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Eirs It started with my breath thinning then gasping and struggling for air I was there with Alice who coudn t annoy me even if she kept following Hatcher around because after what she lived through it made sense and she was lucid about her need and their somewhat unhealthy relationship Perhaps this world forces her to be taken care of by a man but nobody owns her and she makes sure that everyone knows it Fierce fierce Alice she s in no need of saving after all Trust me on this And then there s Hatcher Hatcher whose madness took violent turns sometimes and whose mind we could never really trust but Hatcher who was ready to do anything to Adaptation (Genus: Unknown, protect her Starting Alice I didn t expect his character and he surprised me in the best wayossibleThis said I won t say that their relationship didn t surprise or make me uncomfortable at times because it did What is it that they have Love Friendship Whatever it is its evolution is beautiful Really though Their uest for revenge and blood captivated me and I rooted for them to kill these fuckers something fierce Whoops This said I didn t enjoy some Elysian Fields (Sentinels of New Orleans, parts of it I m not lying when I say that this book is really rape y and wanted for some men to go over the stereotyping lust because really that s why I can t bring myself to give it the full 5 If I never got the impression that rape was used as alot device but rather as a way to show how monstruous and excruciating this world is and NEVER condoned in any way I don t like the fact that almost all men are bad Thanks god for view spoilerHatcher hide spoiler SAY HELLO to one of the creepiest retellings ever writtenI didn t think it was gross or anything of the like but it is really unmistakably disturbing And that s fun Witnessing the new somber Alice kill a bunch of murderers completely captured my attention Crazy thing is she still keeps a sliver of innocence through all of that Maybe because compared to her friend THE Hatcher she s a sweetheart But she really made me think of a fallen angel ready for vengeance and who would stop at nothing to get what they want EhehehI recall the author did not ut much emphasis on the appearance of Hatcher or Alice for a matter of fact not that we need it so I basically imagined my own sexy Hatcher He s ten years older than Alice and that s a downer in my opinion I reckon he is in his forties and very much FEELS HIS AGE HIS BEING SERIOUS ALL THE TIME his age His being serious all the time never helps in making him sound younger Plus I don t remember him ever cracking a joke Ever He s all about intense glares deep speeches and killing eople of courseChristina Henry s writing style is one that will one day make her an international best selling author She might not know it yet but I have a strong feeling that will happen if she keeps writing books as good as this one I am a very hard grader on what I believe MAKES a story the characters But Miss Henry Dedication and Leadership Techniques passed the exam with a beautiful mark shall I add As you know this is a retelling of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland a book I was never a fan of So the majority of therotagonists and antagonists we see are from Wonderland Except funny thing is the author decided to transform the animals we see in the classic into humans So the Cheshire cat is not really a cat None fully keep their former ersonalities seeing that they are considerably mischievous in here if not completely mad and devious but you ll still recognize them in their gestures and voicesSomething I thought was undeniably ridiculous was how easily Alice kills her targets It s not that she s skilled or anything although she does show a romising career in assassination but she s just so weirdly lucky She means to kill someone and because she takes them by surprise they re dead before they can even flinch Or she stabs them in the back before they even hear "the flicker of a movement behind them They never ut up a fight A tiny bit unrealistic if you "flicker of a movement behind them They never ut up a fight A tiny bit unrealistic if you me How is it that I always end up my reviews on a negative The Full Experience paragraph Iromise to start with the flaws and end with the wonders next time This book is worth it And you DON T even have to like Alice s Adventures in Wonderland to enjoy it But you do need to manage darkness in your stories Also it may not be such a good idea to read it before going to bed just sayin. One night a fire at the hospital gives the woman a chance to escape leaving her free to uncover the truth about what happened to her all those years .
Alice By Christina HenryHeshire the Caterpillar the Walrus Alrighty then Coo coo ca choo to you too MitchellAnd last but most certainly not least the Rabbit Things are even treacherous than they appear and they already appear retty crappy right as Alice must make her way through the seedy underbelly of a city whose criminals earn their money via kidnapping young girls and forcing them into the sex tradeThis story was DARK and oh so very stabby Do not say I didn t warn you If you re looking for a cuddly cartoon version of Alice you should most definitely look elsewhere On the other hand if you re like me and are looking for something like this I highly recommend Christina Henry s spin on things All the Stars Many thanks to my friend Christopher for The Walking Dead Live! putting this on the radar for me This selection was chosen asart of the Winter Reading Challenge my library Scotty Scotts Guide to Relationships puts on each year Four books and the limited edition coffee mug will be MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE Welcome to the grimy tales of Alice in Darkland Team of Alice and Hatcher or let s call them ALCHER are getting out of the asylum for avenging theeople who ut them there and leave for nearly 10 freaking yearsAlice was raped by a rabbit and she retaliated by taking his eye with the knife as like the rabbit ut an ugly knife scar across the cheeks to mark her She ran away in front of the horrified servants of rabbit but her own family disowned her so the only erson helped her to survive throughout her asylum years was Hatcher who also witnessed the massacre of his wife and kidnapping of his own daughterTeam Alcher reminds you of Natural Born Killers Mickey and Mallory or You s Joe and Love but their only resemblance is being blood thirsty killers They re not sociopaths stalkers obsessive sychopaths Both of them keeps their light and goodness inside but the traumatic experiences and abandonment made them who they are right nowThis retelling is dirty irritating nerve bending graphic brutal It s even darker than Grimm Brothers stories There are massacres rape illegal girl trafficking cannibalism violent murders You feel like you just stepped into the dark side of the moonAt some Written in Red Ink parts I couldn t decide if I should be afraid of the monsters of the books or inner monsters of the normaleople who took control of them for diving into violent acts When Alcher leaves "the asylum they accidentally freed one of the most dangerous creature Jabberwocky out there But "asylum they accidentally freed one of the most dangerous creature Jabberwocky out there But some Crash Landing (Bear Creek, parts we see that Alice can control Jabberwock so does it make her terrifying creatureWhen Alice follows her bloody gruesome vulgarath she turns into Tarantino s Bride from Kill Bill and starts her avenging game Her artners in crime Hatcher accompanied her at everywhere they saved each other s lives and at the end we understand their stories didn t end so farThis one is exciting heart throbbing but also mind numbing and definitely so much bloody journey that I can ever imagine Yes this story should be adapted into series but only Tarantino s direction can deal with so much blood violence rottennessI loved the first book and I m so ready to dive into second one even though there are mixed reviews and heavy criticism about the direction of the story Let s read and decide about it Bring it Alice I m not scared Oh how I should haveTRIGGER WARNING Graphic rape a lot and violence By how I should haveTRIGGER WARNING Graphic rape a lot and violence By means is Alice a flawless book and I m not gonna lie the first chapters if they hooked me confused me as hell in the same time Who are these eople What do they want What are their relationships like Where the fuck are they What s this world where human traffic rape and violence are common The Famoux (The Famoux, practices where the awful way women are treated makes me want to scream To be honest I always thought that Alice in Wonderland was weird as fuck and developed in an undercurrent of crazy violence and here Well Christina Henry sureictured the characters we know in the most terrifying light I love this kind of retellings with Dragons Gap passion and despite the horror I couldn t help but be mesmerized at all the magical and strange creatures we meet Moreover as long as it took for me to simply understand what was going on it didn t influence my interest not at any moment From the firstage I was intrigued horrified drowned into this sick journey of th. Ce blond hangs in tangles down her back She doesn't remember why she's in such a terrible Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears place Just a teaarty long ago and long ears and bloodThen. ,

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Review 1255Well as a retelling that did a rather curious jobI was so excited to read this book It s even on my can t wait to read shelf There is something about the idea of a retelling in which Alice has escaped from an asylum that so fits the wondrous aura of the original "book Yet this did not stick to any of the Best Seller (English Edition) plotoints truly Which was "Yet this did not stick to any of the The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances plotoints truly Which was disappointing I imagine it would be extremely difficult to manufacture a narrative from the nearly unrelated be extremely difficult to manufacture a narrative from the nearly unrelated of the original Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton certainly struggled but it seemed like the only thing this attempt did was take some namesIt seems that this is not the only shared factor between Tim Burton s adaptation and Christina Henry s Both focus upon the lotline of Alice defeating the Jabberwocky which is somewhat ridiculous if you think about it Both reuire a certain blade to kill it Both have weird sexualizations of the lot Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, points which is so odd because the original Alice is a CHILD Especially Henry s the entirety of the book was centered upon human trafficking forrostitution and sexual assault Both have significantly aged Alices To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, perhaps to fit this Maybe Henry was adapting Burton s take on the book rather than the book itself It all came off as verylagiarizedThings specifically that bugged me about Henry s take Alice travels with her middle aged mental institution next door neighbor whom she is in love with for some reason He to the best of my detection is not modeled upon a character The Rabbit is a villain the main one and does not share any attributes with the original White Rabbit In fact it seems that Henry may have intended the Rabbit to mean the March Hare Everyone in the book is a villain and there is a strange incorporation of characters from Through the Looking Glass but not the important ones Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum and the chess Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet pieces for example go undiscussed Maybe in the next books In general it was so frustrating to try to compare this book to the original because it didn t add up And that is all the fun of retellingsAfter 291ages of unspeakable violence the ending of this book was unbelievably anticlimactic We follow Alice and Hatcher her extremely old my only character trait is I m a crazy murderer love interest as they battle their way to the two boss characters the Rabbit and the Jabberwocky I don t want to spoil anything so I ll just say we encounter these guys for a total of the last dozen Boom pages Very frustrating God I m so upset by how much I hated this What a cool concept entirely dashedBottom line if you like very violent books you may like this If you like retellings you will not I sure didn t Find all of my reviews at MITCHELL WAS IN CHARGE OF GIFS TODAY SO THINGS MIGHT GO A LITTLE PEAR SHAPED Beware the jaws that bite the claws that snatch Confession time I hate Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and allllll of the movies that have been made from cartoon to Helena Bonham Carter musey magic It s just never been my thing save your anger I llrobably ost something offensive before this review is even over That being stated Alice robably would have remained on my TBR indefinitely were it not for the awesomeness of my Elf on the Shelf wonderfully wicked book fairy this Christmas Once I started reading Alice I was all I gotta feeling wooooo hoooo that tonight s gonna be a good night Ooooooh doggie This ain t yo grandmomma s Lewis Carroll Truly a fresh take that was inspired by the original In this version Alice is a resident of Old City s nuthouse Her only companionship comes from Hatcher someone she can talk tocatch glimpses of through a mouse hole near the floor and who didn t get his nickname over a hat Alice didn t always live in Old City though Nooooooo once upon a time Alice was a fair haired beauty from the right side OF THE TRACKS AKA NEW CITY BUT ALICE WANTED the tracks aka New City But Alice wanted experience a little taste of the dark side of life Boy did she shudder Fastforward back to the Good Morning, Buddha present where Alice and Hatcher have a chance to escape the hospital However their only chance of survival is to kill the Jaberwocky No Mitchell not the dance troupe An even terrifying creation In order to come face to face with the darkest of all evils Alice and Hatcher must deal with the various local crime bosses including In a warren of crumbling buildings called the Old City a hospital echoes with the screams of theoor souls inside Inside there is a woman Her hair on.

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