franchise and filling all our bookshelves with better versions of what I just read The potential is Polyphemus glorious I loved the conversations between all these famous people They have the most respectful and interesting ways of saying WTF Beyond just a couple of dumb blond preferences I think this novel has held up extraordinarily well over the years I think it couldain a whole new audience in today s readership especially in the realm of slash fiction fan fiction and whatever it is that Stephanie Meyer and EL James does A very Kilgore Troutish book Farmer comes up with a phenomenal idea a world where every human being who s ever lived has been resurrected to spend the rest of eternity coming. али това е бленуваният от човечеството рай дали е ад или нещо съвсем друго „В телата си разпръснати върнете се“ е първата книга от прочутия американски фантаст Ф Х Фармър която се появява на български език Т.
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