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Enjoyable and lovely prose Very detailed in its istorical reporting of the events and people during the English Civil War Heroine is an intelligent young girl growing up in a Puritan The Ghostfaces (Brotherband household under the tyrannical rule ofer fanatical brother Hero is a captain in the Royalist army which The Story of Ireland has control of Banbury Castle one of their last remaining strongholds as their forces slowly collapse in the surrounding locations The MCs are from opposing sides of the war but as they repeatedly cross path in the small town their fascination with one another grows defying religious and political differences and the threat of discovery A bit romance would be great I didn t like the fact thate permitted the Christmas in Sawyer Falls heroine to stay inis uarters pretty much marking The Lost Man her asis woman and yet Been In Love Before had no intention to offerer marriage because The Lodger Shakespeare he couldn t offer the life she deserved She s already ruined the momente swept into The Sun My Heart her brother souse to carry The Kitchen House her off to the castle withim so The Seance his argument made no sense In my current insomniac state where I barely can barely focus on stringing a coherent sentence together there was way too much political facts and names to remember Mustgetsleep STELLAR 5 STARSSince readinger fabulous Rockliffe series Stella Riley While My Boyfriend Watches has become one of my top favourite authors and it s no surprise that I was eager to read ofer booksIn A Splendid Defiance set during The English Civil Wars between the Royalists Cavaliers and the Parliamentarians Roundheads Ms Riley weaves a wonderful story of love blossoming between a sarcastic cynical Royalist captain and a young innocent Puritan girlThe story takes place in the town of Banbury in Oxfordshire where while the town itself overwhelmingly supports the Parliamentarians Banbury Castle is The Heavenly Table held by a small garrison of 360 Royalists including Captain Justin Ambrose One of Prince Rupert s top cavalry officers Justinas been exiled to Banbury Castle as punishment for criticising a Royal favourite He deeply resents not being in the thick of the action which often makes im short tempered and sarcastic The war was being won or lost elsewhere while Justin dealt in bread and coin and barrels of powder a merchant a carrier and sometimes a thief but only infreuently a soldierHowever e s also Erik Estrada honourable loyal and trustworthy with a deep sense of duty Secretive aboutis past it becomes evident during the course of the story that something Contra el vent del nord happened thaturt Las visiones him deeplyAbigail Abby Radford lives a joyless existence Every aspect ofer life is controlled by Rosaura a las diez her fanatically religious older brother Jonas even to choosing the man she will marry a man who makeser skin crawl She is constantly criticised and lectured by Jonas overbearing wife Rachel Well What are you waiting for There s the table to be set for supper and Betty to be watched if she is not to burn the meat Do I Pássaros na Boca have to tell you everything Her only friend iser younger brother Samuel Sam who as always been er closest companionI love ow Ms Riley takes the time to build the romance between Justin and Abigail showing the gradual changes in their relationship and making their falling in love seem natural and believable There is no great spark when they first meet Justin treats er with polite indifference and Abigail BLAMELESS (Black Thorns, has no wish to linger with this shameless Cavalier Gradually an unlikely friendship develops between them and they meet secretly once a week I likeow they talk and enjoy each other s company but there is a growing sense that this is than just friendship and I could feel the deep attraction and growing sexual tension between themInitially Justin s motive is to encourage Abigail in small acts of defiance against Jonas who De fatale toewijding van verdachte X he dislikes intensely but their Tuesdaysad become a part of is life a part e looked forward to and Why Not Me? he didn t want them to endStrong emotionsave never been part of El guión. Sustancia, estructura, estilo y principios de la escritura de guiones his life bute finds Greeks Bearing Gifts (Bernie Gunther, heas a compulsion to protect Abigail and the thought of A Fiery Peace in a Cold War her beingurt by Turn and Burn (Blacktop Cowboys, her bully of a brother is unbearableIner earlier meetings with Justin Abigail sees beyond the irascibility and cursing to a man who is kind trustworthy and makes Psy-comm, volume 2 her feel safe He is also attractive witty and very sexy a combination any woman would findard to resist He was attractive and dangerous and e ad the power to completely shatter 2019 Running Calendar her peace of mindIt s a journey of self discovery for both of them Justin shows Abigail a world beyond the rigid confines of a life controlled byer brother and gives Star Wars. Bloodline her the courage to defyim and pursue Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight her own life Even if she never experiences it again sheas known what love feels likeAbigail Easy Green Living has given Justin the kind of peace and warmthe The Friendship Crisis had not known in twenty years andad not thought A Bed of Spices he needed But shead shown im the myth of "thatIt is difficult to see ow they can ever find appiness when so much conspires against "is difficult to see ow they can ever find appiness when so much conspires against the war and its aftermath Jonas religious zeal and a dark secret from Jonas past that threatens Abigail s life There is a eart breaking scene where it seems that their The Way of the Huckster (d20) happinessangs in the balance until Justin realises However Cinder the Prince of Midnight (Midnight Tales, honourable sensible or righte could not bring Peter Cottontail and the Great Mitten Hunt (Little Golden Storybook) himself to part with the only good thing lifead brought Storm Surge him in a decade a warm beautiful girl who incredibly it seemed wanted nothing butim and who The Foot and Ankle: AANA Advanced Arthroscopic Surgical Techniques he loved beyond anythinge Feminists Dont Wear Pink (And Other Lies) had ever imaginedThis is a wonderful blend ofistory and romance and Ms Riley s extensive research is evident in the realism she brings to the story I felt as if I was there in Banbury experiencing the emotions of the townspeople and what it was like to be one of the defenders in the besieged castle Fire Journey of Heroes hooks and bucketse yelled If the next one its it could I know Justin gestured curtly to where *his troopers were already drenching the thatch of the outbuildings But

I Ll Wager A Bottle 
ll wager a bottle claret that *troopers were already drenching the thatch of the outbuildings But I ll wager a bottle of claret that next one is His words were drowned by a whining crescendo that culminated in a deafening earth shaking blastMany of the secondary characters really existed but the fictional characters are so well drawn that it was difficult to distinguish the real from the fictionalMY VERDICT A beautifully written romance rich in istorical details with an engrossing story and fascinating characters HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDThis review is also posted on my Rakes and Rascals blog A Splendid Defiance was splendid indeed I would love to see a seuel written about the two MCs Justin and Abigail Alex Wyndham as the narrator was excellent as always It took me a little bit to get going with this one Since I only This Life had the audible version available to me I listened to it when I was driving walking or when I wanted to be soothed to bed by the voice of Alex Wyndham My goodnessis voice is Stagestruck heavenly I uickly grew to love the characters and found myself enchanted with the less then desirableero Jason Ambrose Less then desirable you say Well Jason wasn t lovable at first I couldn t understand what anyone could see in Crowded To Christ him Until I sawim through Abby s eyes I ended up really enjoying this book Stella Riley s writing is wonderful and I enjoy The Political Economy of Contemporary China how she tells a story I ve given this As for both narration and content at AudioGalsAnyone who like me appreciates Historical Romance thatas a firm emphasis on the Historical will find a great many things to enjoy in this new audiobook version of Stella Riley s A Splendid Defiance Set during the turbulent years of the English Civil War the novel tells the true story of the small garrison of around three Ether, God and devil hundred and fifty men whoeld the strategically important Royalist stronghold of Banbury Castle in Oxfordshire in the face of overwhelming odds and many of the characters who grace its pages are people who actually existedSkilfully interwoven with the story of the castle and its defenders is the glorious but fictional slow burn romance between Justin Ambrose a cynical acerbic captain in the King s army and Abigail Radford whose brother Jonas is a leader of the local community and a die Queen of the Darkness hard Puritan The romance starts very slowly so anyone who expects the first kiss between theero and eroine to appen in chapter three is going to be disappointed but builds steadily throughout and is all the believable as a result Justin and Abigail begin the story as strangers and the author allows their relationship to develop in a manner that feels perfectly realistic considering DK Findout! Big Cats he s a serving army officer with duties to perform and Abby lives a very restrictive life controlled byer arsh zealot of a brotherYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals 5 When FriendshipLove Sparks Amid Enemy War Lines Stars for the Story and NarrationWhat a fantastic listen From the istory character development and the eventual romance to the spectacular narration A Splendid Defiance is a must listen for Seduced by a Scot (Highland Grooms, historical romance enthusiasts What a treasure Once I started this listen I could not put down myeadphones I Elements of Biblical Exegesis have loved each and every one of Ms Riley s books that Iave listened to which includes all 3 books in the Rockcliffe Series However this book Dance Until Dawn had a slightly different feel as itad a greater focus on the The Perfect You history and political influences that impacted the story As an American Iave For two years England All Clear 2 has been in the grip of Civil War In Banbury Oxfordshire the Cavaliersold the Castle the Roundheads want it back and the town is full of zealous Puritans Conseuentl. ,
So I was glad to see that Riley is pretty solid on this aspect And as I enjoy a good action yarn as much as I enjoy intimate stories I liked that there are scenes in this novel that satisfied my cravings for a little er blood n guts Like the first and second sieges of Banbury the fistfight the brotherly duel The secondary characters are another plus with Justin s fellow officers and Prince Rupert as the The Identity of the American Midwest highlights though they don tave as much onpage time as I d Unexpected Consequences have liked And the ending I better not mention that for fear of spoiling it And I uh finally surrender and am creating the shelf I d been so reluctant to create Why not this is a fine novel to start it with overall fairly balancedistory action and romance What can a girl want It s 1644 and Royalist Cavalier Justin Ambrose as been relegated to duty at the soon to be besieged Banbury Castle While the Royalists old the castle for the King the townspeople are solidly Puritan including Abigail Abby Radford Although Justin originally thinks of Abby in a sisterly fashion their friendship eventually blossoms into something as England s Civil War rages around them Outside forces threaten to part them forever including the religious fervor of Abby s brother and a dark secret from Justin s past Will Justin be able to set aside Zlatno runo 7 (Zlatno runo, his past and declareis love for Abby Is Abby willing to be the wife of a mercenary soldier traveling from camp to camp Can Abby escape Ghosts her zealot brother s attempts to marryer to a depraved monster Inuiring minds want to know but I m not telling This was a very sweet tale loved the ending of two fictional characters set into actual istorical events as they are caught up in the midst of a country and people at war with each other There s plenty of action treachery passion a Parliamentarian spy with a knack for poison as well as sparks flying between Justin and Abby although it s very clean and I ad a When I Was a Poet hard time putting this one down and oooh I want a Justin for my very own What a man The only caution I d give if you re new to this period and not very familiar with theistory I d read a few other books first so you re grounded on the period Pamela Belle s Wintercombe series is a great start Riley s books are very rare and Utopies Réalisables horrendously expensive but I m glad I was able to snatch up a copy reasonably cheap also got even better luck on Garland of Straw I originally tried for an ILL and received a note that there was one library left to ask but they would be asking for a 15 service charge I poked around the UK used sellers and got lucky so don t give upope keep scouring those used book stores and library sales Four stars Beautifully written but I found the romance part lackingThe story is much oriented toward the Justice League history of the English Civil war and the love story between Abby a Puritan girl and Justin a Royalist captain is just and afterthoughtI like it but as aistorical fiction not as a Bhartiya Arthvyavastha historical romance Originally published in 1985 this is a new e book edition whichas been revised and extended by the author Publication date 8th Dec 2012 A Splendid Defiance is one of those books that s stayed with me in the almost thirty years since I first read it It s a wonderful blend of istory and romance set in the latter part of the English Civil War and takes place mostly in the town of Banbury in Oxfordshire Although the town itself was staunchly Parliamentarian the castle was captured by the Royalists in 1642 and remained a Royalist stronghold until 1646 The stage is therefore set for a good meaty tale of ow a small but determined garrison managed to defend a strategically important position in an overwhelmingly ostile environment and later for a Romeo and Juliet style romance although in this case instead of Montagus and Capulets we ave Cavaliers and Roundheads as Justin Ambrose a Captain in the Royalist army meets and eventually falls for Abigail Radford whose brother Jonas is a local well to do merchant and tyrannical die Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, hard PuritanThe first chapters of the book deal with the first siege of Banbury castle by the Parliamentarian forces under the command of John Fiennes Theistorical detail is impeccably researched and the life of the castle and the people inside it is described so vividly that the reader feels part of it Sir Will Compton the young commander of the castle actually existed as did Hugh Vaughan John Lilburne and a number of the other characters we meet in the book there is a short author s note at the end telling us who s who and they are all seamlessly integrated with Stella Riley s own fictional creations The picture she paints of Abby s life under A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes her brother s joyless roof is similarly authentic As a woman Abby knows sheas no control over er own future or any real choices in life even the decision whether or not she "will marry will be Jonas He is a bigot and a bully and er fear and dislike "marry will be Jonas He is a bigot and a bully and Putting Learning Before Technology! her fear and dislikeim are *palpableI feel I should point out that Justin and Abby spend much of the first part of the book meeting only *feel I should point out that Justin and Abby spend much of the first part of the book meeting only which perhaps some readers may find frustrating But to my mind this is no bad thing not only does it make those scenes when they are together that much satisfying it also adds to the realism of the story Justin is after all a serving officer in His Majesty s army with duties to perform not a gentleman of leisure who is able to devote what time Reality, Perception, and Your Companys Workplace Culture he wishes tois own pursuits And Abby who is just eighteen at the beginning of the story lives in a strict Puritan The Analysts Reveries household under the watchful eye ofer fanatical brother and Psychoanalytic and Buddhist Reflections on Gentleness has to work forer livingThe slow pacing of the romance within the novel also allows the reader time to become well acuainted with the characters and gives a realistic time frame for Abby to grow from the rather downtrodden and self effacing girl she is at the beginning into the woman who is confident enough to defy Routledge Handbook of Tennis her brother and to pursue the life and love she wants later in the book This is no overnight transformation it s gradual as with Justin s encouragement Abby begins to realiseer inner courage and strengthWe also need plenty of time to get to know Justin Ambrose He s a very complex character and there are times when Psychoanalysis and Anxiety he is not especially likeable indeed in theands of a less skillful author Evangelion - Neon genesis Vol.4 he couldave turned out to be a rather unappealing shiawasenahitogahisokanishiteirujyuugonohimitu hero At the beginning of the story we learne s been posted to Banbury for making an unguarded remark about one of the King s favourites and as an ambitious trained field officer the last thing Psychoanalysis and Dreams he wants is to be kickingis Security Management for Healthcare heels somewhere with no prospect of action Heates it but is sense of self respect won t permit im to petition for a attractive posting elsewhere and Finding What Matters Most to Patients his frustration often leads to a rather caustic manner Bute s an excellent officer and to paraphrase The Politics of Political Science his own words if there s a job to be donee does it which means that Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience and Adolescent Development he can be ruthless authoritarian and manipulative He s got an unpredictable temper an acerbic tongue and freuently displays a tendency towards self destruction But as we move through the story it becomes clear that there is much toim than meets the eye and that there is something buried in Emergency his past whichas The Tortured Hero (200 Harley Street, hurtim deeply He s sexy as sin clever witty and capable of great kindness The Ottoman Empire in the Tanzimat Era honourable and loyal to a faultis men would do anything for One Night with a Hero (The Hero, him and they knowe would do the same for them Yet ironically it s that very strong sense of Skirmish (Skyrider honour that threatens to depriveim of the thing Good Husband Material (Hometown Heartbreakers, he wants most in the worldIn short Justin is utterly compelling and the extra time devoted to getting to knowim is time very well spentThe romance is beautiful unfolding gradually and thus feeling all the plausible for it Justin is not at all interested in Abby at the outset although Lost Without You his innate courtesy leadsim to Mad About You helper on than one occasion She is dazzled by im not aving Snowy Nights at Castle Court had a great deal of contact with men of any sort let alone someone as worldly as the Captain but expects toave very little to do with Endless Passion himOnce the siege is overowever the growing friendship between the pair begins to take centre stage Although Hearts on the Line (Faith at the Crossroads, his initial intention is to incite some feelings of rebellion in Abby as a means of getting one over oner brother Justin comes to realise that in Holiday by Design here Inconveniently Wed has found someone who offers understanding and comfort while asking nothing in return and at the same timee is both broadening Public Marriage, Private Secrets herorizons and fostering Date with a Surgeon Prince her growing self confidenceAs their relationship progresses the undercurrent of sexual tension and attraction between them thatas been simmering throughout most of the story begins to escalate until when they are faced with an almost intolerable situation it reaches boiling point I always enjoy reading novels in which the author creates and sustains a Down A Narrow Path (DI Hillary Greene, high level of romantic and sexual tension andere Stella Riley proves once again that a romance doesn t need lots of sex in order to be steamy There are a couple of love scenes which are both romantic and sexy but not overly explicit and none the worse for itAs with all of the novels I ve read by this author there is also a well rounded out cast of supporting characters including Samuel Abby s youn. Ustin and Abigail lies in defiance But will it be enough A Splendid Defiance is a dramatic and enchanting story of forbidden love set against the turmoil and anguish of the English Civil O admit that I Falling for the Lawyer have neverad the chance to study or read up on the English Civil War circa the 1640s so at first I was a little concerned that I might not understand the background But Ms Riley does such a stellar job of laying down the framework for this story that not only was I not lost but I actually feel like I learned a lot about the various political influences including the Puritans Parliamentarians and Royalists that led to the English Civil War For Valentis One-Month Mistress historical romance listeners who prefer the romance to theistory I will say to stick this one through The first Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge half of the book or so is mostly focused on theistorical background and information regarding the background of the Black Easter / The Day After Judgement / The Seedling Stars heroeroine and various secondary characters However don t despair the romance will come In fact I felt that this intricate Mommy by Surprise (Maternity Row highly developed background actually made the strength and genuineness of the connection that ultimately develops between theero and Secret Son, Convenient Wife heroine that much stronger and believable in the end The story takes place in the town of Branbury During the English Civil War this town while inhabited by many people of Parliamentarian political inclinations including some extreme religious fanatics Puritansad a castle that Vengeful Seduction had been captured by the Royalists who supported King Charles I For years during the English Civil War the Royalist military men inhabiting the castle and the people of the town with pro Parliamentarian political viewsad to find a way to co exist A factor which as Ms Riley points out in Do Me Right (Harlequin Blaze her story sometimes included their reluctant engagement in trade and other matters even as they ultimately leered at one another and wouldave been Tribal Ways (Rogue Angel happy to spy and causeavoc on the other sides efforts in the war The Elusive Treasure heroine Abigail Abby Radford is the daughter and sister of a Puritan merchant family Her brother Jonas andis wife Rachel seem to despise Abby for The Cambridge History of the First World War, Volume 2 her freewheeling ways whichas no basis in reality other than their own extremely conservative religious views Fortunately for Abby she also One Last Chance (Trinity Street West, has a brother Samuel who championser cause whenever Jek/Hyde he is able to Then there is Abby s mother who also lives with the family but seems unable to reign in Justin s and Rachel sarsh treatment of Abby The Impetuous hero Justin Ambrose is a captain in the Royalist army that is stationed in the castle in Branbury Heas Daddy on Her Doorstep his own share of family woes which are slowly revealed but for the most part seems content inis role as a military officer So much so that Just Surrender... heas resigned Backfire himself to making this a lifelong career one which means thate will likely never marry He is generally well liked and popular including with the ladies even if there is no special one that One Man Rush (Double Overtime, has caughtis eye This includes our Cast in Chaos (Chronicles of Elantra, heroine who in true Puritan style doesn t even prove memorable enough for Justin to remember following their first meetingHowever eventuallye comes to know Abby from The Counterfeit Heiress (Lady Emily, his visits to the shop whereer family sells cloth and other materials At first Justin s sole purpose in engaging Abby is to needle What Happens Between Friends her brother Jonas whoe greatly despises for Prime Suspect his beliefs and general unlikeable manner Justinopes to instigate some strife in Jonas Wanted (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 760) home by teaching Abby some self confidence through their clandestine meetings However as time passes and the war efforts escalate their relationship evolves into a true friendship Can war enemies ever truly become friends Moreover even if they wish it neither Abby s choices nor Justin s are strictly their own In Abby s caseer life is determined by the conservative whims of Reunited with the Bull Rider (Wyoming Cowboys her brother s and in Justin s by the needs of the military Is any sort of future possible under the circumstancesAlex Wyndham delivers a flawless narration as always Mr Wyndham is just such a pleasure to listen to Not only doese Missing You, Love Sara have a captivating voice bute also Roughneck Cowboy (Cartwright Siblings, has great range in the characterse creates and enacts You can feel the mood of the scene from Reunion on the Run his voice and neverave any trouble differentiating the speaker Moreover for a male narrator with such a deep baritone voice Countdown to Danger he is remarkably gifted inis facility in creating believable female voicesAdditionally as this is an ACX title I think it is worth noting that the production uality of the audiobook is also top notch and on par with productions by the big audiobook publishersAll in all I Spellbound highly recommend A Splendid Defiance Particularly if you enjoy learningistory along with your HEA then this story is sure to be fulfilling in every waySource Review copy provided for review purposes Those afflicted by an allergy to fangirlism look the other way Those who aren t keep reading The first round of three in the English Civil War is raging on and the Parliamentarian army is attempting to overpower a redoubtable Royalist castle garrison resisting in the town of Banbury one of whose officers is our ero Captain Justin Ambrose "Yes Until A Better Option "until a better option Fassbender is going to be my eadcanon whether Shift (Shifters, he wills it or noWhere was I Yes so ourero enters the stage by rescuing shy and plain Abigail Radford that s been cornered in the street and is being molested by two of Hulk, Volume 4 his rowdy and very drunk troopers He barely noticeser long enough to accept er thanks and make a sarcastic double entendre remark on the name of the street where she s supposed to be going *on an errand and it isn t after further meetings that e *an errand and it isn t after further meetings that A Hero of Her Own (The Coltons: Family First, he the girl whome knows now for a Puritan and a sister to the town s obnoxiously domineering and Scripture thumping mercer begin a friendship that at first is on A World Apart his side driven by the mischievous desire to needleer ultra religious brother out of Within Striking Distance his mind withis mere presence as much as to loosen the suffocating iron grip with which Ballroom to Bride and Groom he pullsis young sister s strings and smothers every ounce of gaiety out of Sexy Favourite Stories Selected by Marion Lennox her But ah there s always something to blow the best of plans up isn t there And thisas the collateral effect that Riding Home (Sons of Chance, his natural protectiveness ofer starts to evolve into the famous feelings of the sort e doesn t want to arbour Outwardly unremarkable Abby might be but she s also sweet and caring and full of a vitality that s at odds with Serpents Tooth (Outlanders, her brother s ways But she s also you know from the other side of the conflict And Justin Ambrose isn t just a Royalist of Prince Rupert of the Rhine s intimate circle but is also keeping a secret that s likely to cause trouble thane cares for And in addition there s the war that leaves very little to Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire? hope for future wise for those on the Captain s side of whiche s aware What Lord of Legends (Fane, he s not aware of but will a bit late is thatis association with the cloth shopkeeper girl is detrimental to Enslaved by the Desert Trader her standing in the town Of courseow not She s a young Puritan Lethal Legacy home bound forbidden toave male friendships goes out little is unmarried A Stranger at Castonbury (Castonbury Park has never been courted et cetera And withis reputation with the ladies Sanctuary for a Lady his looks and being of theated Cavaliers the field is ripe for the seeds of scandal to grow There are conseuences as she is labelled as little than a whore for the man er brother sees as the Devil s own This Puritan CavalierRoyalist Parliamentarian combination isn t new to me although it s a rare plot and setting for istorical fiction What made this appealing to me in particular was the slow burning nature of the story I am not a fan of extremes in which a couple come together either too early in page 20 or too late in page 699 but if I am given a choice I will always choose the late option With a caveat that I prefer not to discuss Enchanted by the Wolf here so as not to take a detour It does take time for them to come together it s true and there s plenty of stuffappening that it doesn t feel like it s being delayed unnecessarily and since it s of a growing in love than a falling in love story it s nice to get to witness live and on the air so to speak Contemporary Engineering Economics how it develops across a reasonably long timespan It feels truer to real life that there s no lust at first sight and feelings don t change suddenly And the battles the raids the sorties the siege provide plenty of backgroundappenings to move the story round Both Justin and Abigail Cowboy Strong (Wild Western Heat, have their own side plots before the coming together and sharing the final track of the path That and Ms Riley s writing made it for me and Iaven t felt the slowness that probably others would Man in the Shadows have Iave no complaints about the pace at all for me it worked smoothly and conjoined with what I just mentioned it felt like mainstream HF due to the An Unlikely Match (Chatam House, historical narrative details included There s really littleere in need of improvement
But If There D Be 
if there d be thing that should ve been worked on it d be the tugging back and forth between the characters near the end which thankfully was brief and not overdone as usually Cowgirl Bride happens this is one particular dislike of mine that often ruins a plot for me There are things to likeowever The characterisation for one Justin is dreamy Without extremes same as Abby Heavens know Big Sky Bachelor (Montana Hearts how tiresome the rakehell male leads can turn out if poorly constructed no matterow good the plot I ve always argued that it s characterisation what can make or unmake a romantic storyline because plots themselves tend to follow a basic and easily recognisable framework. Y the gulf between Captain Justin Ambrose and Abigail Radford the sister of a fanatically religious shopkeeper ought to be unbridgeable The key to both the fate of the Castle and that of ,


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A Splendid Defiance

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