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Chill By Elizabeth BearFectly for me and I was delighted throughout AUUUUGGHHHHHH there Is NO Reason That These Books Should Be Such A NO Liar, Liar reason that these books should be such a but WHAT A SLOG They are chock full of concepts and ideas and WHOA moments but have no depth and no coherence and are as aesult painfully boring despite being made from fantastic materials I m so mad I spent the better part of a month unable to finish this instead of Essays One reading something else WHAT A WASTE Dust was a fantastic novel thateminded me of Wolfe s Dying Sun series Couched in mythicfantasy language but set far in the future Chill is Dust s seuel and sadly not as good as it s preuelThe world ship Jacob s Ladder has suffered some cataclysm which has left it adrift The crew is at war with each other inside the broken hull After a enforced peace "breaks out at the end of dust the "out at the end of Dust the sets out again after 500 years Now crippled by damage low on esources the crew must deal with tough decisions And then it looks like someone or something is sabotaging the shipThis book feels both short as in it
Hasn T Covered Much 
t covered much and ushed as in the final chapter or two and the big The Kaya-Girl reveal all crammed into a chapter or two It feels like she had to pad the middle parts of the novel to expand the book out and then had an editor cut off the last coupl. Ar zone Even as Perceval the new captain struggles to come to terms with the traumas of herecent past the emnants of ebellion aboard the ship still threaten the crew’s survivalYet as Perceval’s elatives Tristen and Benedick play a deadly game of cat and mouse in pur. ,
E of chapters Bear has done great novels but sadly it seems like her seuels always suffer WARNING No spoilers for Chill but plenty of spoilers for DustChill picks up almost directly after Dust ended when the ship is Graeco-Egyptian Magick reeling from the nova blast and the crew iseeling from all of the deaths particularly Rien s sacrifice to bring the new angel an AI integrating all of the splinter AIs that developed when the ship broke down centuries before into existence Perceval is now captain but she is barely functional as she deals with her grief and there is an enormous power vacuum that the emaining Exalts of Rule and Engine both thos Elizabeth Bear s Chill is the second in her Jacob s Ladder series I described the first in this series as part of a freuently disorienting occasionally downright trippy always original and thoughtful trilogy Chill was less disorienting except in terms of tracking who the 12 15 central characters were they included siblings of a super family of Exalt good and bad angels AI Projections Necromancers Re Evolved Creatures necromancers e evolved creatures mammoths and giant carnivorous orchidsI enjoyed Dust but Chill seemed to come together better It faced the evil in the world named it and attempted to ebuild a better one Caitlin one daughter in the Conn family when fa. "Suit Of A Traitor "of a traitor a vast ship that is enewing itself in strange and dangerous ways an even insidious threat is building in a place no one ever thought to look And this implacable enemy could change the face of the ship forever if a agtag band of heroes cannot stop. .

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