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Indeed larger than life Lovie literally is author Peggy Webb manages to rein the humor in so that there is also a good mystery mixed in with the humor Webb alternates the viewpoints in the book between that of Elvis and Callie and I was pleased that this wasn t simply another animal helping their owner solve a mystery Elvis may think he s being helpful but he also thinks he is well Elvis Along with Elvis irky characters include Lovie Ruby Nell Ruby s best friend Fayrene who can mangle a phrase with the best of them and Bobby Huckabee who claims to have a psychic eye These characters lend a lot of humor to the book and there were some laugh out loud moments including an escape to a balcony that doesn t exist Webb walks a fine line with these characters and mostly succeeds although she has an annoying habit of explaining each of Fayrene s malapropisms she needs to trust her reader s intelligence As for the mystery elements while the book is well plotted with plenty of surprises I figured out halfway through the book who the killer was Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders is a very funny cozy mystery It was Beyond Band of Brothers uite fun and reallyick read real cozy although not too much action and plot I won this book in a FirstReads giveaway Overall I #Thought This Book Was book was Elvis cameo was a little weird for me I liked the characters and found the story fun and interesting I do plan on reading by this author I have never read any novels by Peggy Webb and this is the latest in a series of Southern mysteries Elvis a basset hound who believes he is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley helps his human mother to solve murders In "This Caper Many Of The Valentine Family " caper many of the Valentine family have gone to Memphis for a dance competition Callie the ownermother of Elvis and her cousin Lovie run around the historic Peabody Hotel attempting to solve the murders before Callie s mother Ruby Nell becomes a victim The antics of Callie and Lovie resemble an adult version of Ethel and Lucy on I Love Lucy but with less humor Elvis the dog narrates many chapters to let the reader know the status of the case This is a fun read with no graphic violence but plenty of sexual humor The cast of characters is extensive and at times very confusing plus I had a difficult time with the first few chapters in trying to decide the narrator of the events The many references to Elvis are interesting but sometimes too overdone This might be an interesting book for my Southern Voices Book Club to read and discuss An okay read for a southern cozy Normally I love these types of books but a bassett hound who thinks he is Elvis reincarnated just made me suspend my disbelief too much The story is told from two different viewpoints mostly from Callie and then a few chapters from Elvis Callie who along wit. Tine Jones and the gang head to Memphis to keep Mama out of trouble at the regional dance. Now I love Elvis young Elvis that is tunes hips lips The Water Of Life uhhhanywaya dog who thinks he is the reincarnation of the King and is allowed to tell part of the story Okayneat premiseand maybe if I start this series in the beginning rather than the third one I might dig the premise better I think I am missing how Elvis came into being how he came to live with Callie I want to learn what s the deal with Jack the ex and how much trouble Ruby Nell can get into I had a hard time keepingp with all of the extraneous characters introduced They came and went rather ickly so I didn t care if they were the victim or not Now the family members I did care about and enjoyed my time with My favorite character is Lovie I love her no holds barred attitude and zest for lifeI received this book from LibraryThing You should join it s a great place to log your bookshelves and win some books from time to timeFour gotta love those Southern cousins beans This book is even fluffier than the first book in the series Elvis and the Dearly Departed Its silliness wore thin for me I think I might have been okay if it had been a mass market paperback but it was a 2200 hardback Thank goodness I won it through FirstReads I can t imagine why the publisher thought it was a good idea to release it in hardback Even shocking the Nook version is 1320 Why It s okay but even if I really loved the Southern chick lit mystery genre I d be hard pressed to justify spending that kind of money for something so short and fluffy The book wasn t bad I probably would have given it #3 Stars If I #stars if I t been so #ticked about the format I just laughed when I got the e mail saying I #about the format I just laughed when I got the e mail saying I won this through FirstReads I read the first book in the series a few weeks ago because it was offered free for the Nook My mom wanted to borrow it but I didn t have a paper version to share I told her that it was good for a free book but I wouldn t spend money on it So I m getting another installment that I don t need to spend money on Mom will be happy When Callie Valentine Jones s mother Ruby Nell enters a Mambo contest Callie and her cousin Lovie travel to Memphis to keep an eye on Ruby Nell and her dance partner Thomas Whitenton Callie is worried about the relationship between her Mama and Thomas but when bodies start popping p everywhere and several other murder attempts are made Callie has other worries She and Lovie along with the help of her dog Elvis who thinks he is the reincarnation of the Elvis begin to investigate the murders but they need to be careful or they ll be the next victims Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders is a very funny and cute cozy mystery filled with irky characters I was a bit nervous at first about the characters because irky often means over the top and while some characters are. Elvis the king of sleuthing basset hounds is back in this third mystery as he Callie Valen. .
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H her cousin Lovie accompanys her Mama Ruby Nell to Memphis for a dance contest The dead body count starts to escalate fast and furiously in the Peabody Hotel setting After Mama insists someone tried to kill her Callie and Lovie try to figure out who the murderer is Elvis of course thinks they should listen to him Apparently not only can he put on a show but he can help solve crimes In what niverse does this happen There were too many bodies too ickly with not enough real suspects and almost no motives I felt like I didn t even get to know the characters and then they were dead Maybe it s just me but talking and rationalizing animals just doesn t do it for me I guess it is a cute shtick and it works for some peopleOn the plus side it was a ick read with a few laughs along the way even with the stereotypical southern women characters The Peabody Hotel setting and the ducks helped somewhatDisclosure A review copy of the book was provided by Kensington The Valentine clan head to Memphis to keep an eye on Mama entered in a dance competition with her new beau and the reincarnation of Elvis Presley now a Bassett Hound is along for the ride When a woman is pushed off the roof of the Peabody Hotel and Mama claims someone is trying to kill her too Callie and her
cousin lovie must 
Lovie must the killer The Southern Cousins is a great cozy mystery series Very funny and a romance that s sexy without being husky I love Elvis and Lovie and Callie I wasn t crazy about the ending but there is always next book in the series I love love love Elvis so much the dog not the singer But are they really one in the same My thoughts will be posted soonSo it s been a while since I read this and I can t believe I haven t reviewed it Once again Callie and the gang get mixed p in the middle of a murderous mess Seriously if I were these people I d be afraid to go out of the house Callie s mother has entered a ballroom dancing contest so most of the family Elvis the basset included head to Memphis for the competition However suddenly the contestants start dropping like flies and Callie fears her mother is nextThis book was a lot of fun and even though I nailed the perp on the head I STILL ENJOYED THE RIDE I LOVE enjoyed the ride I love characters who are all #full of southern charm and irks Once again I think Callie s cousin and best friend Lovie #of southern charm and irks Once again I think Callie s cousin and best friend Lovie the show and I m curious to see if Callie s mother and The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species uncle ever become romantically involved the tension is definitely there However it s no surprise that Elvis once again is the star of this novel After every few chapters the author inserts a chapter written in Elvis POV These little interludes are always very pertinent to the plot and are a blast I will be grabbing the next installment when I hit my not so local library in a few weeks. Competition But someone is knocking off dancers so Callie goesndercover to catch a kille.

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