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My Name Is River yShows on HGTV so I loved that Sophia was aoung designer who s recently received her big break in television I also really fell for Sophia s back story While she s an up and coming fancy interior designer now when she was a child she and her mother were forced to live in a homeless shelter after her alcoholic father kicked them out The project that she s working on for the TV show is the shelter where she grew up which has now fallen into disrepair All of that was really strongThen there were some not so great things The douche bag producer of the show Carl bothered me because he seemed like such a terrible human being but also because he was just so cheesy And there are also these production notes from the director at the beginning of each chapter It wasn t uninteresting to hear what was going on from the director s POV but they felt unnecessary and I wasn t A Fan Of The Weird Foreshadowing Which I Figured Out fan of the weird foreshadowing which I figured out early on that was included in the notesBut the weakest part of the story was the romance and that s kind of what this is supposed to be I mean it s a red hot read The concept of the designer and the carpenter on a home improvement show getting together is great but the execution just wasn t there Sophia and the carpenter Fynn that spelling have a lovehate relationship going on which leads to some steamy scenes but I never understood the attraction There were surprisingly few scenes with Sophie and Fynn together and when they are together there s sexual tension but I didn t get any connection beyond that Which would be ok if it was a book with the girl and guy casually hooking up but that wasn t what was going on here Plus Nailed probably has the fewest sex scenes of any of the Red Hot Reads I ve readBottom Line I enjoyed the set up for the story and liked the main character immensely but the romance and sex scenes fell flat for me I d like to give this a higher rating but when it comes down to it this is a book that should be focused on romance and sex and that s where it was lackingI received an electronic review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley thank Crochet Pattern - Tutu Skirt for Onesie you All opinions are my own Review originally posted here ve really enjoyed d Abo s books in the past so when I read this blurb I was all inSophia is looking to expand her business while working as a designer for a charity that is near and dear to her heart She wants to prove herself in any way she can and butting heads with the lead contractor Flynn isn t how she wanted to do so But as she and Flynn spend time together on and off camera the chemistry between them ignites and they are combustible than either imaginedWhile this book was fairly short I thought it had a good pace t A fewears ago I became hooked on HGTV for as long as it took me to close on a new house And then I was done I couldn t stand to watch any of it because every improvement or option was so much better than I was able to afford and I just wanted to be satisfied with what I d found But I still totally get the appeal Nailed is a ridiculously fun naughty take on the whole HGTV phenom for anyone who s looked at a low slung tool belt and thought DaaamnSophia s a new designer who did a great job on the right person s house and now finds herself the host of a new home improvement show Impact Load snort Her first meeting with her co host Fynn the contractor doesn t go terribly well Because she s new he assumes she s a publicity whore whose expectations will burden the budget and the schedule and cause countless headaches for himBut there s at stake for Sophia Than Just The Show just the show Her Reputation They Re reputation They re Trinity House a shelter for single mothers and their children and a place that had been her and her mother s salvation when she was a little girl It matters to her that she honour it and what it will become for others who need to escape difficult situationsFynn is a distraction though A grumpy gorgeous distraction The two hosts animosity and attraction plays out on screen as noted in the director s intriguingly personal production notes Things turn around rather uickly a necessity in such a short book especially one with a compelling secondary plot But I kind of wished the acrimony had played out just a bit longer It would have made the turnaround that much sweeter Still it really made sense in the context of the story so this is a petty complaint I m just greedyAs always with d Abo the sex is seriously hot and seriously fun And as always there s a lot going on than just romance including some rank villainy from a villain who s not a woman for a change Yay Sophia s journey is really lovely Despite her Bad Pets youth and idealism she s realistic and grounded and when she s pushed she easily chooses the noble path Fynn s a bit of a cipher but he has as much depth and character asou can get in a novella And he s good with a hammer AhemThis uick read was great hot fun in a beautiful little tale of growth and renewal written with a decidedly Canadian accent Rockin NevaReviewed from ARC Published by HarleuinFull review at nomdeplumepresswordpresscom. Hey have been putting than just their heads together behind the scenes What secrets will the cameras expose Tune in tonight to find outViewer discretion advised Mature audiences only.

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The both of them The conflict came from other aspects of the story instead of the romance which made a nice changeNailed is a short sweet and steamy romance that I really enjoyed The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review My ReviewThe premise of this book was really cute just because I could see it actually happening having watched a few of these shows This is a short read and I felt like it had some faults because of that The beginning half really felt descriptive heavy especially when it came to the shelterway than was needed for this length of book I would much rather there have been chemistry between the hero and heroineespecially in that first half That chemistry and their tension was described heroineespecially in that first half That chemistry and their tension was described lot of the time but a lot of those early scenes between them happened off the page and the reader was just told that things felt stilted or tense between the two I felt cheated out of the build up of their relationship because of that But in the second half they shone Although I will admit that there were bits from the director or from someone else on the set where their descriptions of what they were observing between Fynn and Sophia didn t match what was truly happening between them If that was supposedly because they were hiding their relationship then that didn t uite make it into the book explaining that disconnect Honestly if this had been a book entirely focused on Fynn and Sophia I would have been happy because I did enjoy the scenes where they connectedeven though a lot of the time that was simply sexual chemistry combusting all over the page I have no issue with that There was a lot happening in this storythe reconstruction of the shelter the making of a TV show Sophia dealing with her past Carl s mechanisms Sophia trying to work out her partnership with Theresa and then finally the relationship which was contentious a lot of the time between Fynn and Sophia and them trying to play nice in front of the camera For this length of book it just seemed like too much and the true chemistry aspect of the story lost outand most of those other parts I didn t care about because they were minorjust kind of there This is only my second read of one of the Red Hot Reads and I m thinking honestly that this may just not be a format for me which is perfectly fine I don t regret reading this one at all It just didn t uite lived up to what I hoped it would be I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewA book that deals with a home improvement reality television show Running Your Best yep sign me up Nailed by author Christine D Abo is about a new designer Sophia Holbrook taking on the challenge of remodeling the shelter she stayed in with her mother when her father threw them out of their home when she was 5ears old She s anxious to give back to the organization that made her feel safe and loved and to make a name for her new company but what she doesn t expect is a workplace romance with contractor Fynn Babineau or to have to confront memories from her past Although high entertaining and at times fun this book is also a journey of self discovery and realizing that the past doesn t have to dictate The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) your future that sometimes what may seem like a selfish act is truly a selfless one and letting go of the hurt will freeou to embrace the life ou deserveI really enjoyed the game of cat and mouse that Sophia and Fynn seemed to play for a majority of this book There was something between them et they both seemed to not be sure where they of this book There was something between them MTIV yet they both seemed to not be sure where they with the other and even after some pretty passionate alone time their baggage kept them from truly being together However it was so obvious these two not only wanted each other but they needed each other I found it very interesting they way they both became very protective of one another very early onet refused to own up to their feelings for one anotherThere are some twists and turns in this book but overall the relationship between Sophia and Fynn was front and center with them turning to one another rather than struggling against one another I liked the maturity of their relationship they were careful to see things from all sides and they actually communicated which is often so rare in many romance books Their fun banter was part of the reason I loved this book so muchNailed is for anyone who can appreciate two mature people who despite their past disappointments are able to see that loving someone doesn t have to hurt That letting go of the past and embracing the here and now is beautiful and that no matter what having someone there by International Organizations your side can make all the difference inour life This may be a novella but it packs a punch and author Christine D Abo really Nailed this one 35 starsI m so conflicted about rating and reviewing this book If I had to give the overall story and the main character Sophia a rating I would give both of them a 4 star rating Like many I am a big fan of the home improvement. En all she can think of is her studly cohost contractor Fynn Babineau These two may clash over blueprints and budgets on screen but with the lust palpable between them rumor has it ,

I cannot get enough of Christine D Abo s "RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS WRITING THERE WAS SO MUCH TO LOVE "delicious writing There was so much to love this novella and those things don t ridiculously delicious writing There was so much to love about this novella and those things don t revolve around the hot as heck sex scenes that Christine tends to write There were some things that were pretty predictable but that didn t matter in the least I absolutely loved the premise especially since lately I ve been a huge HGTV junkie I loved the idea of the designer and the contractor getting together while filming a makeover show I appreciated the tension between Fynn and Sophia especially when they really started getting hot and heavyI haven t read a story by Christine that I didn t like She knows how to keep Laurus you engaged in the story and care about the characters even when they aren t ripping each other s clothes off And then when that startsoooooh dang Christine definitely knows how to ratchet up the heat I cannot wait to read by her and I would love to revisit this world Perhaps Sophia s friend needs to find love and while we re at it we can get a little SophiaFynn action on the sideArc provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review Warning This show contains scenes of sexual tension Hosting a new TV show is a fantasy turned reality for diva decorator Sophia Holbrook But concentrating on color swatches is hard when all she can think of is her studly cohost contractor Fynn Babineau These two may clash over blueprints and budgets on screen but with the lust palpable between them rumor has it they have been putting than just their heads together behind the scenes What secrets will the cameras expose Tune in tonight to find out Viewer discretion advised Mature audiences only On the lookout for a red hot romantic read to getour blood boiling on these cold mornings as we enter into Autumn Cosmopolitan Magazine aka Cosmo has released their own collection of Red Hot reads for all those female readers out there and today s book is Nailed by Christine D Abo and in this case that is Nailed in two different contexts Nailed takes place at the site of a new DIY Television show where they are renovating an old historical house called Trinity House When new and upcoming designer Sophie gets the job she is ecstatic as not only will it bring much needed publicity for her and put her business on the map but she has always had a dream to star on TV and in the art of show business ou can t go too far with Reality TV However what will happen when she discovers that her co star Fynn takes a uick disliking to her Can she prove to him that she s up for the job even though she can t seem to concentrate when he is around her the words heart palpitations jumps to mind With the pair of them working on the show will the job ever get done or will their personal lives start to affect their working relationship Find out in this uick red hot read from the Cosmo Collection Nailed by Christine D Abo I have received an ARC via NetGalley For a short story this is a very nice and easy readYes I would have preferred if the characters and the plot had been fleshed out a bit romance drama background on the characters interaction even from the villain basically of everythingEven though I m not a fan of big dramas it would ve helped the story if there woul ve been any ANY kind of action be it emotional or physicalI did not really understand the motivation of the villain of the story basically the antagonist was nothing but a jerk but I was surprised how the heroine s Sophia secret was revealed and rather uickly solvedHm I m happy that there wasn t a weepy or hysterical heroine BUT waltzing through a supposedly traumatic childhood experiencememory like that didn t feel rightBut why am I giving this book four starsEven though the plot could ve been so much oh I d have loved to read a full novel for a short story of 90 pages it had everything I wanted and expected understandable plot easy to read steamy scenesPlus the slightly naive Sophia and grumpy Flynn were such a cute coupleIf ou are looking for a uick and fun HEA read with a loveable couple this is it For this review and visit my blogThis review is really difficult for me to write because I am finding it really hard to think of anything Substantial To Say About to say about I actually really enjoyed this book I found it sweet sexy and humorous I liked the story writing and characters but beyond that there is not much for me to say about itI think the reason for that is because Christine D abo has managed to tick all the boxes in order to make this an enjoyable novella Nothing upset or annoyed me I found it engaging and entertaining But at the same time I didn t fall so head over heels in love with it that I feel the need to shout about it to anyone who will listenThere are some great characters and a nice romance to be found here Sophia is smart and sassy with an entertaining inner voice that often made me laugh Fynn is a real sweetheart that doesn t have a bad bone in his body The chemistry between them was awesome but the romance was an easy one There was no drama no will they won t they It was plain sailing for. Warning This show contains scenes of sexual tensionHosting a new TV show is a fantasy turned reality for diva decorator Sophia Holbrook But concentrating on color swatches is hard wh. Nailed by Christine dAbo

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