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This was by far the worst book in the Series It Had No Plot Other Than It had no plot other than ardeur which I am tired of reading about already This series started out with such mystery and thrills and has now disintegrated into nothing but page after page of meaningless sex and Anita being a igantic pain in the ass because of her indecisiveness I m surprised that I didn t DNF this one but am seriously debating on whether or "not to continue this series I m not sure what happened "to continue this series I m not sure what happened Ms Hamilton s writing but something has Hamilton s Anita Blake was a very lovable vampire executioner and preternatural expert After being seduced by an apparently uniuely honorable vampire she has Baby Legacy (So Many Babies gone farther and farther down the path of being one of the monsters This book was actually difficult to finish because if I wanted to read pornography I would buy a Hustler I kept waiting for some sort of plot to develop but it never came Just every character in the book mostly in Anita s bed Get back to writing horror please Ms Hamilton you are better than this If you re looking for a book where the main character talks too much well boys andirls this is the book for you I finally understand why Anita needs to share her bed with a least two men and it s so she s stuffed at both ends and finally unable to talk There are two scenes in this book where I thought the men should have just thrown their hands up in the air and walked out Anita use to be an awesome character Love the earlier books New powers are coming on line for all Anita s friends and buddies As the Ardour becomes powerful Anita has to find compatible personages to feed from She lives through a pregnancy scare and through her body trying to change into the three different Lycanthropic that she has within her Well written storyline with a well developed characterization Adult reader due to sexual and violent content A lot of readers turn away from Anita Blake now that she is turning into a succubus because of her link with Jean Claude but if you et passed all that there is a decent police story with excellent scary bad uys need finding and killing But with all comes the lifestyle of a succubus that can t do casual sex Turning everything into a complicated mess that is not everyone s cup of tea I understand that as I do skip alot of the sex and I do have my favourites of her men I stay on to read about the new bad Langlais correct pour les Nuls guys I love the Anita Blake books but this one is basically Anita having an existential crisis while she has sex with everyone in a variety of exciting combinations and situations All the sex isreat but could we have a story line too please If not pages of discussions between Anita and everyone else regarding her shagging it s Richard throwing a strop and making dramatic entrances and exits Followed by the endless detailed descriptions of the eventual shagging because she s draining Damian again that poor bugger is being constantly drained or Constantly Craving given emergency sex feedings to stop him from dying Sueeze in some bit of the actual story around this and there you have it If you haveotten this far in the series you probably did so in part because you lov. In the thralls of superna. .

Danse Macabre: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter NovelTo save the day Or sleep with every single man that comes across her That will definitely help because she is so irresistibleThis book made me love hate love some characters like Meng Die up until now I used to really like her *But Acting All Child Like * acting all child like sluty made me not like her Reuiem Jesus who is he again it was news to me he was a poet or kind of and then he acts like he is under a spell because he had a hardcore make out session with Anita 2 books ago although he seemed fine afterwards back then we are told now he is under Anitas love spell Gay And I was like okay fine and then he chickens out a lot and acts like a freak and well big turn offVlads syndrome and Mowgli syndrome WTFIs it just me and too much fifty shades frenzy or does Asher act like a Dom Like when he commands her to tell him please and compells her to not move while he has his way with her Oh yeah Smooth sexy vampire thy name is Asher Please dont change By the way I cannot understand why such beauty will call such horrible animal like a hyena You deserve the lyons or leopards not the ugly hyenas I am not satisfiedOh and i agree with richard that Micah couldnt be so perfect Now we know it really isnt him but Anitas spell making him who he is And same for Nathaniel but at least Nathaniel is sexy Micah is just so perfect he pisses me off And he is shortI am left with so many uestions what is Anita Why so many beasts inside her why is she a succubus what would happen is she shapeshifts whats up with Richard Will jean Claude and Asher finally kiss and make upichard I can t help liking this series almost in spite of myself Danse Macabre starts with a who dunnit possibly A Preface to Democratic Theory got Anita preggers Lets face it there are a few contenders From there to trying to find another man or animal to jump on with the blessings of most of her boyfriends hiding increasingly vampiric powers and being all round toughirl with issues the size of Canada The series lost it for me when the ardeur became the main plots of the books This is no exception unfortunately Would love to write a review of the plot but somehow couldn t find "It I Miss The Zombie "I miss the zombie murder mysteries and vulnerability of Anita I ve never read a series where the main men annoy me so much especially JC Richard On the plus side is Asher Camp as Xmas and Haven who I believe we meet again with Nathaniel Aryan Idols growing up nicely If I was less stubborn and didn t have a twisted sense of humour would have stopped reading the books ages ago but if nothing else the books are entertaining for the wrong reasons Either way aood read just nothing too deepFor a supernatural mystery with lots of humour no sex try Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer just don t be put off by it s target audience if you are over 15 years old Very funny Just don t do what I did made the mistake of trying to drink coffee whilst reading it Unless of course you like wearing your drinks I loved these books when I first started reading them as I enjoyed the balance between adult themes and violence but as the series went on it just ot and about Anita s obsession with sex than her job hunting and taking down bad vamps. Faces a most human dilem.

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E the characters and wanted to spend time in their world There are interesting moments here and "There But This Book Barely "but this book barely a plot and I found myself skipping huge chunks of the novel as too much time was spend on unnecessary sex scenes In previous novels in the series having some overarching mystery for Anita to solve created intrigue and suspense and that elicited an emotional response There is little to feel invested in little to feel in eneral if every scene is a sex scene or some exploration of Anita s character via dialogue While Anita is said *To Never Have Casual Sex The Sex Begins To Feel * never have casual sex the sex begins to feel if her attention is spread between twelve plus men The potential for romance is diluted and there is little else Bourdieus Secret Admirer in the Caucasus going onThis is essentially erotica If the I am reading all the books again I have not bought the last three in the series because I read the reviews to see if she decided to actually write a story or just fill it with stupid endless conversation about sex or having sex This book started the decline It is so obvious that Hamilton just wrote this for herself because there was no story it was endless pages of drama upon drama I swear junior high kids are mature than the characters she is now writingThis had no plot no adventure it was just a plain disappointment all around Iave this book five stars because I enjoy the series as a whole the characters continue to develop and the overall world seems to take shape The sex scenes are definitely evolving and better written as the series has continued and I enjoyed that alot Definitely recommend this series to anyone I am not uite sure where to begin The main plot in this book is an unexpected pregnancy that ended up being a false alarm Then there was a promising second plot about a ala event Jean Claude was hosting in St Louis which sounded promising but was actually pretty boring A third plot was in the midst as we were introduced to mermaids and I was sueaking boring A third plot was in the midst as we were introduced to mermaids and I was sueaking the chair but sadly another let downBig shock Ronnie is all bitter because she has a crush on Nathaniel Go figure By the way who is this new Nathaniel I just cant et enough of his Dominant sideOnce again we are back to the old over analizing trust no one Anita I actually hate this side of her very muchThe scene of the almost shape shifting was so surreal and the sex too weirdI am so pissed off after reading this confusing book because everything at this point is just working so conviniently on Anitas favor Have a problem with wolves No problem Anita can be the Lupa and inherit the powers of the dead female pack membersHave a problem with leopards No problem this wonderful were leopard just appeared out of nowhere to make Anita his ueen and in the process she also catches a disease from the ex lider who happened to be a bad ass pan were And now she seems to be one too Have a problem with lyons for chrisake No problem Anita will become the uoting Regina of the pack Oh and she is also a vampire powers and all Or acts like itthanks to Jean ClaudeAnd have no fear because if a new situation arrouses Anita will most certainly find inside herself a new ability or power. Tural passion Anita Blake.

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