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Pisco significa pajaro. yOt to do when meeting the love ofour life and fearing Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften your preferences in the bedroom might be too much for him Yes Joey is innocent and a bit na ve but he is a grown man and what Logan does well meaning though it may be deeply hurts him The story of the two of them finally figuring it all out is touching sweet and had me frowning and smiling in turn Oh and it gets uite hot and kinky as well just in caseou were wondering The whole story of how Joey learns what happens when he calls Logan sir is hilarious Logan is self confident knows what he wants in a partner and not afraid to ask for what he wants OR SO HE THINKS UNTIL JOEY so he thinks until Joey into his club and totally floors him Logan is determined not to be selfish and overwhelm the The Defense (Eddie Flynn younger man with his kinky desires and decides to wait Get to know him better Aear later he is still waiting for the perfect moment While it shows how much he cares it s also proof that he is so taken by Joey that he gets and afraid the man will turn him down What the heck His hesitance is kind of cute initially but a whole Hai nhà year While scaring everyone else off so Joey remains single Man just getour act together I wanted to kick him for being so hesitant and ending up hurting Joey than honesty ever couldJoey is lonely after being kicked out by his family for being gay desperate to find a man he can love and than mystified why nobody in the club he goes to on a regular basis will do than talk to him When he finally goes to a different place and the same thing happens there he is ready to throw in the towel The Angst Alone Almost Did angst alone almost did in But his visit to the new club owned by a good friend of Logan at least spurs Logan into action and gets Joey what he wants Logan s undivided attention As he discovers exactly why Logan was so hesitant and explores what he thinks is a pretty hot way of looking at life he only falls deeply for Logan every time they get togetherThings aren t easy for these two until Logan learns to communicate and Joey dares to speak up If Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian you like hesitant first timers encountering the hot world of BDSM ifou "Prefer To Stay On The Loving Ds "to stay on the loving Ds of things where a butt plug and the occasional spanking are all the men need to make them feel good and if Falling Through Clouds you re looking for a hot read with lots of sweet romance thenou will probably like this novella If The Art of Acquiring you read Stormy Glenn s stuff and enjoy it thenou will get how these characters are made I find her stuff a guilty but entertaining read for me Most all of her stories are pretty similar maybe it s total trash but I am not reading it for the artistic proseI think that I liked this story because I enjoy the Ds storyline but I am not that into BDSM because I think many authors let it take away from their work in stories Not that I have an issue with BDSM I have read lots of books with it but so few where it actually makes the story better Okay enough with the rambling I liked this story because I got my Ds fix without the excessive boring BDSM scenes It s a hot story where the characters are in love even if they are eye rollingly ridiculousWhy is the editing so crappy in these books I could proofread them better I think anyone who gave this story five stars has probably got a screw loose or is a relative of the author The story is silly and childish I would say for ten ear olds except it s supposed to be BDSM I made it half way through this totally illogical story with ridiculous characters and was determined to try to finish it I figured it couldn t get any worse I was wrong When the father showed up it became so ludicrous that I couldn t go on So I spent a couple minutes skimming to the end It was a trial but I made it I wanted to give it one and a ha. M club and Joey is totally unprepared for what he sees there and what he discovers about himself When Logan discovers Joey's intentions he decides he's waited long enough It's time to claim Joey as his own Things heat up between the two men and they settle into a life of domestic Ds bliss but there are outside forces at work forces intent on destroying Joey and Logan's newfound happiness Special Content Alert MM Ds Spanking. ,

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Gether my eyebrows pretty much headed into my hairline and stayed there for the duration of the waffling mediocre boring improbable irritating tale the only reason I finished this crap was because I needed it for a challenge This is an OK book it s not terrible and parts can be sweet and it s certainly better than the seuel It s just written poorly and the Dom is an asshole He makes sure no one will dance or even talk to Joey for a ear because he wants "Joey For Himself And "for himself and Joey finds out he s all swoony and happy cos it proves his Dom loves him Pffft Books like this make me think I should write one my damn self I was conflicted about this one I really liked the way the angst and loneliness were expressed in the beginning and Joey s POV in general However I hated the dom s part him being an asshole indecisive seeming amazed when Joey did what he wanted how the writing was a lot worse in his POV I also didnt like how he euated being in a relationship with Joey giving up his life for him his job his appartment Really had this feeling if Joey wasnt alone in the world his family and friends hated him for being gay and before they started the relationship Logan wouldnt let anyone approach Joey he wouldnt have settled with an asshole like Logan When I bought Call Me Sir by Stormy Glenn I wasn t sure what to expect I admit that Ms Glenn s books are either a hit of miss with me But There Is Something About Her Books Which is something about her books which to me to I take a chance and buy them every time I am very glad I took a chance with this oneFirst I want to point out that this is a very easy read There isn t much angst in this story If A Menagerie of Heroes you are looking to read something really complex or an emotionally driven book this isn t forou But if ou are looking for an easy fun read with interesting characters and a fast paced storyline then this book would be a good thing to reach for I also want to point out that although it has some BDSM elements to it it s not over the top at all There s no whipping or anything like that There is some spanking and other sexual play and although they live a Ds lifestyle there wasn t any humiliation or anything like that that might offend some people Joey MacIntire is looking to get laid For the past ear he has come to his favorite club Club Refectory Although he loves the atmosphere and the eye candy that is always ever present there he is struck out every time when it comes to hooking up with someone or even getting anyone to dance He would have given up going there months ago if it wasn t for the unreuited feelings he has for the sexy owner of the club Logan James But Joey knows that Logan is totally out of his league Plus Logan has never shown any interest in him other than being friendly or maybe a little harmless flirtingTired of being rejected Joey decides to go to a new BDSM club and try his luck there He happens to mention this to a worker at Club Refectory before he leaves Although the man warns Joey not to go there because of his seedy reputation Joey shucks off the unwanted advice and goes there anywayLogan James is a very successful businessman As the owner of Club Refectory he loves being control in ways than one For the past The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers year he has been watching 25 starsStormy Glenn and I have a lovehate relationshipThere are parts in each of her stories that make me doBut then it gets SO ridiculous it makes me doI end up doing thisWhich does not make me a happy camper Making assumptions about what someone else wants is dangerous and acting on those assumptions without ever checking if they are true is just plain stupid Logan an extremely dominant man who thinks he knows best what is good for Joey is an excellent example of what One to call his own Logan James embodies everything Joey could ever want in a man but while he treats Joey kindly he doesn't seem interested in anything than friendship Still Joey has hope and many late night fantasies But after aear of waiting for Logan to give him than a passing glance Joey finally gives up He decides to stop wasting his time at Logan's club and try out the new place across town Dante's Dungeon is a BDS. Holy shit what was I "Thinking When I Gave This "when I gave this 5 stars in 2012 This is terrible I hate re reading 5 stars books I should just stop But I hate the thought of someone picking up a crappy book because of a high rating and being disappointed So I m doing my Goodreads civic duty and changing the rating from 5 stars to 2 Bringing the average rating down can only help I HopeSave Your Money 35 hopeSave Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 your money 35 MacIntire is having a bad night Sitting alone at Club Refectory as he s been doing for the pastear he can t figure out what s wrong with him Every time he comes to the club it s the same thing he goes in with hopes of meeting someone even if it s just to talk and dance but time after time he s ignored and rebuffed Needing to get away from a place that s just not working for him he decides to head over to another club Dante s Dungeon Even though it s a Ds club and he s not familiar with that scene he figures anything will be better than being lonely night after nightLogan James the owner of Club Refectory has been in love with Joey since the first night the ounger man walked into his club He s been waiting and giving him time before making his move on Joey because he s not sure how he ll react to Logan s Ds lifestyle Finding out Joey is headed to Dante s Logan knows he s run out of time He s going to have to go after him and hope Joey s ready for a relationshipWhen Logan and Joey finally get together and start talking both of them will be surprised by the other Joey has wanted Logan as long as he s known him he s even made passes at him but since Logan never responded he thought he d never have a chance with him Faced with Logan s obvious interest now Joey is both very happy and uite confused When Logan explains about his lifestyle things start falling into place for them Joey is naturally submissive and responds eagerly to Logan s dominance and after a couple of small misunderstandings are cleared up they are ready to start a life togetherThis story does contain some elements of BDSM but it s really BDSM lite with no hardcore sessions or punishments and therefore shouldn t be a problem for readers who may not be very comfortable with BDSM themes This is an easy book to read not heavy on angst although towards the end there are a couple of intense scenes when someone from Joey s past comes to cause trouble A bit of suspension of disbelief is reuired regarding Logan waiting a ear to approach Joey and Joey coming back over and over to a place where everyone ignored him but otherwise this is an entertaining storyLogan and Joey are likable characters and I enjoyed reading about their developing relationship Stormy Glenn s books typically feature Alpha men and their submissive partners This is the case here as Joey is clearly a sweet if a bit over the top guy and Logan is the big masculine man who knows what s right for his man all the time but it worked well in this story The sex scenes in the book are hot but don t overshadow the real theme of the story which is the love between Logan and Joey The secondary characters in the story Dante and Daniel are set up to be the next couple in the seuel to this bookOverall this was an easy read sweet and sexy with a pleasing HEA ending This book was utter bilge if I d read the word Baby one time I would have gagged Joey is a whiny chick with a dick he spends a ear going to a club where no one will talk to him or dance with him or flirt with him I would have taken the hint 11 months and 2 weeks earlier and gone somewhere else he feels unlovable What the fuck ever I was So Irritated With His Character irritated with his character I couldn t care if his feelings were hurt while Logan didn t seduce him when the MC s actually get to. This edition is no longer availableThe night Logan James subbed for the bartender at his club he had no idea the love of his life would walk through the door but the moment he saw Joey MacIntire he wanted him The only problem How to initiate someone so oung and obviously innocent into Logan's Ds lifestyle Logan decides to bide his time and wait for Joey to get to know him better Joey MacIntire came to the city to find some.

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