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Er techniue and how to re train our nervous system to do it Correctly For Better Performance for better performance ou want to learn how to free dive or just learn to hold our breath for a heck of a long time Buy this book in my opinion there is no better author on how to do this then Stig Severinsen This book offers in depth descriptions on techniue and also makes it very easy to understand This book can be useful to anyone interested in wellness and not just free diving Landmark book wonderful introduction to "All Matters Concerning Breath "matters concerning breath free diving and the health and mental benefits thereof My used copy was actually autographed by the author Stig who is also the world record holder in the discipline so I was doubly happy with purchase Could have been a 20 page pamphlet. Breathing Gain energy in our daily life Become better at Breathing Gain energy in Hummer your daily life Become better at stress Optimizeour work and sport performances Avoid illnesses and get well faster Minimize chronic or transient pain Become happier and positive Live a healthier and longer life. Ueeze every bit of useful information there is in it The book Was Even Better Than even better than With easy and approachable tips and excersises which are very easy to become everyday life habits I strongly suggest this book to everyone athletes people with chronic deseases everyone of us An important book Comprehensive Grounded in science takes pranayama ogic breathing system and expands on it through his personal vast experience of breath holding through freediving Nicely written health improving if practiced Incredible book very credible as a role model It seems very helpful and easy to understand I can hardly wait to read of it useful breathing exercise and ibfo Great Book We breathe incorrectly so many times every day It s great to have an insight into the prop. Hen ou become aware of our breathing and how to train it ou will be able to learn to breathe properly Your body will immedi¬ately absorb oxygen and after a short time ou will have energy and gain greater mental calmness Advantages of efficient. It was a long wait for the book to be shipped from abroad It finally arrived and I was excited about owning abroad It finally arrived and I was excited about owning super expensive book be shipped from abroad It finally arrived and I was excited about owning this super expensive book a super cool topic that I have always been fascinated about Breathing and how ou can optimize it for health sports etc This book however is not an easy one to read because its content is uite haphazard and repetitive There is a lot of stuff about breathing and how it is the best thing and then there are all these exercises one must do but somehow it doesn t hold Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah your hand and takeou through a fulfilling journey like a book should I think Stig is a great guy Great talent Great energy This book however would have been just as amazing in the hands of a better editor I hope to return to it with a open and inuisitive mindset and Most of us breathe inefficiently Life is often lived in the fast lane and especially when we are stressed we tend to use only the upper part of our lungs We forget to breathe deep down into the stomach and thereby lose out on a lot of energy Only ,

Breatheology: The Art of Conscious Breathing

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