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Doglands eAre upset Robert thinks they ll get over it but when the vergernds up dead Lucy isn t so sure Only she believes Mr Ezekiel Thurrock was murdered and Robert believes in Lucy Could it be his brother Mr Nathaniel Thurrock killed his own brother for some reason Mr Nathaniel is a newcomer to the village and wants to delve into the Kurland Riveted (Iron Seas, estate archives Has he discovered a secret When Lucy and Robert start their own investigation into the village s past they uncover long buried secrets and simmering resentment that dates back generations Is a generation feudnough to kill Meanwhile as Lucy and Robert are trying to investigate the murder at all hours and carve out some alone time her reputation takes a nose dive Does she care what gossipy villagers say or is this the opportunity she nose dive Does she care what gossipy villagers say or is this the opportunity she to take charge of her life once and for allWow This was the best book in the series I never An Officer and a Spy everven suspected whodunnit There are so many twists in was the best book in the series I never Fates (Fates, everven suspected whodunnit There are so many twists in story and not Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, enough suspects Lucy failed to pick up on one clue she should have paid attention to but other than that I was just as shocked as Lucy to discover the identity of the murderer I loved learning the history of Kurland St Mary from the English Civil War to the present year of 1817 I learned a bit of British history and saw the English Civil War from a different perspective I also loved learning about so called wise women herbals and charms they used My only uibble was Lucy s usage of Romany for the people her father would probably refer to as Gypsies I wanted of the Romany in the story but it s otherwisexcellent This book also features an adorable romance I love Lucy and Robert together He understands she s bossy and nosy but loves her for it Though at times he s very much a man of his time and station he loves Lucy and wants her to be happy so he follows her lead She accepts Robert for who is he He can be grumpy and sometimes too authoritative his politics are very radical but that makes him appealing Robert s political views are very democratic Maybe they ll nd up settling in America some day I love the way they investigate together and support ach other as they go along Their views of weddings are also similar It says a lot about Robert that he s willing to marry her ven if the situation is not ideal Lucy supports Robert and keeps uiet about his PTSD fear of horses and his physical limitations She helps him function normally in a society that REALLY REALLY loves horsesThe major supporting characters include the Thurrock brothers Mr Ezekiel is the much loved verger of the village This seems to be some sort of clergy job but they never xplain what he did xactly He isn t in the story but they never xplain what he did Zack (Areion Fury MC exactly He isn t in the storynough to know if he is an appealing character His brother on the other hand is supremely awful He is a bully demeans Lucy and women in general and is generally unpleasant His arrival in the village sets off a wave of old memories that die hard Robert s Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, ex fiance Penelope Chingford is a major supporting character At first she seems nice but then she goes back to being nasty I was a little surprised at her plot but notntirely Her sister barely has anything to do but tag along as chaperone Lucy s father mostly seems uncaring but deep down he loves Lucy He just has antiuated ideas about women meaning he s a typical man of his time The downstairs characters appear often here Lucy is training Betty to be a ladies maid and I really liked Betty She s hardworking intelligent and loyal to Lucy unlike Maisey and Mrs Fielding Mrs F is insolent and lazy She s training Maisie to be just as lazy I felt bad for Maisie because she doesn t seem very bright and seems afraid of ContamiNation everythingThe village families are important characters There are two main families who work for Robert The Mallards are a large village family The men work on thestate and seem nice Robert values them not just for their work but also for being intelligent and not bowing and scraping to him There is also the Pethridge family They seem a little ignorant than the Mallards and young Martin doesn t come across as very bright He doesn t seem to know how to think for himself or hold his tongue when necessary Finally there s the Turners They are two sisters who live on land they own and make a living as wise women and midwives What they do is harmless and makes ignorant people feel better about their worries They also help safely deliver babies I d trust a wise woman over an Taxi ins Glück educated doctor of this period any day Since they re single independent women of course they get labeled witches and other insultingpithets The upper class people are afraid of them and men are afraid of the power they have as independent women I specially liked them since that would be me if I lived back then and lacked money and family connections They may have been my favorite secondary characters This is such an amazing series The research is top notch and the stories get better as they go along I d recommend this series to any Regency fanatic or light mystery fan. Ers if bad blood at the village fair had anything to do with the man's mysterious demise since there was much bitterness over Ezekiel's prizewinning vegetables As Lucy and Robert uncover long standing village feuds the town's dark secrets begin to take their toll and the couple soon finds they too are in grave danger. Death Comes to the FairCatherine Lloyd has added yet another outstanding historical mystery novel to the Kurland St Mary Mystery St Mary Mystery Miss Lucy Harrington and Major Sir Robert Kurland are now ngaged to the Kurland St Mary Mystery series Miss Lucy Harrington and Major Sir Robert Kurland are now Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas engaged their back and forth banter and sparring have settled somewhat It isn t that it isn t there he s just learned to better accommodate her independent spirit and she s learned to accommodate his need to be in charge and to protect her She s still just as determined asver she just now includes him in whatever plans she s concocting and he has learned that he might as well support her in those plans because she s going to do them anyway They make an The Magic Rolling Pin excellent team working together and respectingach others talents and intelligence They are growing nicely togetherIt is fall in Kurland St #Mary And It Seems That Everybody Except Lucy And Robert #and it seems that Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, everybodyxcept Lucy and Robert planning their wedding The family has decided that it has to be a big splashy society wed I had wondered whether Death Comes to the Fair would hold up to my overly high Not Without a Fight expectations following as it did on the heels of the virtually perfect Death Comes to Kurland Hall but for the most part it succeeded in being a satisfying seuel Robert and Lucy were delightful as always and the mystery took an interesting turn into the dark long buried past of Kurland St Mary and its oldest inhabitantsIt is ironic that Robert and Lucy should find it harder to spend time alone together after they are finally betrothed particularly since they seemed to have no trouble doing so before But now that they re in love and their constant arguments are a thing of the past at least for now they face the obstacle of having to be uite creative in dodging Lucy s chaperones and avoiding the wrath of the rector so that they could go sleuthing together The result is some fairly amusing moments of frustration andxasperation from Robert and the sweetness of their romantic interactions when they do manage to carve out some time alone made up for their infreuency More than Garden Bouquets and Beyond ever Robert and Lucy prove that they re the perfect team and Injoyed seeing them take what they ve learnt from The Unseen Wonder each other and put it into action Robert is increasingly learning to trust Lucy s judgment diplomacy and bravery implicitly and Lucy draws strength from the Major s clear head in times of danger and his way of standing his ground Gone is the pessimistic and unsociable Robert and the Lucy who was once run roughshod by her selfish father siblings and Mrs Fielding in the first book Their character and relationship development has been so satisfying to watchThose who have found the identities of the murderers in the previous three books a little tooasy to guess might be pleased by how the murder mystery plays out in this story What begins as a seemingly simple case of a murder committed over petty village rivalries is gradually revealed to have very deep roots that stretch two centuries back into the history of Kurland St Mary with a touch of village superstition for good measure Fascinating as it was however readers were given little chance to know or care about the people involved and thus the resolution of the case felt rather convoluted rushed and anti climatic I have little fondness for the criminal and would have loved to have been given a chance to The Management Bible experience the rush of triumph that would have come from seeing them brought to justiceI have absolutely no complaints about the note on which the book finished however so satisfying I can t wait for of Robert and Lucy s adventures and to see how their relationship continues to develop hopefully the author will have a seuel soon because my life already feelsmpty without Kurland St Mary Death Comes to the Fair by Catherine Lloyd is the fourth book in the Kurland St Mary series and was an Zu schnell engaging afternoon read The smoothly paced plot that centered around the history of both Kurland St Mary and Kurland St Anne The characters are now well developed and I donjoy Sir Robert and Lucy s verbal sparring as they try to resolve the mysteri Set in the village of Kurland St Mary in 1817 this is the fourth book in the series finds murder hindering the upcoming nuptials of Major Kurland and Lucy Harrington Authentic to the period the pace is reminiscence of the slower horse and buggy days Major Kurland thinks planning for their wedding is taking forever and wants to Sleepless (Bird of Stone, elope Lucy is concerned about the ramification on her family if they didlope The major will not let town gossip feuds ruined reputations and two murders spoil their wedding plan There are njoyable moments such as local reactions to the winners of best harvest vegetables It was a very pleasant read I was delighted to read the 4th book in Kurland St Mary Mystery The setting is charming and the mystery was well planned and ngaging I always njoy reading about Jane and the other characters in this uaint English village and the discussion of her upcoming wedding to Major Kurland was xciting There was a twist at the Invisible (The Curse of Avalon end that I didn t see coming and it made for It's harvest time in the village of Kurland St Mary as Lucy and Robert prepare to wed but a murderer has taken an unseasonable vow of vengeance As Miss Lucy Harrington daughter of the village rector and Major Sir Robert Kurland plan their nuptials the major is beginning to wonder if he'llver hear wedding bells He's.

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Very satisfying conclusion I am hoping to read books in this series This is the first book in the Kurland St Mary Mystery series I have the first book in the Kurland St Mary Mystery series I have I did not have a This is the first book in the Kurland St Mary Mystery series I have read I did not have a following the story but I believe that the development of the characters that I missed in the prior books might have made this one interesting to me I did not really get to know the characters in this book it seemed like they were supposed to be old friends that I really didn t know well Not the author s fault just a warning if you have not read the others in the series Miss Lucy Harrington is betrothed to Sir Major Robert Kurland and they are the main characters in the story Lucy is the vicar s s daughter and has to be careful not to be seen with her betrothed without a chaperone Unfortunately she is also a very strong woman and puts herself into that situation often a chaperone Unfortunately she is also a very strong woman and puts herself into that situation often the story causing some gossip When the verger an official in a church who acts as a caretaker and attendant Ezekeal Thurrock of St Mary s church is found dead after winning several prizes at the local fair Lucy and Sir Robert become convinced that the death was not an accident They begin to uncover vidence that the Thurrock family has some skeletons in their closet as well as many nemies As some strange occurences come to light and Deep Listening evidencemerges Lucy and Robert uncover a centuries old vendetta that may have caused the deaths in present day This series is very character driven The dialogue and the relationship between Lucy and Robert carry much of the book The secondary characters such as Lucy s father the staff as well as the sisters acting as chaperones also add to the story and the background When the verger was first found dead the story was a bit slow but as the investigation moved forward I found myself much vested in what was going to happen I did not figure out who the murderer was as was a bit perturbed at one point as there was mention of the characters but not many clues or motivation given but as the story unfolded it cleared up the issues but not to my satisfaction I am going to go back and read the previous books and see how I feel then A good read for cozy mystery lovers with a Victorian setting The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley The Kurland St Mary Mystery series is charming and traditional and I thought the previous books were uite uaint Death Comes to the Fair is the fourth outing in the series and unlike the previous three titles I thought this latest lost some magic At the centre of this series are Miss Lucy Harrington and Major Sir Robert Kurland who are now ngaged to be married Part of the charm in the previous books was the sparring between these two characters Lucy and Robert were often at loggerheads however after being caught in a compromising position in the previous book the two are forced to marry To be clear neither Lucy or Robert are upset about being married and perhaps this lack of tension between these two characters is what stole some of the momentum while I was reading For me the lack of tension meant a This has been my favorite book of the series thus far The focus on the personal relationships was a welcomed changed I switched from reading to audio and love the series ven now because of the narrator Cat Gould is fabulous with all the voicesaccents and this is one I definitely recommend listening to over reading Death Comes to the Fair4 StarsWhen the verger of St Mary s church is found dead after winning several prizes at the local fair Lucy Harrington and her betrothed Major Robert Kurland are not convinced that the death was an accident As some strange Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature evidencemerges Lucy and Robert uncover a centuries old vendetta that may have devastating conseuences in their own lives Another nchanting installment in Lloyd s cozy historical series As with the previous books it is the characterization rather than the mystery that is most appealing Much of the charm of this series is the witty banter between Lucy and the Major This has not changed now that the two are ngaged and their repartee is as delightful as ver Although the investigation into the verger s death appears trivial at first it becomes interesting as the motives for his murder begin to merge and there are one or two truly suspenseful moments That said the ultimate Bunnys Book Club Goes to School explanation feels somewhat contrived and the identity of the villain is a surprise mainly due to the lack of clues along the way All in all this is a wonderful series overall and this book isntertaining albeit not as good as the previous three Looking forward to of Lucy and Robert in the future Lucy and Robert can t wait to be married but Lucy s relatives insist on taking over the wedding planning to have a grand society wedding in London something the happy couple doesn t want Lucy is busy running the harvest fair in the village and trying to The Peculiar Pig ensure no one s feelings are hurt Robert has other ideas and insists judging based on merit When the verger wins all the produce prizes the villagers. Seen complex military campaigns that involved less strategy and he's finding Lucy's meddling family maddening When the body of Ezekiel Thurrock the church verger is discovered crushed by a gargoyle that has fallen from the bell tower the wedding is delayed But thevidence suggests this was no accident and Lucy wond. ,

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