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Awake at Dawn

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The end as well Kylie is going through supernatural changes whilst mending her relationships with her parents and trying to decide between Derek and Lucas what a dilemma to haveWe ve been introduced to the main villain of the series now finally And Kylie is getting closer and closer to out what she is and her birth And Kylie is getting closer and closer to finding out she is and her birth s family Also there s sexual tension between Miranda and Perry plus Holiday and Burnett Almost 400 pages and the only
that pretty much happened was breastestes mysteriously grew a cup size Born at Midnight was a great start to this series I liked the writing and even though Kylie was boring sometimes it was still enjoyable I didn t like certain things about it like the shallow romance and the mistery about what Kylie was I hoped that in Awake at Dawn those things would develop and we d get to know a lot about Shadow Falls I can say for sure that this didn t happen Well to start with Kylie doesn t know what she is She spends the first half of the book searching for answers and when she doesn t get them she starts to look for her grandparents And big surprise this research leads s nowhere I get it that the autor wants a suspense but it s boring I can t stand another internal crisis with Kylie wondering what she is and being completely broken by it Seriously get a grip Strong female characters are one of the things that attract me in a bookand someone who just complains about the lack of answers and does little about it isn t appealing The romance is also disappointing Kylie likes Derek but can t give her heart to him because she still thinks about Lucas the shape shifter who left the camp for nknown reasons And of course when Lucas comes back her whole frame shakes and her pulse speeds p at the sight of him while at the same time she tries to fall in love with Derek Love triangles are great as long as they are well written And this one wasn t It was a mess of feelings and impulses and I still don t nderstand Kylie s preferences Lucas apparently is supposed to be charming and a badboy I got the impression he s a jerk covered with sweet words He leaves the girl knowing that she may have feelings for another man comes back later and expects to find her waiting for him And when she hesitates he tries to win her by making her remember how their love is amazing Oh and did I mention that while he was gone Kylie dreamed about them making out And that the dreams aren t just a fragment of her imagination but a psychic abilityNot to mention that every 20 pages or so Kylie talked to Holiday about every single thing that happened with her Yes she wanted to have a friend and yes it s great to have heart to heart conversations but with the camp leader I know I wouldn t open p and spill all my problems in front of the principal of my school no matter how many times she tells me I m her friend Another disappointment was Miranda and Della Yes Della being a vampire and Miranda being a witch really makes their friendship that much harder but the constant fight between the two of them was really childish There wasn t even an argument just constant insults My point is wanna make a troubled friendship Fine But make it believable One of the things I liked. Ers mean And now she’ll need them than ever because she’s being haunted by a new spirit who insists that someone Kylie knows and loves will die before the end of the summer If only she only knew who she was supposed to save And howBut giving Kylie the most trouble is her aching heart Gorgeous werewolf Lucas left camp with another girl but he’s still visiting Kylie in her dreams And Derek a sexy half Fae who. I need some hawt Lucas and Kylie scenes ASAP 35 stars 5This seuel was far interesting than the first Shadow Falls novel especially in the beginning But in stars 5This seuel was far interesting than the first Shadow Falls novel especially in the beginning But in middle it was just a long process where little concrete things were happeningKylie Galen met another ghost now a woman One that kept telling Kylie that someone dear to her will die soon and that she has to save that person But Kylie didn t knew exactly who she refers toKylie goes to the waterfall but no big deal is happening She is trying to find her grandparents to see what supernatural creatures the waterfall but no big deal is happening She is trying to find her grandparents to see what supernatural creatures are Because not even in the seuel we aren t going to find out what is she At the end though we can imagine We can see her throughout the novel growing her body at least She even grows strongerBut anyway again you need to be very patient with the novel and certain parts of it because it goes slowly The story itself is a very interesting one it kept me curious It s just that it is very slow and the revealing moments aren t all that good or wow But overall it was a good read and let me tell you that endingThere were things that I didn t fully The Ascent of Man understood but they don t affect me liking the book too much It had much mystery than the first one as far as I can remember so enjoy thisSorry for my repetitive review I am really tired right now I would like to just say I NEED MORE LUCAS Okay so you might guess I am a total hot werewolf fan While I loved every minute he was in this book I would like lots and lots Awake at Dawn is a fantastic seuel All of our favorites are back and just as loveable as before Its just a fun new series with an amazing set of characters one hot werewolf okay the fairy is too lol and lots of mystery Kylie is still trying to figure out what supernatural she really is Now she is gaining Well I won t be continuing this series The issues I had with the first book became even glaring in Awake at Dawn My main two issues were The pace seemed to drag even I mean if Inderstand this right someone is going to die Actually die and it s not going to be an easy death either All the problems in Kylie s life started bouncing around her head like ping pong balls Tears filled her eyes It still hurt to think about her grandmother s funeral she couldn t lose someone else Failure isn t an option I continually felt as though I kept getting pulled out of the story It didn t seem to hold my interest and when I would put the book down I didn t have the The Grand Sophy urge to pick it backp On top of that I wasn t the biggest fan for how the storyline proceeded It wasn t a path that held by interest which made me feel so sad I m not happy with the love triangle He leaned closer I m patient Kylie I ve waited eleven years for y Brilliant seuelI AM SOOOOOOO TEAM DEREKUCH LUCAS CAN GET STUFFED NORMALLY IM ALL FOR THE WEREWOLVES BUT LUCAS I JUST CAN T DEREK IS TOO HOTPLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT BE STUPID KYLIE AND PICK DEREK FOR GODS SAKE I thought we d finally find out what Kylie truly is in this installment So it kinda dragged a bit and got a tad frustrating but next time maybe eh 5 Stars Awake at Dawn picks Winners Dream up where BaM leaves off with manyestions a whole new ghost and reeling from the last eat drama which is also what AaD leaves O viziune a sentimentelor us at. Step into the world of Shadow Falls a camp that helps teens tap into their special talents Once you visit you’ll never forget it and you’ll never ever be the sameFrom the moment Kylie Galen arrived at Shadow Falls Camp she’s had one burningestion What am I Surrounded by vampires werewolves shape shifters fairies and witches Kylie longs to figure out her own supernatural identityand what her burgeoning pow.
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About Awake at Dawn though was Kylie s relationship WITH HER MOTHER THE WAY THEY CARED ABOUT EACH her mother The way they cared about each was great and there was a specific part of the book that I really enjoyed However while their love was great the change of personality in her mother was obvious It could have been subtle I really hate to write negative reviews I do But my mind was going to explode in frustration when I finished this book I know others may have loved it but it was not so good for me I m still going to read Taked at Dusk though I m hoping it ll get better May 10 2016Can t stop won t stop I seriously love this seriesJuly 16 2016Awesome seuel These books I don t even know what about them but I just go through them so fast They are funny and even at some points I was crying just in love Only complaint is that for certain parts it s very predictable CC Hunter wrote an amazing seuel to Born at Midnight Everything I loved about Born at Midnight was present in Awake at Dawn Awake at Dawn is absolutely Harveys Revised English Grammar unputdownable I read this book in record time I gotp an hour early in the morning to read I read on the bus on my way to class I even ignored my friends at break time in order to immerse myself in Kylie s story Awake at dawn is a delightful read with a plot full of twists and turns genuine emotions that reach your heart and make you helpless against loving the characters Every character in this series is just so alive their heart and make you helpless against loving the characters Every character in this series is just so alive their are so strong it feels like you re reading about your own friends and enemies No character is nnecessary each and every one of them plays a major role in Kylie s life positive and negative Kylie s friends Miranda and Della with their clashing personalities their kindness and devotion to Kylie provide the and negative Kylie s friends Miranda and Della with their clashing personalities their kindness and devotion to Kylie provide the with many delightful moments and gut wrenching ones too And Holiday along with Burnett is such a positive role model for all the kids at camp The relationship between the two camp leaders business and personal adds to the richness of the book Kylie s relationship with Holiday was especially heart warming Holiday filled the role of a supportive big sister perfectly Kylie herself is a wonderful main character with kindness that she offers even to those who in my opinion don t deserve it All her emotions and reactions are so genuine and realistic I found myself crying when she did laughing when she did She s a wonderful example of a teen trying to find herself and to define her role in this world She s long from figuring all that out but despite all the hurdles that are thrown in her way she stays true to herself even in the most difficult situations Now what to say about the boysOh the boys I have to admit I was leaning heavily toward Derek in this book and rooted for him For once I wanted the kind and loving character who is always there for the girl to in the end win her over And just as I was set on wanting Derek and Kylie together CC Hunter added Lucas and his charmingly honest personality to the mix leaving me yet again ndecided about the love issueWithout a doubt Awake at Dawn is worth buying reading and displaying it on your bookshelf The third book and hopefully not the final book Taken at Dusk is one of my most anticipated books in the year of 2012. ’s always been there for her when she needed him is pushing to get serious and growing impatient especially when Lucas returns Kylie knows she needs to decide between the boys and it’s tearing her p inside Yet romance will have to wait because something from the dark side of the supernatural world is hiding in Shadow Falls It’s about to threaten everything she holds dear and bring her closer to her destiny. .

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