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All the feels Oh my oodness I thought I was being sneaky reading this book on my Kindle app at work but by the end I was full on sobbing and at risk of causing uite a scene What a sweet story full of love and loss and decisions Brandi Rarus is a mother a biological mother three times over and an adoptive mother once over She is Deaf

and has three 
has three sons and then adopted a deaf daughter The experience of adoption changed her forcing her to examine her identity her wishes for her children her love for each of them and her relationship with her husband This book is the story of that self exploration and what it means for herself and her daughterI loved this book for several reasons First it offers an excellent introduction to Deaf history and culture and to the complexities of identity and acceptance Second it offers an emotion filled story of adoption and the many different definitions of being a parent Third it is such a lovely story of the amazing workings of the universe or God if you are Christian like the authorHowever I found the reading experience compromised by the amount of judgment that was cast upon McDonald s employees construction workers teen moms welfare recipients and amoral non Christians who have sex before marriage Rarus s distaste for this class of people is subtle but pervasive and completely unapologetic While it is true that many teen moms struggle financially many also o on to do just fine in life While working at McDonald s might not seem like an ideal job it is steady employment with a company that promotes from within Welfare isn t a death sentence for many it is a stepping stone to improving their situation College isn t for everyone and doesn t need to be Construction is an admirable and lucrative career option And not all unwed biological fathers need to be made to come around to Understanding That They Can T Care For that they can t care for children to the contrary many make excellent single dads The amount of prejudice and classism peppered throughout this book left a very bitter taste in my mouth That it came from someone who has herself experienced significant discrimination made it even worse Overall an enjoyable read But brace yourself for a healthy dose of self righteousness I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and raw emotion in this book Had it not been so rooted in faith and iving all event success and conseuence to God I might ha. Brandi Rarus lost her hearing at age six She met her husband Tim after seeing him at the Gallaudet Uprising and they fell in love a year later devoting their lives to each other improving the lives and communication for the Deaf and later raising their three hearing sonsDespite being head over heels for her boys Brandi kept dreaming that she.
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Finding Zoe A Deaf Woman's Journey of Love Identity and Adoption

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The Deaf world Eventually she shifts to talking about her daughter s background teenage biological mother multiple stints in foster care a first attempt at adoption that failed when the prospective parents learned that Zoe then Celine was Humanizing Big Data going to have significant to total hearing loss and might or might not fac Finding Zoe is a heartwarming that is encouraging and it has a deep meaning behind the story Brandi Rarus is an deaf individual and this novel is her memoir The memoir is broken down into three parts Brandi s childhood JessZoe s biological mother and the third part is the adoption of Zoe Zoe is a six month year child who needed a family and Brandi had decided to adopt her Zoe s childhood consists of self acceptance she had aood childhood majority of the time but she did struggle with her deafness She struggled with her identity as any other person would I do like reading books where the protagonist or narrative is dead it adds a uniue yet sensitive touch to the book It s surprising she did not become bitter about her deafness but rather she embraced it The story s touch on teen pregnancy as well the father s perspective on Zoe was fascinating to read about I liked the bond between Zoe and Brandi it s one of my most favorite parts of When I began reading this book I knew very little of the struggles of the deaf community I knew about Helen Keller and I had heard things here and there But there was nothing like reading the account from the perspective of a deaf woman I had no idea how hard they had to fight to be hard almost harder than African Americans did And that part of the story was completely engrossingHer Adoption Story Was Truly Heart story was truly heart and my eyes were opened to so many things Deafness is something that is not mentioned much in the hearing community How refreshing it was to read the personal perspective The book was never boring and I believe the author accomplished than she even set out to do She told so much than a simple adoption story She Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, gave life to the people of the deaf community and I believe I will pay attention to thisroup of people in the futureI was sent a copy of ths book in exchange for my honest I was not financially compensated and all opinions for my honest review I was not financially and all opinions 100 percent mine This was a sweet deeply personal story of how the author found her place in the Deaf world and then found a Deaf daughter to complete her famil. Ng loss they made the agonizing decision to let her Scoring Points goSet against the backdrop of Deaf America Finding Zoe is story about a remarkable family andives us a poignant insight into their culture and its history It’s a story about doing what is right and watching how the pieces can just fall into place as it did when Zoe found her true family. Ve liked it a bit I BOOKS THAT PUT ME IN books that put me in else s shoes for a I don t have children or really want them yet this story of a woman who longed to be a Love Life ChangingThis book is simply profound It sounds like a clich to say it could your life but it may Once you read the first paragraph you are compelled to ignore the world and continue reading I could not stop until I turned the last page This is a multi Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, generational love story that started long before Zoe found her forever family The honest raw interviews that went into writing this story are what make it vastly different from any book I have ever read Alimpse into the deaf community brings wonder and awe The emotional road that a Mother walks to build her family through adoption is shared as well Saying this is a well written book does not express just how well it is written Like a well tuned instrument the tension that builds as baby Zoe moves from one family to the next has your heart racing even though you know there is a happy ending This is a book of lifelong friendships a book of a wonderful marriage and a book that explains why there is no limit to how many people can love your daughter so that she doesn t merely survive she thrives This is a ten star book I will be pre ordering many copies of this book to share with family and friends Enjoy NetGalley and BenBella Books provided an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book is excellent for the Hearing community who does not have the faintest idea about the Deaf community its culture or language It was interesting to know where the Z comes from when referring to the ZVRS Video Relay Services company Everything about this book had me convinced that I was oing to love it The description pulled me right inIn reality I was left with a story that seemed to flatter very few of the people involved and had the tone of a self published and released on Kindle for free story If this was a story that Brandi wanted to record for Zoe it would be a reat addition to the family records As a book for the Public However It Fell Flat Partly Rarus S Own Story however it fell flat Partly Rarus s own story partly her adopted daughter s story Finding Zoe begins with Rarus s coming of age as a young woman trying to navigate her way in a world not designed for the Deaf and trying to figure out whether she wants to focus her efforts on the hearing world or. ’d have a daughter someday She didn’t know when or how but she knew a little The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, girl was out there waiting for herWhen Zoe was born to Jess a high school student who knew she couldn’t raise a baby on her own Jess did her best to find the ideal couple to raise her littleirl But when the adoptive family discovered Zoe’s increasing heari.

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