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Ast third f the book with his real as advertised road trip was "totally fine definitely four star worthy The first two thirds though A never " fine definitely four star worthy The first two thirds though A never sea Tribeca of reject road trip porn movie scenarios which were actually somewhat funny at first but became banal after the thirdr twenty third even instance Grey's Lady of them This is a book in three parts The first two parts were 2 star at best At absolute best They were John Waters ideaf a the best road trip novel possible and b the worst road trip novel possible Although he says he wrote them first I wonder if he didn t WRITE THEM LATER SITTING WITH HIS them later sitting with his who was trying to get him to make something Blue Streak of length to publish as a book Maybe he just threwut this crazy idea being John Waters this is probably his modus The Asketikon of St Basil the Great operandi and the editor either said YESr Uou re going to do it anyway so go ahead The third part is absolutely excellent It s the actual road trip from his home and ffice in Balti to his apartment in trendy gay San Francisco He sets ut with a rucksack cardboard signs business cards printed with thanks for the lift and his credit cards He meets some uite extraordinary people most f whom seem uite fictional creations that his credit cards He meets some uite extraordinary people most f whom seem uite fictional creations that try Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time outs for future bizarre films he might make and checks in each night with his two secretaries back in hisffice What emerges is that John Waters is every bit as eccentric as everyone thinks that anyone who could make Pink Flamingoes must be He s a tremendously polite gentleman who just doesn t think the way anyone else does I m not entirely convinced any Thoroughly Disarmed or allf the book is actually true but it doesn t matter either way because it was 100% John WatersNote If you ve never watched Pink Flamingoes watch it but don t read than a brief synopsis first r the ending will be spoiled for you Also don t watch the film r at least the ending unless you have a Very Strong Stomach and are not eating at the time Anyone whose seen the film will be nodding sagely at this point Don t ask just finish the popcorn firstview spoilerNotes before reading As Pooh said Time for a little something different Actually he didn t say different because he never wanted anything different just honey But he did say Time for a little something repeatedly And that s how I feel about reading it s always time to read something But something different after reading in the last few weeks Jean Paul Sartre s Huis Clos Libba Bray s Beauty ueen s Paul Burrell s paean to Diana Royal Duty the Vatican Diaries Room and a whole load After the Ashes ofther books heavy and light I just want something really really different and I think Carsick is itI have to say Birth Control Is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and Also Robbing God The Angry Planet of Priesthood Children was really different really really but it wasn t enjoyabler not in a conventional sense but it was a 5 star read My Parents Open Carry was also very different but not Melody's Key only not enjoyable it wasnly a 1 star So with Pink Flamingos in mind I m hoping John Waters will do it for me hide spoiler Most people in their mid sixties are content to stay at home and watch Law Order reruns but John Waters isn t like most people Packing his faux crocodile bag with the bare essentials Waters leaves his home in Balti with ne goal hitchhike all the way to the door f his San Francisco apartment and write about all about itSeparated into three sections the best that could happen the worst and the reality John Waters unorthodox imagination and wild reality make this an entertaining journey perfect for lazy afternoons So pick up this book sit back and let the Master A Chance Acquaintance of Filth take you for ride355 Is it possible that there is anyone in the world who dislikes John Waters Who by his very nature is America s favorite slightly wacko uncle Democrat Republican and basic citizen. Film director with genteel mannersr the unsuspecting travelers transporting the Pope f TrashBefore he leaves for this bizarre adventure Waters fantasizes about the best and worst possible scenarios a friendly drug dealer hands ver piles f cash to finance films with no uestion. What a fun book In May 2012 cult film director John Waters hitchhiked from his home in Balti to his apartment in San Francisco carrying a tote bag and cardboard signs that read End f 70 West and I m Not Psycho Besides a few clean clothes an umbrella and travel size toiletries Waters also had a stack The Wallflower's Revenge of autographed business cards that said THANKS FOR THE LIFT which he would handut to the drivers who gave him a rideBut Carsick is than just a travelogue f his hitchiking adventure First Waters wrote a novella imagining the best things that could happen such as meeting a drug dealer who would give him 5 million To Make A I M make a I m John Waters A story about him hitchhiking across America sounds pretty interesting But apparently he didn t think it was that compelling because the "first two thirds f the book is a "two thirds War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 of the book is a versionf what the trip might be like One story is Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World of an Indiana cop who picks him up and drives him through the state popping poppers all along the way Before this ride is done they getut f the car and do a song and dance routine n the side f the road Sound preposterous How about the ne in which Waters gets sodomized by an alien which results in a magic anus which he uses to inflate a flat tire a little further down the road Those are the good imaginary rides The bad Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills ones include an exploding goiter a puss leaking infected tattoo and in the ultimate bad ride a beheading Give me a break I realize that if you are going to seer read a Waters creation you should expect campy and trashy But I expected a little insight Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together or at minimum some laughs I found neither Perhaps I should have looked at the back coverf this book before I started it All f the comments are about ther books A bad sign When Waters eventually gets to writing about his actual voyage you can see why he felt the need to juice things up with some fiction You can romanticize hitchhiking but in reality it is pretty boring involving mostly waiting for rides and worrying about where you re going to be eating and sleeping I m sure Waters has cult followers who will find this pretty intriguing I "M Not One Of " not Blue Blood onef so I didn t 25 starsIt s not like I m a rabid John Waters fan I really admire the bizarro ideas rattling through the guy s mind than I appreciate any The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of his finished products Any self respecting cineaste can t go without at least sampling a fewf Waters Parafilias (Spanish Edition) oddities A fewf them successful Hairspray and Serial Mom are my fave movies It's Like This of his A great many just fall in the uirky dumb to uirky ick car wreck continuum like Female Trouble Polyester with Odorama scratch n sniff cardsincluding fart and airplane glue scents andf course Pink Flamingos where Waters fave transvestite Divine vies for Balti s Filthiest Person Alive titleyecch Waters whole stock in trade as a filmmaker seems to be to push the envelope with uirky disgusting schlock without really backing it up with any substance There are few degrees The Mirage of separation between Waterseuvre and porn Yet I m strangely compelled by him and have to check ut what he does even if I know it s going to suck I ve never denied being a masochistSomehow Waters closes that gap between his euvre and porn with his his ahem non fictional Carsick his chronicle f hitchhiking from his house in Balti to his apartment in San Francisco I m not sure what Waters r his publisher were thinking here butholy crapwhy they felt they needed to embellish his account with fiction and not just fiction but ld geezer wet dreamy boyporn was utterly beyond me Just so you know I m not easily ffended and I wasn t A Mild Suicide offended here just aghast but whyh why It s like John Waters seems to think absent the visual medium to push that envelope you have to be ten times disgusting in a book than you do Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet on the big screen The John Waters is putting his lifen the line Armed with wit a pencil thin mustache and a cardboard sign that reads I’m Not Psycho he hitchhikes across America from Balti to San Francisco braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers But who should we be worried about the delicate. .
Adore this man because he is so decent Also who wouldn t want to be John Waters for a minute Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face or two In fact the beautyf his books Role Models Crackpot Shock Value and now Carsick is that we as readers can share the same breathing space while reading his words Often we don t want the book to be Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church over but alas the last pages callut to us Carsick is a simple premise that can nly work for Waters The great figure decides to hitchhike from his home in Balti to his ther home in San Francisco The first part f the book is too good Almost impossible good things happen to him I had to re read the title page f that section The Best Could Happen and stupid me miss the a novella heading underneath the title It s hysterical Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) of course and the second part is even better The Worst That Could Happen If it was just those two sections it could have been an Ace book from the 1950s where they used to print two separate novellas side by side butne would flip Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 over as in upside down The third part is the truth and here he exposes the hardshipf hitchhiking but it does have its rewarding moments Some Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale of the people recognize him and some don t But what s amazing is the general kindness that he comes across as he goesn his journey Strangers want to give him money thinking he s down n his luck I think all f this happened because Waters just radiates good person This is very much a feel good type Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) of book that doesn t suck Be warned it s a crazy graphic hilarious book I love John Waters and he did not disappoint It s not for everyone but personally loved it dontjudge This is the first time I ve been disappointed by John Waters Only the last thirdf the book is an account f his hitchhiking experience This slender work f nonfiction is beefed up with two novella Piazza, Student Edition: Introductory Italian one that imagines the worst possible hitchhiking experience andne that imagines the best Tedious very tediousIt S Always Been True That Waters Is Underneath His Filthy always been true that Waters is underneath his filthy a heck Unbroken Circle: How to Take Your Family Through the End Time of a nice guy But here he s a little too nice Everybody is so darn nice Notne bad ride His nly bad experience is bad weather for hitchhiking I suspect that stories about hitchhiking are really nly interesting to ther people who have hitchhiked what was your longest ride where were you hassled by cops w Should have read the reviews I thought it would be interesting to read about a celebrity hitchhiking across the country encountering all kinds f different peopleUnfortunately the first 23rds of this book are ridiculous fictional stories f what he thinks COULD happen n the trip While I m not ffended this book are ridiculous fictional stories f what he thinks COULD happen Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to the Point. Get to the Sale. on the trip While I m notffended John Waters I had no interest in his non sensical porny LSD style fantasies A few at the beginning would have been fine but when they take up the first 65% f what s supposed to be a non fiction book it s irritating I like fiction just fine but that s not why I bought this just fine but that s not why I bought this MEH Well it s John Waters and he s my Lord and Savior Seriously my FB profile says John Waters under religion and FILTH with Divine s speech from PINK FLAMINGOS under politicsI bought the hardcover version as a 37th birthday present to myself I also have the ebook and audio book versions I really really super like the latter because John Waters narrates it I enjoy hearing him say assholeI keep seeing reviews where people complain about the first two thirds f the book being fiction Hey Stupid he says right in the beginning that the Good and Bad rides are fantasiesWho cares about that Fiction r not it s hilariousI was slightly uncomfortable with the sex scenes but I uickly got ver it Not cause he s gay I just never heard John Waters talk about his sex life and never gave it any thoughtSome Ask Me Nicely: Dark Urges Book One of the book s material is recycled from hisne man show THIS FILTHY WORLD I noticed it cause I ve watched the movie version 167 S asked a demolition derby driver makes a filthy sexual reuest in the middle Date With A Dead Doctor of a race a gun toting drunk terrorizes and holds him hostage and a Kansas vice suad entraps and throws him in jail So what really happens when this cult legend sticksut his thumb and faces the pen roa. ,

Summary Carsick John Waters Hitchhikes Across America

Carsick John Waters Hitchhikes Across America
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