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A Prayer for Owen Meany: A NovelUre The book would have been better If These Had Been OmittedThe Action Takes these had been omittedThe action takes in the fifties and Sixties Of The Twentieth Century of the twentieth century politics of that era are complex and interesting I am just old enough to remember that events such as the Cuban missile crisis happened but I was too young then to understand them Living in Britain I was fascinated to learn how differently much of American politics wereare viewed in the US I was also interested to have my attention drawn to how differently events are Viewed Now From How They now from how they have appeared at the time For example it hadn t occurred to me before that there must have been a time when nobody new that JFK was a womaniserIt is common for books to use the techniue of flashbacks to fill in background information about the characters in a story This book uses flashforwards to explain the narrator spresent day in actuality the 1980 s life I found these irritating and do not see that they added anything to the narrativeA total lack of Inverloch Volume 4 knowledge of both baseball and basketball made some of the book unintelligible to me but it did not prevent me from understanding the plot The final twist in the plot which I should have seen coming but didn t felt very contrived to me and added to a general feeling of unrealityOverall I can see why it is important to many people but I still think it could have been considerably improved by ruthless editing of the manuscript THIS CANNOT BE THE SAME AUTHOR I VE BEEN READING I can t believe this book I m stuck in the middle of a muddle I REALLY had to stopIt s just not interesting The main character Owen disappeared John who tells the story may be the main character is grown up reading about his life is less interesting than watching grass grow How long can this POSSIBLY go on like thisI won t delete the book Maybe someday I ll go back skip to the endbut right now I could care less Oh yeah Ipaid 800 for the privilegeI DON T BELIEVE JI WROTE THIS 35 starsA Prayer for Owen Meany is a uniue and fascinating. Ed voicenot because of his voice or because he was the smallest person I evernew or even because he was the instrument of my mothers death but because he is the reason I believe in God; I am a Christian because of Owen MeanyIn the summer of 1953 two eleven year old boysbest friendsare playing in a Little League baseball game in Gravesend New Hampshire One of the boys hits a foul ball that ills the other boys moth. Literary fiction read I had a difficult time rating this book because although I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and found it captivating humorous and thought provoking it is bloated The author could have easily shaved off two hundred pages and made #This Book Not Only Easier To Read #book not only easier to read enjoyable as well The story itself however is uniue multilayered controversial and just plain fascinatingOwen Meany is an adult who has been teased since childhood He is barely five feet tall and weighs less than one hundred pounds Although Owen s voice is strangled and screechy whenever he speaks people listen Owen Meany is brilliant witty outspoken and rebellious He is also ind loving and selfless an enigmaAlthough Owen and John were two very different people they have friends for forever Owen came from a poor and depressed home where both of his parents were mentally handicapped John came from a fatherless but loving home where he lived with his mother and grandmother Often imperfect people are used by God to influence and teach others life lessons Owen was such a person and he new what his purpose wasA Prayer For Owen Meany is a book that will grip your heart trigger your anger make you think laugh out loud and cry It s a fascinating book that will leave an imprint on your heart The fact that this novel often shows up on the AP reading list piued my interest Once I downloaded this and realized it was a behemoth of a read I doubted I d be able to use it in my classroom but I read on regardless Despite its length this novel is fluid and never tiresome Its beauty is reflected on every page The main character Johnny Wheelwright spends a lot of time talking about his best friend Owen Meany the book s titular character but through this narrative we learn a tremendous amount about the Johnny as well Even alluding to the content of the story gives away too much and this is a book you must experience for yourselfAs an avid reader many books fade with time This one will always stay with Er The boy who hits the ball doesnt believe in accidents; Owen Meany believes he is Gods instrument What happens to Owen after that 1953 foul ball is extraordinaryRoomy intelligent exhilarating and darkly comic Dickensian in scope uite stunning and very ambitiousLos Angeles Times Book ReviewBrilliantly cinematic Irving shows considerable skill as scene after scene mounts to its moving climaxALFRED KAZIN New York Tim.

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This is a story that stays in your memory THE AUTHOR BEAUTIFULLY ORCHESTRATED EVERY ELEMENT TOWARDS THE FINAL author beautifully orchestrated every element towards the final and memorable conclusion Owen Meany was a very unusual person from his early years onward He believed there were no coincidences in life and new the date and manner of his death Owen was barely 5 feet tall by his twenties He and his best friend continuously played a basketball move where Owen would be lifted up to dunk the ball in the basket He was intent on getting the time to 3 seconds He was a very intelligent person almost surreal in his wisdom This is an incredible very intelligent person almost surreal in his wisdom This is an incredible and I would highly recommend it An absolute cracker of a book Although I read this a while ago now it sticks in my mind as one of the greatest books I ve ever read I even bought additional copies to give to people as giftsOwen Meany is a great character and his disability doesn t stop him from becoming the hero of this storyThis book is funny in places sad in others and touching all around It will leave you in tears and each page completes you to read onPlease please read this book It is an absolute classic and you re missing out on a real treat if you haven t read it I read this book because so many of my American acuaintances on Facebook and other social media said book because so many of my American acuaintances on Facebook and other social media said it had been formative for them I had gained the impression that it was a children s book but I was uite wrong about thatMy first mistale was readingthe author s lengthy and self indulgent introduction which focussed heavily on the mechanism of writing and in particular on the choice of a first line for the book Perosnally I find the first line off putting and would not have bought the book had I not been curious to now what had so impressed my American friendsIt was far longer than I expected and in my opinion it could have been improved by being significantly cut down Parts were gripping but there were also tedious sections particularly the lengthy expounding of educational theory and discussion of various works of literat. A remarkable novel A Prayer for Owen Meany is a rare creation in the somehow exhausted world of late twentieth century fictionit is an amazingly brave piece of work so extraordinary so original and so enriching Readers will come to the end feeling sorry to leave this richly textured and carefully wrought worldSTEPHEN KING Washington PostA PBS Great American Read Top 100 PickI am doomed to remember a boy with a wreck.

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