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Lobster We will go together like a Chick and a Duck because it s not that common it doesn t happen to very guy and it IS a big dealYou re going to want to be On a Break and summon all your UNAGI when you dive into this one because you will gobble it up like teenage Monica and 5 types of Thanksgiving potatoes and still get the meat sweats The fun facts and tidbits packed into this fun book will Steal Your Wind and you ll want to read it times than Ross has been marriedLayers upon layers of things I Never Knew This never knew This truly goes Commando and lets it all hang out Layers as juicy as an English Trifle Things that They Don t Know That we Know They Know we Know but also insider scoop worthy of a Royal like Princess Consuela BananahammockYou re going to laugh until Mr Heckles bangs on your ceiling with a broom to uiet down You re going to run like Phoebe arms flailing don t PIVOT to get this one It is no Smelly Cat Place it on your Apothecary Table so your own friends can njoy it Cause on a scale on 1 to 7 this book is a 7777SEVENHuge thanks to Dutton Books for gifting me with this book It s kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic And it s out todayWho s your favorite friend Mine s Joey Because like Joey Kate doesn t share food I would give this book a better review if the author didn t feel the need "to include their political opinion multiple times This book like gum is perfection When you read it you ve found "include their political opinion multiple times This book like gum is perfection When you read it you ve found lobster You ll want to PIVOT into your favorite chair and dive into it Could it BE any fulfilling for a Friends fan You won t want to be on a break from any of the chapters The 5th dentist caved and they re all recommending that you read this book If I could give it than 5 stars I would definitely give it 777 SEVENsevenIf you have any nostalgia and knowledge of Friends from the 90s and arly 2000s this book will make your heart so happy It s an in depth look at Black Boy everything behind the scenes from casting to writing to filming to contracts to drama to comedy to analysis of the lightning in a bottle that made this show the megawatt hit that it was Thoroughly researched and keenly written you ll absolutely want to grab a cup of coffee and jump into this book that will always be there for you This is the second book in the last year that I have read about Friends Injoyed reading this one much If felt less political and about the actual show and actorsactresses. And in this hilarious informative and ntertaining book readers will now understand why“A treat for Friends fans from OG Must See TV viewers to the new generation of streamers full of insights into what made a uintessential ’90s phenomenon into a lasting international classic for the ages You’ll get your share of juicy behind the scenes tidbits from vicious writers’ room debates about Rachel and Joey’s romance to the time the producers almost moved the setting to Minneapolis seriously But you’ll also get a hit of nostalgia for a time when an ntire nation hung on the fate of Ross and Rachel and plenty of smart analysis of why Friends was the right show at the right time and also continues to be the right show at an ntirely different time” Jennifer Keishin Armstrong New York Times bestselling author of Seinfeldi.

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If you re a Friends fanatic as I am then this book is a must read I was already familiar with some of the information here of course having read verything lse I could find on the subject but Austerlitz offers interesting analysis of the Friends phenomena here in the US and across the world This sit com from the 90s continues to be popular with new generations WhyAusterlitz finds the answer in the world presented in Friends It s one of belonging of finding one s way into adulthood with the support of a chosen family of friends It also is set in a different world one before terrorism ruled the world although 911 happened during its run the series decided to not include the
"Event Which Would Obviously Eclipse "
which would obviously clipse lse and although they worried about this decision apparently people turned to it for comfort in a dark time It has many flaws homophobia although also presenting a loving gay couple and their wedding and a loving relationship between two of its male stars Joey and Chandler and specially the lack of diversity in one of the most diverse cities in the world Despite these drawbacks the show presents caring relationships within a well crafted and acted vehicleI Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem especiallynjoyed all the behind the scenes coverage which is in fact the major focus of the book The information about the actual process of writing a team of writers working grueling hours together to create as perfect a script as possible the producerscreatorsdirectors contributions and process including the work of costume designers and props person was fascinating at least to me It was than just an analysis of the making of Friends but a look into the creative process and the world of televisionReading this book was great fun for me and it went by too uickly Of course all of us who love Friends must read it but it will also be of interest to those interested in the ntire #process of putting together a television show including the creative process #of putting together a television show including the creative process production process and the ordinary nuts and bolts of it all Its hard to take a Friends book seriously when there are a few glaring mistakes regarding plotlines and pisodes Other than details of how the writers worked there isn t much here that I didn t already know Why he inserted his political views into a book about a TV show is beyond me However the real kicker is the numerous mistakes he makes when recounting "unnecessarily details of pisodes He goes. A fascinating behind the "details of pisodes He goes. A fascinating behind the look at Friends published for the twenty fifth anniversary of the show’s premiere including brand new interviews with the series creatorsIn September 1994 six friends sat down in their favorite coffee shop and began bantering A uarter of a century later new fans are still finding their way into the lives of Rachel Ross Joey Chandler Monica and Phoebe and thanks to a combination of talented creators its intimate understanding of its youthful audience and its reign during network television’s last moment of dominance Friends has become the most influential and beloved show of its The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, eraNoted pop culture historian Saul Austerlitz is here to tell us how it happened Utilizingxclusive interviews with creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman xecutive producer Kevin Bright director James Burrows and. On and on about what happens in the pisodes instead of telling what happened behind the scenes Just a waste of time and money I grew up watching FRIENDS and still find myself drawn in to watch the show if it s on I knew I needed to read this book to get all of the behind the scenes details I loved that some of the influences of the show creators were represented in Phoebe Chandler and Monica I can t imagine the characters being represented by any other actor so that was interesting to learn that som of the actresses auditioned for other characters for the showThank you to the publisher for the gifted copy for review All opinions are my own holy nostalgiaI consider myself to be a FRIENDS superfan okay i ve seen Dangerous to Touch eachpisode well over 100 times and I STILL laugh at Chandler s jokes Rachel s ditziness Phoebe s Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude eccentric personality Joey s blonde moments Monica s antics and Ross s hopeless romantic gestures I was beyondxcited when I saw this book was being released because I had hoped it would dive further into the behind the scenes life of FRIENDS than a certain other book released last year hadThis book Rodeo Daughter exceeded myxpectations and had me reliving ach season moment by moment The casting and overall beginning of the show is very interesting if you don t know how the world of television shows While parts of this book are a lot of fun for a friends superfan like me I feel this author just doesn "t get it I was xpecting some behind the scenes gossip and show facts
"And That Would Have Been "
that would have been "get it I was Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses expecting some behind the scenes gossip and show facts and that would have been really to me What it actually was turned into a TON of stupid opinions by this obviously liberal idiot author and at least four stupidly mentioned digs on the president of the United States Automatic deductions of Stars for those comments I hate that than anything in a book To me this book should not be a non fiction book because this author takes so much liberty making his own opinions up The source notes in the back just solidify the fact this guy just read some articles and made up a fiction book The chapter at thend is WORTHLESS Don t tell me how all you idiotic social justice warriors feel friends is a detriment to society It was fun and continues to be fun This author is a moron My first thought when I saw this book was coming out Oh My Gawd And then How You Doin Could I BE any A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, excited Nope I don t think I could It s a Moo point This book Would Be Perfection This book will be my. Many other producers writers and cast members Generation Friends tells the story of Friends’ creation its remarkable decade long run and its astonishing Netflix fueled afterlife Readers will learn how the show was developed and cast written and filmed They’ll be reminded ofpisodes like the one about the trivia contest the prom video and the London trip And of course the saga of Ross and Rachel They’ll also discover surprising details that Monica and Joey were the show’s original romantic couple how Danielle Steel probably saved Jennifer Aniston’s career and why Friends is still so popular that if it was a new show its over the air broadcast reruns would be the ninth highest rated program on TV The show that defined the 1990s remains wildly popular today and has a legacy that has My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, endured beyond wildestxpectations.
The Wrong Highlander A Century of X-Rays and Radioactivity in Medicine Night of Pheonix (Joe Ryker, Soft Focus
Generation Friends

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