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had lost most interest in the story Though the narrative keeps to a frantic pace and each chapter dutifully ends with either a cliffhanger or heated emoting tension never builds Instead these single note characters seem simply to be put through their paces Ages 12 p May Publisher s WeeklyI completely agree with this review The characters never develop throughout the entire book While at first I found this short book very charming it lost its appeal for me about halfway in However as it was so short I did keep on going and I m glad that I did I loved all of the characters and it was a really nice feel good murder mystery I guess I would call a cozy mystery Although clearly meant for younger readers I thoroughly it i. Demeanour and fascinating tales endear him to Tom Both Tom and Harker become intrigued by a murder in the city where the victim is pierced by an arrow and left holding an illustrated card of “Death and the Arrow” The mystery deepens after “De. Death and the arrow is a short novel that place in the mid 19th century The main a young Tom Marlow works at his 19th century The main character a young Tom Marlow works at his s printing shop He is living a normal teenager s life ntil his attention is caught by a string is living a normal teenager s life ntil his attention is caught by a string irregular murders The murders are only peculiar The Italians Stolen Bride until his best friend gets involved Tom along with a family friend take to the streets and get to the bottom of this mystery When Tom finally meets the man he is looking for he does the completelynexpectedI did not enjoy this book very much It was clearly written for either younger readers or much less experienced readers The plot has so much potential to be a bestseller yet it hopelessly wastes great times of tension The story also becomes too predictable after a few chapters not to mention comple. A gripping historical mystery full of 18th century atmosphereFifteen year old Tom lives in the murky city of London where he helps his father run a print shop Among the customers is wise old Dr Harker a retired physician and seafarer whose patient. ,

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A Dry White Season

Te an interesting read I might say When I was reading Death and the Arrow by Chris Priestley I found it to and the Arrow by Chris Priestley I found it to an alright As Tom is on this hunt to find the murders occurring around London Although I not seem to really like the ending I thought it just didn t end very good with how Tom found out who was behind a bunch of these foolish things Overall I just think it was an alright book and would recommend to people who enjoy some mystery and murder An entertaining and light Young Adult romp set in the eighteenth century A cast of criminals doctors a Native American and young street lads that combines in an old fashioned yarn about a mysterious bowman striking down victims in an authentic London setting Enjoyable and Well Researched And Of Interest To A researched and of interest to a audience. Ath and the Arrow” victims are discovered and Tom cannot rest The Greek Tycoons Mistress until he hasncovered the truth behind the murders This atmospheric venture into the eighteenth century will fascinate and engage readers ten years old and Tikki Tikki Tembo up From the Hardcover editi.

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