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F Dragon Champion wandering Wistala settles down early and builds up a tight adopted family of her own Rainfall and Dsossa mean tempered Avalanche Yari Sunwarm Fourth Orangedaughter a true cat from nose to tailtip and others It ust makes me glad to see how Rainfall and Wistala managed to rally people and turn Mossbell from a poor to see how Rainfall and Wistala managed to rally people and turn Mossbell from a poor ruined estate into a lively and bright place One of the most wondrous is that Jessup immediately became Wistala s friend after meeting her instead of being scared and terrified by the dragon The first thing he says to Wistala is how beautiful she is which genuinely surprises her out of her family her sister Jizara was graceful and beautiful one while Wistala was a thick bodied and short limbed one However DharSii is there to bring her down on the earth since he doesn t hesitate to tell Wistala that her wings are too wide and her tail is much longer than her neck But though DharSii may be rude he is certainly honest and open minded I wonder if he and Wistala may meet again I was amazed The author kept me on my toes the whole way through Dragon Avenger features Wistala the brother of Auron whom we met in Dragon Champion and recounts her story as she grows encountering cats elves dwarves intermingled with deception and an ultimate plan of revenge on her parents killersI was expecting a continuation of Auron s story but I enjoyed hearing Wistala s tale The beginning is similar to Auron s of course with a different flavour but after Wistala and Auron part it is very different from Auron s experience Wistala has all the appetites of a scaled dragon including that for gold She s likeable in a different way than Auron and is less impulsive and devious than he is We see different cultures here the elves the warring dwarves Wistala thinks on her feet and manipulates others to achieve her goals I can t wait for the next one I m giving this 45 stars I couldn t say this until I read book two but now I canBecause books 1 2 and 3 are written in a parallel timeline and they don t overlap too much you can pretty much read any one first without any spoilers really haven t read 3 yet Seeing AuRon s side of the story was thrilling very scary exciting and set up a large world Seeing Wistala s side of the story was less gory and a little less threatening but still wonderful The world set up in the first book is built up elaborately in the second for example we get to see of an elf s lifestyle with Rainfall wistala s adoptive father as a main character AuRon did show intelligence and development which I loved But Tala seems to be much cunning when it comes to deceiving her enemies It s good because they have their own proficiencies their own different personalities With the previous book I felt that characters like the Dragonblade didn t get enough elaboration and it s provided in book 2 One aspect of both books that I ve found interesting is the lack of any magic Albeit there are some events the characters would call magic they are each are some events the characters would call magic they are each by chemistry engineering etc So far I ve liked the consistency in the world built by Knight The characters really do feel vulnerable in a realistic sense Basically as the books progressed it built on something that was already very good in EE Knight s beautiful descriptive and sometimes witty style which I m growing uite fond of And the storyline although less of a roller coaster ride in my opinion than book one is still very interesting. Imself so that she may live Wistala must overcome her grief and fear to find others of her kind and bring her wrath to bear on those who would destroy them. The short summary of this book is that a young age Wistala The main character from this story She was with her brother for a little while after their whole family was attacked They saw some of the family murdered and then fled for a while the two lived in peace and concern While they were looking for a place to sleep they were unexpectedly ambushed from elves While they were running they found a hole to stay but only one could fit so her brother sacrificed himself for her after a few years she found another dragon who she traveled with for a while Then she learned that one of her brothers was alive and then later became the king among all dragons Then she found a home and liived their for the rest of her years As I know ofWhat I did not like about of this story is NOT A THING the reason is that i love all books Some of the books might not be up to peoples standers The only thing that I don t like in any books is if the have some sever language of have way to much profanity and crude humor That is why I don t like some certain books but this certain book I loved it even made cry a little when you are in the middle of the it even made cry a little when you are in the middle of the So that is why I love and not not dislike anything in this story What i like about this story is that is always making you think what will happen or what is coming up The way I like this story is that in the start of the story you are reading how the dragons feel in their egg also what they feel and what they see when they are coming out of the egg The other reason why I love this story is that they are Modern Korean Literature just descriptive and well detailed about where the character or characters are in the story The other reason is if you don t keep track of time you will feel as if you are in the story and adventure with them that is the main reason why I love reading and reading this book especiallyI think that you Mrs Johnson will enjoy this story the reason why is that form what you will read in my description of the book so I hope that you will ask me to borrow the book and the get whisked away to a far away land and meet some characters that i know you will fall in love or even hate them So this how I think how other people even you will read this book Then out of nowhere find that you over read orust got lost in the story that I think is amazing Wistala s story the story of the Avenger of the Clutch begins in the same way as Auron s Wistala s story the story of the Avenger of the Clutch begins in the same way as Auron s but its course and outcome varies greatly Dragon Champion and Dragon Avenger both happen in the same time but follow different characters and that broadens the world by a long way In Dragon Champion Hypatian Empire was mentioned uite often but it s only in Dragon Avenger that we get to see these pitiful remains of the once great domain On the other hand in Dragon Avenger we see the Chartered Company a couple of times and the dragons carrying riders and both are playing the major role in Dragon Champion In Dragon Champion AuRon faces down Eliam the younger Dragonblade with scarred face a sadist who kills chained dragonelles and calls it glory In *Dragon Avenger We See How He Got * Avenger we see how he got said scars when Wistala crossed paths with Eliam a youth who would throw a cat into the fire ust for the fun of it Truly some people never changeWhat makes the world of this series so real is how diverse it is In some books you got dwarves elves and humans having cultures different from each other but all the same inside the race but there you can see different From the national bestselling award winning author of Dragon Champion second in the fantastic new Age of Fire series Flung to freedom as their mother battl. ,

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Dragon AvengerRoups in the same race There are dwarf mercenary clans and dwarf trading guilds elf bandits elf scholars and elf landlords human farmers human barbarians and elf bandits elf scholars and elf landlords human farmers human barbarians and nomads and too much to listOne of the main Differences Though Is Between Wistala though is between Wistala Auron themselves They are far from each other opposites a scaleless grey dragon and a lone dragonelle in the world full of enemies and both of them survive and thrive through cunning and not brute force Still the ways they think differ greatly Auron is prone to head on advances while Wistala always uses subtle approach to the problem Both Auron and Wistala lost their family but Auron put the past in the past and lives on while Wistala craves vengeance Still Wistala is the one who has ualms about killing hominids since she sees them as people while Auron would kill without a second thought If you see how many hominids the two had killed with only their teeth and talons Auron is far ahead of Wistala but no one lays waste on the whole cities better than her Dragon Avenger has a very interesting and original take on the theme of revenge I admit I have a love hate relationship with this topic and Wistala s choice appeals to me After seeing her mother and sister butchered and skinned after nursing her father back to life only to see him killed before her eyes Wistala makes those who did it pay But her heart isn t burning with all consuming hatred neither does she have a cold sick and twisted
"Mind Focused Entirely On Her "
focused entirely on her She d kept her promises but felt little satisfaction in were blood Avenging her own was a grim duty like breaking a bullock s back in a dive so that you could eat and ust as necessary to survival Ignoring those who kill others in the hope they won t get around to you only means that when they appear to take your head and scales they would apply all they learned in other victories making your chances against them so much the worse Wistala views revenge as something that Going Om just has to be done Sometimes it s making sure that her enemy is in no condition to kill any hatchlings Sometimes it s putting your pride and arrogance aside and settling old scores once and for all as it was done with the DragonbladeThe Dragonblade is one of the most complex and controversial characters I ve encountered both a villain and a hero in his own right He s a mercenary dragon slayer who kills hatchlings and dragonelles but he also takes on full grown dragons himself He makes his living by killing for money and selling bodies of his victims but he believes in what he s doing The dragons are the main heroes of the story but let s not forget that they do tend to be the scourge of hominids whether by burning villages orust by stealing cattle To hominids the Dragonblade is the hero who believes that all the dragons must be slain for the hominids to prosper And he s not without honor the most prominent example when he was hired by Hammar to kill Wistala After seeing for himself what a black livered scum Hammar is Dragonblade slaps him full in the face turns round and walks away with the words Keep you money I m out of this and you can kill your dragon yourself That s why I ve been dreading seeing the battle between the Dragonblade and one of our heroes since Dragon Champion I didn t know for whom I would ve been cheering Can you imagine my reaction when the feud between the Dragonblade and Wistala resolved the way it didUnlike Auron who spends a large part Es a group of slave trading dwarves young Wistala and her gray scaleless brother Auron find themselves alone in the Upper World And when Auron sacrifices .

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