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Captive MistressNice young lady ends up married to a revolting immoral man and they call it romance WhateverP S he is a rapist I never finished this message and threw the book away Absolutely awful This is one of my favorite books I have now read it four times Someone call the WHAAAAAAAMBULANCEWE GOT A CRIER OVER HERE WHAAAAA awful the hero was a rapist and i got mad at the heroine for she spoke like an old school mistress to come back to the story michael the hero thought it was his right to eflower christy bcoz she was a stowaway on the merrimer i found it isgusting at he cud actually rape her and then offer taking her as a mistress to compensate for violating her i can t believe anyone can fall in love wid such a man then they got on land and the book Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions dragged on and on wid most boring petty things happening the heroine had so many little incidents i was shocked to learn she was 3 months pregnant how come sheid not lose the baby anyway i stopped reading the book when they A Day Away declared their love for each other i was already so pissed off S Well this is actually uite enjoyable Christy Patterson is theaughter of a well to Memoir of a Misfit do horse breeder However her parents affiliations to the anti slavery cause result in their assets being wrongly seized By a Magistrate Joanace following theireath in a mysterious and sinister carriage accident christy ends up as a ward to her brutal uncle Harry Slate who regularly beats herone night following her aunt s Looking for the Toffees death Slate whips her particularly violently and she runs awayisguised as a boy She makes it to the Raising Gods Girl dock yard and hides in one of the crates in order to avoid Slate Unfortunately she passes out and when she awakens she isiscovered as a stowaway The captain Michael Lancer forces her into another crate saying that he is going to cast her adrift to The Gulag Handbook drown in the sea Christy is forced into the crate which is then nailed shut andunked in the ocean It turns out that Lancer was only trying to frighten her and had the crate lifted after a short The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion dunking At that stage theyiscover Christy s sex but she faints Will in the World due to pain and trauma She awakens in the Captain s cabin to find her wounds are being tended From the outset Lancer makes it clear that he hasishonourable intentions and means to have her by way of payment for the voyage He June Fourth Elegies declares that she is his indentured bond slave until theebt is paid She makes friends with Patrick McDonough one of the crew who helps her recover and generally tries to avoid the Captain Christy takes up uarters in a spare closet but has to be rescued by the captain when two of the crew break in and try and rape her Thereafter her relationship with the captain mellows somewhat and she starts helping him with his accounts However when they are only 2 weeks from Charlston port she goes into his cabin to get a book but finds him runk and obstreperous She tries to placate him but his mood turns nasty and he assaults and rapes her fairly violently Although he apologises afterwards this rings pretty hollow and he oes not come across as particularly remorseful and it is clear he continues to harbour ishonourable intentions When they arrive at Charlston Christy initially tries to run away in order to seek employment but finds that she has no legitimate prospects She is taken home by a good samaritan Sir Philip who turns out to be the Captain s father By this stage Christy feels trapped but realises that she has no other option but to remain although she is uncertain of her place in the house as while Lancer continues to tell her she is his bond slave she is treated as a lady in the house Christy gets injured when rescuing a boy who fell own a well and after she recovers Michael informs her that she is to act as his secretary which she is very pleased about this She is taken into town to get some resses made where SHE AGAIN BUMPS INTO HORRIBLE MATILDA LANCER MICHAEL again bumps into the Matilda Lancer Michael widowed sister in law who clearly has matrimonial intentions on the hero afterwards they walk into town and are introduced to the new Lt Governor who just happens to be the espicable Joanace Christy is frightened by his reappearance and is noticeably withdrawn Within a few weeks she realises that she is pregnant and she and Michael marry She refuses to sleep with him as he oes not love her or treat her with respect He becomes even cold and as he oes not love her or treat her with respect He becomes even cold and to her culminating in an episode where he comes home Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, drunk one night and almost rapes her again but stops when he falls overrunk Thereafter the relationship between the protagonists changes as Michael finally realises that you catch flies with honey He behaves tenderly and sensitively and following a ball at Middleton Place they finally reconcile and make a go of the marriage Everything appears to be wonderful The fly in the ointment is of course of evil sister in law Matilda who it turns out is in league with Joanace and who has paid for horrible uncle Henry to come to Charleston to Ask the Past dispose of Christy At this stage the book becomes slightlyemented Matilda blackmails Christy telling her that unless she leaves her husband forthwith she will Riding Class (Saddle Club, disclose the sordidetails of Christy s past Instead of telling her husband which she had already resolved to Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, do she of course tells Matilda that she has no choice but to go along with her Christy trustingly gets in the carriage procured for her as it seems she believes Matilda s promise to get her to New Orleans In fact she is abandoned in the middle of no where at a rough shack with hardly any food in the snow Days pass and instead of trying to leave Christy endures This purgatory whilst bemoaning the fact that Michael has not turned up to rescue her and it is only when she is out of foodoes she Different Class decide to try and seek help elsewhere Along comes uncle Henry and his whip He tells her that Matilda wants him to kill her but when he suggests that. DESTINY'S PRISONERDesperate to escape her cruel greedy uncle raven haired Christy hid herself aboard the Merrimer certain she could sneak back ashore before the ship set sail But before she knew it the luscious stowawayrifted asleep and awoke to the hard flinty glare of Captain Michael Lancer Christy trembled when he. .

She agrees and life goes on fairly well or so she thinksAnd now the Reign of Michael the Rapist So Christina thinks that life is great She s fended off Michael she has a steady job She Short Stories by Roald Dahl doesn t realize that Michael is getting increasingly lusty himself One night he comes to his cabin moderately intoxicated He listens to her blather on about his accounts with ever increasing boredom and ever shortening temper Finally he just loses it and his temper which is prevalent throughout the book and sick toeath of her prudish ways rapes her Yay for the Reign of Michael the Penitent He is truly regretful of his actions He s not actually the kind of guy who Goldilocks the Three Bears do such a thing under normal circumstances She s the one to blame with her irresistible beauty just flaunting itself under his nose Hey Stop laughing I m completely serious hereSo this is where the book slows own ramatically and becomes uite boring IMHO When the ship finally Socialist Realism docks in Charleston Bay Christinaecides to run off and repay Michael once she gets a job in town She leaves a note I Look Up To... Michelle Obama detailing this She s very angry because she saw him embracing his sister who she thought was his wife She is completely unsuccessful in her endeavor We all know that the Americans were even prudish than the British at that time and all the potential employers think she s a tramp So it s nighttime and it s raining and she just so happens to be rescued by a kindly old man who insists that she come home with him She agrees and is treated like an honored guest to her surprise When she wakes up sheiscovers that the kindly old gentleman Sir Phillip is in fact Michael s father and she is currently residing in Michael s house A lot of things happen over the course of about six months Christina Doctor Extraño discovers she s pregnant so they marry never consummating of course Christina meets Michael s widowed sister in law Matilda and they mutually hate each other s guts Matilda wants Michael as her husband because she wants his money There s also a near rape incident with arunken Michael againYou see there s something that happens to me when I read books like this At first I m on the heroine s side and am irritated when the hero rapes her But after 300 pages of her being a prude and refusing him even when they re married the bitch my mindset switches completely Plus Christina is such an idiot I just want to kill her She constantly goes into life threatening situations without a thought for her life or even her child s life So somewhere in those 300 pages I began to hate Christina with an unmatched passionFinally the Reign of Michael in Love began Eventually Michael realizes he needs to change his tactics He seduces her with his charm and good looks and they make up and Michael finally finally gets laid Not surprisingly his temper improves rasticallyMatilda s however oes not Her evil scheming and plotting finally come to a climax when she blackmails Christina into leaving Michael Then Matilda strands a 7 month pregnant Christina in the woods in January with a week s worth of food Back at Michael s home Penncrest Matilda tries to tell Michael that Christina is a *THIEF WHO STOLE HIS JEWELRY MATILDA *who stole his jewelry Matilda id that But Michael crazy in love refuses to believe her when he finds a note from Christina that sounds apologetic than anything else So he rides off into the forest and saves Christina a little tardily this time from a brutal whipping by this time from a brutal whipping by evil uncle who s in cahoots with Matilda Christina is elirious and when Michael approaches her she thinks he going to kill her so she runs off into the woods Somehow a very pregnant and just whipped young woman manages to outrun a healthy man in his 30s for about a minute until she trips and goes into early labor Personally I Feminism is for Everybody don t think it was because of the fall I think the baby was just soesperate to get away from it s idiotic and suicidal mother it induced labor And now as an end the Reign of Michael the Valiant He takes her home and she loses the baby DUH When she finally recovers consciousness her first act is to take her Deterring Democracy delirious and insane notions of his attacking her and accuse him of infanticide When he finally convinces her of the truth she blames herself for the miscarriage and rightly so Now Michael really wants to clear up all these schemes so he can get on with his life So he visits Matilda who has a psychotic breakdown and goes batshit insane This was one of the best scenes in the whole book and you should read it just for that After throwing her across the room Michael flees the house with three battlescars on his cheek He finds Christina s uncle and gets a confession allowing him to arrest everyone involved He goes home and has a joyful reunion with his wife who finally pulled herself out of her funk The police come and inform them that Matilda has gone missing and that she s armed andangerous Michael leaves with them to go look for her Surprise Matilda comes to the house while he s gone Boy if she was batshit crazy before She shoots Phillip and is about to shoot Christina when Michael bursts in if she was batshit crazy before She shoots Phillip and is about to shoot Christina when Michael bursts in and saves them all Him and what army The police that s who Matilda jumps out the window with the completely original line of You ll never take me alive Michael and the rest are later told that she fell off her horse trying to escape and broke her neck And they all lived happily ever after hide spoiler I wanted to like this than I Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, did but my enjoyment was mostly hampered by 2 things 1 Totally misleading title The heroine was NEVER the H s mistress As a fan of old school bodice rippers I loved the naughty implications of the titledescription and was rather irritated toiscover this was not the case view spoilerThe hero rapes the H once and then never touches her again until well after they marry because he wants her willing However he Hunters Heart does getrunk and tries one other time G petite Christy she shattered his control and ravaged his resolve to never touch an unwilling woman Something in the way her lips pouted and her hips swayed Menneskefluene (K2 drove him mad withesire And when she refused to succumb to his sensual charms Michael had no choice but to claim her forever and make her his own CAPTIVE MISTRE. ,
In fact he would Nazi Gold double cross Matilda and allow Christy to return home if she were to pay him loads of money Again instead of seizing this opportunity to save herself the unborn baby and to bring Henry before Michael she tells him that Michael would not pay any money for her and that she would not take anything from him WTFHenry attacks and brutally whips her Michael turns up almost in the nick of time and knocks Henry out but for some crazy reason Christy thinks he is also going to attack her and she runs away and falls She loses the baby and spends about 3 weeks thinking Michael is in league with the others for no good reason whatsoever They finally talk and she implicates Matilda before she falls into hysteria Michael confronts Matilda and eventually the story comes out He has Henry arrested and makes arrangements for Joanace and Matilda to also be arrested Of course Matilda then goes on a killing spree shooting Henryead trying but failing to shoot Michael Mr Majeika and the School Inspector dead she shoots Sir Philip in the shoulder confesses to the murder of her first husband and then tries to beat Christy up by punching her toeath Michael comes to the rescue again and Matilda jumps on a horse and Selected Poems does everyone a favour by falling off and breaking her neck They all live hea Iid actually like this book before it went totally over the top and even then I was so flabbergasted that I had to finish reading I hate to be prosaic but the misunderstanding secret would have really worked better for me if her parents had been accused of something considerably worse than tax evasion It was just too silly for words35 4 stars well omg what a stupid book these characters all seemed touched in the head usually it s just the heroine but the hero in this book was also imwitted lol it seem s every BR book as a line that the heroine repeate s over and over and in this one for me it was a tear trickled own her Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 dainty cheekyuck i got sick of reading it what a weak character she was a jellyfish as spine the sheidi would have to say my favorite character was Matilda the crazy sister inlaw lol the best paet of the book was when she yelled You ll never take me alive i just could not stop laughing To start off my general impression of the book is as follows Nice cover The heroine in this book spends a lot of time recovering from being whipped punched slapped kicked and several fevers She spends a lot of time sleeping in this book There is actually a knocked own ragged out girl fight A first for meCAPTAIN MICHAEL LANSER Sea Captain colonial wealthy The Train Robbers dominant and of course he has a handsome face with a talllean muscular bodyCHRISTY PATTERSON Both beautiful and of course petite but rounded in all the right places Christy was born well too but lost family money when parents tragically No Reason To Die died and were found to be traitors Abused and left in poverty by evil Uncle Henry slate Dressed as a boy she hid in a crate to escape the Uncle conveniently fell asleep and was loaded into the ships cargo She isiscovered and sentenced to being nailed back into crate and thrown overboardjust to teach himher a lesson She is rescued found to be a teach himher a lesson She is rescued and found to a who has been cruelly whipped The Captain later states that this was when he fell in love with her He offers her to work off her sentenced indentureship by of course becoming his mistress She refuses and eventually he can t help himself and rapes her He apologizes but at the same time Naked Risk (Shatterproof defends his actions There is much absurdity as the plot unfolds It is such a soap operaRe read and re rated 3 stars for the most OTT and ridiculous storyline Okay I finally finished this horrible book I m so angry I just have to write some kind of review All I want too now is write an Ode to Michael That poor man he suffered through crazy hysterics from everyone around him His idiotic wife made him jump through flaming hoops for her miserly attentions and when he Raking The Ashes did she accused him of infanticide and conspiracy to murder So many timesuring this book I wished I could stick my hand inside and wrap it around Christina s neck and just sueeze This review is very long and spoils everything about this book Read at your own perilview spoilerSo it started out okay It began with the Reign of Michael the Tyrant He was just eliciously callous and cruel to what he thought was a male the Tyrant He was just eliciously callous and cruel to what he thought was a male But after an awesome and horrible punishment he uickly Dear Office-Politics discovered his stowaway was a woman This was because of her fainting from painue to literal salt on an open wound After this he was uite cordial even giving her his bed and cabin What magnanimous generosity Of course he made no secret that he wanted her to pay off her indenture in the oldest professionShe refused Thomas Harriott duh and just barely managed to fend him off with words mainly because he justidn t feel like raping her When she finally recovered from the aforementioned open wounds Michael gave her on her suggestion a storage closet which she fashioned into some extremely modest living uarters By that time she was ready to o anything to get out of Michael s cabinUnfortunately this proved to be her undoing And thus the Reign of Michael the Savior began It was short but sweet and began with the classic case of animal lust which came in the form of two runk unwashed sailors They burst into her tiny room uite uninvited and proceeded to unleash the full stupidity of their vague eyed lust upon their helpless victim Oh whoops am I supposed to be shouting in righteous rage about her awful predicament Fortunately I Intimate Strangers did manage to garner up some small reactionAnyway luckily Michael bursts in a minute later just in time to save her from this latest vicious attack of Animal Lust Warn your children Anyone who resides in a BR could be at risk After she calmsown he proposes a way for her to work off her indenture to him by being his accountant I know who Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book da thunk it. Threatened to send her to a watery grave but she was utterly terrified when heecreed she would pay for her passage with nothing less than her private services in the captain's cabinECSTASY'S SLAVEWith his chiseled features and manly build Michael Lancer never lacked for feminine attention But when he saw the temptin.

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