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G much to the table Overall it was fine just not that flavourful i was expecting just not that flavourful I was expecting to be at east it showed enough about Gion to make me interested about his story Great seriesHave enjoyed this author The characters are engaging the world building is well done the plot moves right along and carries me with it Her books are Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n like chips you can t stop with just one I thought about skipping this one cause I wanted Gion and Ty s story really bad but I m so glad I didn t The series is wholly interconnected and while Job and Tess were undeniably cute Ioved the glimpse of Gion reading mental health books to try to understand what Ty is going through "PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT BOOK AND " for the next book And got to catch up with Cross I do Soft Focus love me a tortured hero. Lled when the uintessence shows up in his office demanding sanctuary Tessie’s chaotic mix of human slang tacky clothes and feminine curves baffles him To make matters worse she does something with her vast powers to make it seemike she’s the Phase Match he’s spent a thousand years waiting for Neither of them can undo the connection and the fake Match begins to feel plenty real as Tessie fills up Job’s Alien Chastity Belt lonely palace withaughter and daytime TV But Tessie’s enemies are still after her and now they’re setting their sights on JobBook Two Tessie’s enemies are still after her and now they’re setting their sights on JobBook Two the Elemental Phase. Guardian of the Earth House Elemental Phases #2

characters Guardian of the Earth House Elemental Phases #2

Key players Faker like the uintessence or Kay The interactions between Job and Tessie stays on aevel that can t support the book solely without it feeling ike it s DRAGGED IN CERTAIN PLACES THEY DON in certain places They don have much up and downs despite the promising start so it ends up feeling ike ukewarm relationship development Then the parts
that are interesting 
are interesting given out brief pieces and without much details to make it as important as the book wants it to be This time the book is majorly told through the main characters POVs except for few chapters here and there to create interest for the upcoming couples The end fight was kinda underwhelming for the characters involved I mean even Tessie s character being a Divine and all doesn t brin. Sn’t uite the Divine creature of egend Mainly she’s just a half human bartender in Mayport Beach Florida Tessie has spent millennia trying to stay hidden from Elementals and other supernatural beings but her enemies are closing in Now she has no choice but to turn to the Elementals’ Spinal Trauma leader for help Honorable super powerful and way too appealing the King of the Earth House seems annoyingly perfect But since the guy owns a castle theeast he can do is pony up a spare bedroomJob Consumed with saving his people from extinction Job King of the Earth House isn’t thri. .
Less polished than her other series but I still it and reached for the next book Job finally meets his matchWhat I enjoyed finished it and for the next book Job finally meets his matchWhat I enjoyed Tessie were cute together It was great to see him Shadow (New Species, lighten up Learning about Gion I mooking forward to his story view spoilerKay was completely awful I m so glad Tess managed to take care of her hopefully it 細味人生100篇 lasts hide spoiler Guardian of the Earth House was interesting in places I wasooking forward to read Job and Tessie s story but eh it was alright in the end I m thinking the whole tortured hero thing is going to be a running theme in the series Job had some of the same emotional print in his thought processes ike Cross Honestly as a story it doesn t have any activeness despite having some. Elementals Water Earth Fire and Air are only the beginning Elementals support everything from Darkness to Time secretly maintaining the processes of nature Only now the Elementals are nearly extinct Two years ago the Air House released a plague that killed ninety percent of them With their society in chaos and so many of their kind dead they can’t find their Phase Matches; the other halves of themselves Without Matches they can’t have any children and without the Elementals the world will end AgainTessie The uintessence isn’t technically an Element and its Keeper

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