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Lly after seeing the beating her brother gets trying to protect herAt Poems 1958-1980 first Jack expects Damon to try toorce himself on her but he never touches her In Zebra fact he is uite careful with her despite her attempts to kill him or escape But with her brother and hisriend Percy being held captive she has low options especially when it appears that not everything is as it seems She soon realizes that Damon is her protector and that there are good pirates and bad pirates And Jack has to The Handyman face up to her trueeelings The Cowboys Pride (The Worths of Red Ridge, for Damon and that not all of them are hateful and that she has a powerful attraction towards Damon And when Jack learns the truth about Damon and his intentions even though its a crazy plan she begins to soften towards him and begins her own seduction because Damon is the man that she wants and she willight The Wreckage for them no matter whatOur hero has a complex past and he has beenorced to appear to be working with a evil pirate in order to get his Historical Capitalism with Capitalist Civilization father releasedrom prison But he is put in a bind and he will need Jack and her In His Eyes father s help in order to get hisather released But he holds some powerful eelings or Jack s Holiday Confessions father because this is not theirst time he has known the man and soon the past and present will collide and Damon will have to Slave to Love face his demonsrom the past in order to have a Fortunes Perfect Match future with JackThis wasn t myavorite book The Daddy Search from Lindsey orrom this series I will admit that the writing Im Jackson Day and Im Here to Stay felt a bit off at times There was uite a bit of angst in the beginning that throws the reader off but you do need to keep with the story if you want to like it in the end because it does get better the you read But I knew that Lindsey wouldn t disappoint and she didn t I have ADORED thisamily Sugar Rush (Sugar Bowl, for years so it wasun having Jack s story But Jack is a bit of a drama ueen at times but what do you expect rom a eighteen year old right I mean she has just had her come out and having her irst season So I was a little Affairs of Honor forgiving of Jack because she is trying to recoverrom being kidnapped although you see that there is to it than that we see that she is Mega Collection fighting theeelings she Bloc Life feltrom her captor and would rather The Indian Clerk feel angry instead of infatuated and attracted But Jack has many redeemable ualities What I really liked about her is one she is her parents daughter in that she goes after what she wants She is bold and daring and isn t apologetic about her desires or wants in lifeOkay so I m a hoyden But I know love can make people do stupid things and ignore what s sensible I don t intend to let that happen to me because love won t matter a tall if a man isn t a good lover isn tun in and out of bed ends up being a prude who wants to make love with his clothes on The bedroom is a big part of marriage and I refuse to get stuck with only half of the good partAnd when she realizes that she wants only half of the good partAnd when she realizes that she wants she goes
"After Him LITERALLY I Mean "
him LITERALLY I mean seduces him her Faith Fairies first time having sex with him and yeah I kinda loved that and boy does he take the surprise of it pretty wellI m Jack Malory too boldor subtlety She kissed him hotlyAre you sure because I m two seconds Greetings from Witness Protection! from Shut up pirate I m taking what I wantThen we get into some heavyamily drama so if you love this Spot family you will get a kicker out of it Andirst I will say that I really liked seeing the complexity between James and Damon because they do a past that is packed with misunderstandings So it was interesting seeing them work that out especially when Damon takes two beatings The Hotel New Hampshire from Jamesor what he did to Jack And then we get a A Dangerous Man (Women and Men, few surprises in the end that bowled me over and ones I didn t see coming And yeah this book had me laughing upside down and sideways Its what I adore about this series its just plain good oleun You don t take them seriously they just give you some laughs and you get such Sizzling Seduction fun times with the Malory Anderson FamilyI did run in the only direction possible I ll always run straight to Jack She holds my heartI wasn t expecting too manyeels Her Secret Husband (Secrets of Eden, from this book because even though I laughed uite a bit this series and this author doesn t display too manyeels in her books You have some heart Takedown felt moments between Damon and Jack but they arelowery in any way its very practical But seeing them Baby, Im Yours (Guys And Daughters, fightor each other was BRILLIANT and the ending just left me with a smile Even though this wasn t my Her Counterfeit Husband favoriterom Lindsey it was still a good addition and I can t wait to see who is next in the Heart of the Night (Secret Agent family to have their story toldoogallery id19026 This book started out so great the The Greek Bosss Demand first 40% of the book was amazing but Jacueline Jack kinda ruined this bookor me She was annoying most of the book she was very spoiled What I did like about her was that she took what she wanted she was a very strong and determined person I really liked Damon though he was sexy and had the patience of a saint to put up with Jack when she was acting up Also I February or Forever (Tarrins Bay feel there was lust than love between them What I did love about this book was the intrigue and adventure I love a good piratesailor book and this one was very entertaining in that aspect Overall it was a good read and I did enjoy it but it s not myavorite Mallory book that s or sur. Nstead of capturing him the Malory siblings wind up as his “ guests” on a ship sailing away rom England As Jack re engages in a battle of wills with her all too attentive captor she realizes he is no ordinary pirate perhaps no pirate at all but a nobleman determined to settle a score that dates back to the days when her A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters father was known as Captain Hawk and what endangers her most is the increasingly passionate attraction theyeel or each oth. .
Mance book Whenever an author extends the story of characters there is always the possibility of a letdown My concerns Will Jack s book be as compelling as her parents How will the characters of James and George be presented Will this book diminish my enjoyment of the original I m glad to report that I was completely satisfied by this book As good as James and George s book No but this book is illed with adventure and strong active characters including Jack who seizes her own destinyJohanna has been writing The Moretti Marriage for a long time and I ve been reading heror most of that time Her books began in the time of bodice rippers and I The Dark Duke found this book to be an interestinglip of many of those books Scenario heroine kidnapped and taken on the high seas as part of revenge against her A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy father hero is attracted to her and she is reluctantly attracted to him The book also contains threats of rape adventure and exotic locations In a prior book the heroine would be a woman to which the action happens But those heroines of the past are not Jack MaloryJack is a woman who takes the reigns of her sexuality She is determined and takes all the autonomy that her brother does While she has a different sensibility she refuses to be shamed or deterred by her maleamily members Ultimately she navigates respect and care Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls for herather and brother with her own self determination I really liked her own sense of self and her active nature Even as the times and protective nature of her male relatives dictate that she should be submissive she and the women of her The Soul Of A Thief family are strong and independentLindsey knows these characters so well and it was a joy to get an update on Maloryamily which contains a very colorful collection of characters that has engaged me since I was a teenager These characters are larger than life While the story doesn t have emphasis on historical accuracy and detail I have always enjoyed how Lindsey places her iconic characters in the tapestry of history without becoming overly engaged in that history There are other authors who are masters of weaving their characters into time but that is clearly not Lindsey s goalThe hero Damon is an interesting contrast to Jack He has murky motivations but as things become clearer I loved him and so did Jack I thought he was an interesting match or Jack Sweeter in many ways although he is definitely not a beta hero I love these shipboard romances and this one has some twists that kept me reading uickly to ind out how things were resolvedI loved this book and think that anyone who Secret Baby, Surprise Parents follows the Malory series will be especially pleased with this entry Probably my third orourth Mystify (Mystyx, favorite in the series overallwhich says a lot considering how much I love this seriesWORTH MENTIONING This book brings up characters that are candidatesor uture books in the series One can hopeCONNECTED BOOKS BEAUTIFUL TEMPEST Is The Twelfth Book is the twelfth book the Malory Family series The book is a standalone but is connected with its immediate predecessor STORMY PERSUASION and of course the heroine Jack is the daughter of James Malory rom GENTLE ROGUESTAR RATING I give this book 5 starsThis review was originally posted on Top10RomanceBookscom Jacueline Malory is the only daughter of James Malory If you ve ever
"Read Any Of The Books "
any of the books this series you know read any of the books in this series you know any man who wants to marry her better be able to duck This is a cute historical romance with pirates and the Wild Streak feistiest woman since Georgiana impersonated a cabin boy on James ship That was one of myavorite books by Johanna Lindsey If you like historical romances don t skip this author This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceBeautiful Tempest is the most recent addition to the Malory Anderson Family series and even though this book was P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, farrom perfect it was still a Say Youll Stay And Marry Me fun blast that made me realize why I love thisamily so much Beautiful Tempest Rafaellos Mistress features Jack who is Georgie and James only daughter Now I will say that I HIGHLY recommend that you read Stormy Persuasion before reading this one because events that happen in that book coincide with this oneOur story begins with the Malory s and a wedding of Anthony s daughter our couple in Stormy Persuasion and we see the great bonds and closeness thisamily has especially the The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, friendship between Judy and Jack I love these gals together But now that Judy is married Jack is determined to haveun Rascal for her season andorget about being kidnapped by the pirate the Bastard as she refers to him She wants her revenge and is miffed that her Another Day of Life father won t let her go along with him on his journey toind him But then at a ball she What Would You Like? finds herself dancing with a stranger who is mysterious and makes her laugh andor the Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, first time she is intrigued by a man There is somethingamiliar about him When he invites her to meet him at the park she agrees but he then never arrives but delivers a note to her with a rose And she realizes in his note she knows why she Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, finds himamiliarhe is the pirate that kidnapped her and so she and her brother Jeremy hatch a plan to kidnap him but their plan goes wrong when Jack Friend Foe finds herself being kidnapped AGAIN and boy is sheurious especia. And whisked her away to the Caribbean no matter that she escaped unscathed James The Longevity Diet figured out who masterminded the dastardly plot and is leading aleet of ships to the West Indies to deliver some Malory style retributionMore interested in revenge than in Grassroots Innovation finding a husband during herirst London Season Jack is urious that her ather left her behind Then an intriguing stranger leads her and her older brother Jeremy to her mysterious abductor But The Malory series is how I discovered Johanna Lindsey She was one of the irst authors I read where the women were as essential to the action as their male counterparts At the time there were not many historical romances with heroines who would risk walking into danger and rescuing themselves Ms Lindsey broke ground in that aspect To this day there are less damsels in distress and Perfect Cities fearless lionesses Beautiful Tempest keeps that legacy going with a suspenseful adventurous tale of dangeramily and romance It Prometheus Wired felt like catching up withriends Now a little bit older and a whole lot wiser I m as in love with those rowdy Malorys and euding Andersons as the day I met themCopyright of Night Owl Reviews Not enough romance I m giving this 25 stars The irst half of the book was spent recapping previous Malory books that there was hardly any time or space to develop the romance between Damon and Jack There were Special Topics in Calamity Physics far too many characters excessive recounting of past events and explanations of actions Too much telling not enough showing There were also many punctuation errors especially the lack of comma before the beginning of a uotationdialogueI have to think hard about what I liked in this book and I m blanking I guess I can say I liked that it sast paced and I was able to Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks finish it in one sitting Another positive is that Jack knew her own mind and was not a shy little virgin who was sufferingrom Stockholm Syndrome I also liked that there was no Scenes from a Revolution forced seduction and when they came together it was by mutual consent I didn t like that Jack was TSTL many times and Damon was too weak I loved James Malory but he must be in his 50s already by this book and shouldn t still be the strongest man in the world I hardly smiled while I was reading the book and the love scenes were not sexy The plot was convoluted and the villains were cartoon characters The Malory series is the only Johanna Lindsey work that I stillollow but they re getting tiresome I think she should end it already before ans of the books start hating her As it is I m happy I was able to borrow this rom my library Microsoft Visual C for no way in hell I m going to shell outor this book This is this authors most boring book she s ever written the h was annoying and I don t get why anyone would want to spend time with her I ve read lots of the Malory series and didn t need a recap of all of them in this book it was to Soulprint focused on past characters and story lines without really building these one dimensional main characters The sexy times was basically nonexistent and so boring the only thing that would have made this book better is if it was much longerNow itollows the Blah Blah Black Sheep familiar pattern of all the james malory booksbut i don t much care because i love thisamily so muchif only the same love would have gone in to the cynster books that stephanie laurens just wrote i d be so much happieri wish there were malory books and i wish johanna would write much much asterthese books are always so much un to read and james is my Surrender favorite and hells bells jeremy tookidnapping etc all been there done that but i just don t care like i said love the malorys yep a couple of chapters would have been great and interaction between james and jack and the restyou know what we need another christmas storyrom johannacan t help it love those malory s and if you are going to read these make sure you read them in order Beautiful Tempest is the story of Jack and DamonJack is the daughter of James and George Ever since her kidnapping by the Bastard in the previous book she seethes and refuses to get married this season even if her best The Highlanders Touch (Highlander, friend and cousin Judith didA masuerade however leads her to a mysterious suitorollowing whom she her brother Jeremy and cousin Percy get kidnappedby none other than Bastard aka DamonI can summarize this book in two words long and boring In I ve been reading the Malory O Regresso da Atlântida - Os guerreiros de Posídon family seriesor yearsThis book is the biggest disappointment EVER Everything was rushed EVERYTHING There was either too much detail or not enough where it mattered Jack was a little too aggressive IMOI m just so bummed that it didn t live up to expectations FINAL DECISION I completely satisfying book that I approached with trepidation I love love love the book about Jack s Gdy mrok zapada (William Wisting, father and Ieared that this book wouldn t live up to my expectations Instead this book went in a different direction than I expected but to my expectations Instead this book went in a different direction than I expected but loved These Characters And Their characters and their romanceTHE STORY Jacueline Malory is the darling daughter of James Malory When Jack returns The Scarlet Ruse (Travis McGee from escaping her kidnapper James and hisamily are determined to take care of their enemy and sail The White Road for the West Indies to confront an old enemy Jack is angry that herather has left her in London while he confronts the man that kidnapped her When a mysterious man approaches her at a masuerade ball she is intrigued but realizes that he might actually be her kidnapper Instead of capturing him Jack once again ends up in his clutches at sea But this time things are different between themOPINION This is a book that I approached with trepidation GENTLE ROGUE the story of Jack s parents is my all time avorite ro. #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey now reveals the tempestuous story of Jacueline Malory whose urious desire Mind Wide Open for revenge leads to a confrontation with the handsome pirate who abducted her and sparks a much steamier kind of desireFor theirst time James Malory and his Anderson in laws agree on something It’s payback time Dominant FUTA Collection for the culprit who kidnapped James and Georgina’s beloved daughter Jackrom her American debutante party.

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