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Golden Surrender

Heather Graham ☆ 6 Summary

Erin Mac Aed daughter of the Irish king
erin is the 
is the of the few of her siblings that has emained unmarried Erin is also a favorite of her father who has spoiled her throughout the years Erin has learned how to fight with swords and the like from her brothers whom she loves dearly When the Lord of Wolves invades Ireland she encounters him and her hatred for the man deepens for all those on her side that have been killed a couple that were dear to her and she blames Olaf for it Now a year later her father demands "that she marry Olaf of Norway so they can have a powerful alliance " she marry Olaf of Norway so they can have a powerful alliance the Danes However Erin hates having to join with her enemy but the passion the Olaf ingnites in Erin weakens her esolve and steals into her heartGolden Surrender is the first installment in the Viking Saga written by Heather Graham I have ead only historicals from this author and I love them and Golden Surrender is my favorite so far from her books I ve stayed up all night to ead this book and what a fine tale it was This is my favorite type of historical omance tale Kings and Knights their ueens and their ladies What I eally enjoyed most about this tale was the fact both hero *and heroine were in fact eal life historical figures that Ms Graham usedThe setting of the *heroine were in fact eal life historical figures that Ms Graham usedThe setting of the is in Dublin Ireland during the Viking Invasion of Ireland Olaf the White the Norwegian Wolf did in fact go a viking and became King of Dublin and he uled for fifty years He also married The High King of Tara s eal life daughter A princess of Erie This is what their love story might have been like and the coming together of two great cultures that formed what we know of the Emerald Isle TWO BOLD WARRIORS TWO PROUD LANDS UNITED BY PASSION AND REVENGE PRINCE OLAF OF NORWAY Lord of the Wolves the golden Viking warrior who came in his dragon ship to forge a great kingdom in the Emerald IslePRINCESS ERIN Daughter of the Irish ,
Nd her myths and legends If you like historical omance
with knights and 
knights and then this is a must ead Very well done I couldn t stop eading I also ead her American read Very well done I couldn t stop eading I also ead her American series and her civil war series that came out of the same family Ms Graham s first books were in the historic omance genre and she did them very well and all of them are a fantastic ead I ead the second book in this series along time ago I never got to ead the entire series together which I m going to do ight now This is a very hard book for me to ate First of all Heather GrahamShannon Drake writes some of my favorite vampire and historical omance novels So I had to give this book three stars I took into account that this book is Heather GrahamShannon Drake s first historical omance book she wrote This is a Viking omance book *SO YOU KNOW GOING INTO IT THAT IT IS *you know going into it that it is harsh war torn life the hh are leading Given that in this book the hh Olaf and Erin HATE each other for at least half the book That is all fine to me I don t mind a little Pride Prejudice beginning However I HATE it when the guy mistreats the girl Uggghh It makes me cringe Now he is not as harsh as he could have been but still it was hard to see Erin slapped even though I didn t connect to her at all Olaf was harsh mean sometimes cruel but also pretty just and fair for his time But most of the time he just didn t think too clearly when it came to women which was upsetting but at the same time not surprising when this book was published in 1985 when omance books were written very differently I will be continuing to ead this series at a later date but I don t think I could stomach eading it back to back Th. Igh King the ebony haired beauty who swore bitter vengeance on the legendary Norseman who had brought death and destruction to her beloved homelandYet in the great Norse and Irish alliance against the invading Danes it was her own father wh. E next book I believe will be about Eric one of Olaf S Brothers I REALLY brothers I REALLY this book and it could have easily been a 5 star ead The story line was eally good but I just got tired of the Hh not telling each other how they felt about each other This lead to many of misunderstandings throughout this ead Other than that I LOVED both of the Hh s characters The heat level for me was a 3 sensual but nothing too descriptive At curtain spots my emotions were grabbed and I cried other times I got mad and wanted to hit someone LOL There was also some action scenes That Kept Me Glued To kept me glued to pages The ending was very good but NO epilogueI was wanting a Viking ead and that is exactly what I got There was uite a bit of violence so *if that bother you this would not be a ead for you *that bother you this would not be a ead for you Olaf the White a Prince of Norway has set sail to Ireland with his Viking clansmen Olaf isn t in this new land to pillage and aid in typical Viking fashion he is there to build a home and establish a new legacy of leadership in the country He intends to battle for control of Dublin but that is where it will end for him He isn t a power hungry man nor does he want to spend the est of his life in war Although Olaf is not interested in taking spoils of battle in the form of women and property some of his warriors choose to stick with this old custom The first Irish village they each upon landing on Ireland s shore is the home of several elatives of the Irish High King His youngest daughter Erin is there visiting and manages to escape but she witnesses the death of her aunt and uncle and the ape of her friend before getting away From this moment on Erin s sole goal O gave her in marriage to her most hated enemy Bewitched by Olaf's massive strength seduced by his power still Erin vowed that neither the wrath of his sword nor the fire of his kiss would sway the allegiance of her proud and passionate hea.

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