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Ne hell of a ride The Realm is at war and things are INTENSE Not only are the Kurgens getting braver with their attacks but new characters are introduced new alliances are formed and new enemies are declared At the same time the race is on to investigate a virus that is infecting vampire mates and a number of females are p in the nfolding mess which is infecting vampire mates and a number of females are caught p the The Water Of Life unfolding mess which is Emma s genius comes into play And on top of all of that somebody on the inside is betraying the King putting all of those he loves in danger like never before There are lots of political goings on but mostly there is action action action And it s awesomeThere s great continuation from the previous book with Talen and Cara s story progressing and the rest of the characters introduced in Fated continue to be a part of the action Jordan and Katie s story is gaining intensity and there are a few romance setps which look very promising Little Janie is adorable and her dream wanderings hinting at danger and excitement to come But at the heart of the series is the brothers and I love the interplay between them Their banter and fist fights blend well with the genuine love and respect they have for each other and I adored the scenes where all of the boys were together I also loved the lead into Conn s book The Year of Living Biblically up next there s a great setp there and I m so excited to see how that all plays out Exciting romantic and full of awesome paranormal action this series is building into something really special I can t wait to carry on 4 stars 4 StarsClaimed is the second book in the Dark Protector series and although each book focuses on a different couple because each book slowly develops the other characters you have to read them in orderThis is Emma and Dage s story I was interested in Dage because he is king but Emma s character isn t sually my cuppa She s the protector of the group and she will always put people above her needs At times Emma being a martyr was a bit much but I do like that in this series the Heroes chases after the Heroine I liked Claimed than the first book but I did find the Science talk a bit much at times I didn t really care about the chromosomes how it works and how it didn t I sort of started to gloss over the factsI did enjoy getting build p with the other characters and "it gets really hooked on the series because you want to know how their story will nfoldI liked that Cara s "gets really hooked on the series because you want to know how their story will nfoldI liked that Cara s is very strong in this book and you will see how her and the pregnancy will progress A great series that will suck you in I hope each books get better and better I enjoyed this one even than Fated More alpha goodness strong heroine suspense action great secondary characters that add to the story rather than distract and a surprise that I didn t see coming There is some push and pull from the heroine but after the first part of the book it wasn t as much I started this book. He must be the man who's been haunting her dreams But with a virus threatening vampires' mates Emma may discover a whole new meaning of lovesick A Deadly Decision As King of the Realm 4 action packed romantic and exciting starsBook 2 in the Dark Protectors series brings For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde us the story of King of the Realm Dage and his long awaited mate Emma Their story was nicely setp in the last book Fated and I m So Happy That This One Met All happy that this one met all my expectations It was exciting romantic and steamy with lots of action and some great progression in the overarching story All set against an intriguing and continually developing PNR world I loved itDage is the eldest of a group of vampire brothers that make Scary Stories 3 up the Royal family of vampires and the greater supernatural world known as the Realm Vampires get one fated mate and Dage knows that Emma is his Emma is a brilliant scientist who has stumbled into the world of vampires and their sworn enemy the Kurgens and spent the last book of the series in hiding and on the run from both races When she is finally found and taken by the bad guys and is facing her greatest danger Dage sweeps in to save the day ready to claim hiseen at last I ve waited centuries for your touch Emma OMG I love Dage He reluctantly became King after the death of his parents and even though he wishes for a normal life he is determined to rule and bravely fights for his cause He has waited centuries for his mate and seeing him with her is absolutely beautiful He is tender yet possessive he calls her love from their first encounter awwwww and is fiercely protective of her and so open with his feelings and all that he wants with her Being with her starts to put everything in his life into perspective even though his stubborn female tests him in ways he could never have anticipated I should have known the een of the Realm would be a pain in my ass I really liked Emma She is strong brave and not willing to bend to Dage just because he is the King She fights for her independence and is determined to do what she thinks is right Emma is gifted with dreams that show her both the past and the future She has been dreaming of Dage for years just as he has her so by the time they actually meet their feelings for each other area already strong The passion between them is explosive and love ickly follows You ve never met the king love He nipped her and love ickly follows You ve never met the king love He nipped her and her knees began to tremble It s the man who has you But it s not an easy ride for as keen as Dage is to claim Emma and start creating a life together she won t give herself to him completely sure she has a reason for pushing him away but I "got so frustrated with her and actually screed at my kindle just talk to him But as frustrating as it is "so frustrated with her and actually screed at my kindle just talk to him But as frustrating as it is it creates a great dynamic and I loved the back and forth between them that so easily switches between anger love and lust I m with the man not the king The king can kiss my ass The king had every intention of kissing her ass maybe biting it as well And it s all interwoven with huge happenings in the Realm and together it s A Daring Rescue Emma Paulsen is a geneticist driven by science But she's also a psychic so when a dark good hearted vampire frees her from the clutches of the evil Kurjans she realizes. About a year ago and realized it was the second book of a series I felt a little lost so I shelved it It helped to have read book one but this could be read alone Just be prepared for some techie science talkSo glad I never gave p on this series I will be moving on to the next bookwritten be moving on to the next bookWritten dual POV No cheating No abuse Dage Emma s StoryFun fast paced PNR series Great storyline characters and suspense Instalove mates for life possessive Alphas and grotesue evil foes There are Vampires Shifters witches Demons and This is a continued storyline focusing on a different couple per bookNew characters where introduced and all characters from book 1 returned to book 2 This book had lots of scientific talk that made my eyes cross a little bit but I am loving the story building A lot of intriguing characters Dage EmmaThe storytelling about the true love between Cara s older sister and the King of the Realm has started in the previous book Emma has been dreaming about Dage for years while Dage has been dreaming about Emma for centuries Both of them should have been prepared to accept each other Unfortunately they have to work on itEmma is a strong minded girl who has been always fought for her independence and for survival She has always been responsible for her little sister and her little niece s welfare The sisters
*were abused during *
abused during and they lost their parents very young Emma has played the role of both their mother and father Moreover she is a top scientist a geneticist who partly blames herself for the worst virus ever discovered against vampire mates She acts with her brain not with her heart and she wants to fix anything that she broke by mistake Conseuently there is no chance that she will submit to "The King Of The Realm "King of the Realm his mate and the een of the Realm At least not without fightingDage is the eldest of the Kayrs He has watched his parents die when he was in his mid twenties and as a result he became the King of the Realm a job he did not really wanted 300 years have passed Dage has survived a bloody war against Kurjans and a fragile peace between the species Now a new war is about to start and his fated mate is not willing to join him Unfortunately he will have to endure a war in the bedroom as well Not that he really minds the fightingEmma You need to listen to me I don t want this life I m not stayingAfter we find a cure for Cara I m moving on Dage You re adorable Emma and Dage s love story will be tangled with the story of the survival of the species Ruthless Kurjans have started bioterrorism attacks A new biological weapon which alters the DNA transforms shifters to werewolves and vampire mates to humansLots of action steamy bedroom scenes vampires werewolves Kurjans prophets demons and witchesAfter the nbalanced start of book 1 I believe book 2 has given the series the right push to move them forward. Age Kayrs has learned to practice diplomacy Still it's taken three hundred years to find his mate so he'll stop at nothing to protect her even if it means turning his back on his own ki.

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