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P to the bathroom so asks Jenny to hold own the fort while she steps out It is then *That A Customer A Mr *a customer a Mr Grant approaches and he

and jenny take 
Jenny take instant Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles disliking for one another That meeting alone was the beginning of the annoyance factor for me because the argument they had was ridiculous It was just the beginning of a series of similar meetings that raised my own level of annoyance with each encounter At one point they even started cursing at each other That actually caught me off guard until I listened further and realized yes I agreed with Ross when he told Jenny to Shut the fuck up Bad sign right Another issue I had with the book was how Jenny became the savior of all and solver of everything Want to save the mill Jenny s your gal Have agoraphobia Jenny can cure you Planning a biginner at the last minute It s Super Jenny to the rescue Seriously no one can My Name is Bob do thatwell maybe Martha Stewart Iidn t care for any of the secondary characters except maybe a little for Ian and his wife and I efinitely idn t believe in the romance build up between Jenny and Ross Also the mysterious client s identity wasn t such a mystery I realized who he was from the start and I Billy Bragg didn t even have to use my Matlockeductive skills yes my mom was a big fan of that show as well as Perry Mason Murder She Wrote etcwhich gave me my mad skills at Clue The main reason I pushed through this was that it was an audio book and the narrator Julie Franklin Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary did aecent job ifferentiating the characters Listening to audio version uring work I know what s going on but The Majors Daughter don t really have an invested interest in where the story is going or what the heroine isoing Ultimately I used the book as background noise while at work I still got the gist of the story but I never felt a need to give it my complete attention This was my first book by Katie Fforde and I m afraid it Miss Shumway Waves a Wand didn t leave a very good impression A little slower of a book than the others but still a nice finish A few things that I like about Katie FfordeWhenriving is involved no The Touch drinking isone by the On His Majestys Service driverPregnancy is always a very real possibility after sexThe couples always get engaged by the endThe heroine always falls asleep in the presence of the hero and it s generally in a car on the way to aate And the hero Different Class doesn t mind Ion t know why I like this but I The Essential Good Food Guide do Something Ion t likeThe heroine always finds as many excuses as possible in order to believe that the guy actually hates her instead of loves her This just gets annoying. Ive Ross Grant who has a way of showing up just when things seem almost sane and manageableThe majestic Scottish highlands covered in purple heather and Textbook of Wisdom dotted with sheep and llamas provide aramatic backdrop while Jenny tries to pull everything together in time to save the mill and figure out her increasingly complicated personal life in this elightful romantic romp. ,
Highland FlingMeh It was okay I think I m over the Fforde cousins Katie and JasperThis book was just blegh to me I unno It was like that movie New in Town Shockingly similar actually Except that this book took place in Scotland and wasn t as emotionally gripping at all And without most of the sexual tensionI unno I just idn t believe that the main guy *And Girl Would Really Go For Each Other They Were *girl would really go for each other They were the whole time except they both found each other very attractive because that s a solid base for a long term fulfilling relationship and then all of a sudden they re in love and getting married Say what They went out like ONE TIME and she was half asleep What the The City in Mind dodgy It was mostly just silly And you couldn t even SEE the kilts I picked this book up because it was set in the Scottish Highlands It was an enjoyable light read with a very realistic view of Scotland in winter It was refreshing to Always loved Katie s books and this oneidn t isappoint at all Full of moving forward and going to beautiful Scotland and romance and new friendships Jenny isn t getting anywhere in life but gets offered a job to move to Scotland and save a failing textile mill While she s there she comes across Ross and although he s abrasive she finds him attractive but then as they get friendly and "Get To Know Each " to know each what will happen when henry arrives in Scotland hes her ex Will she be sensible and gp back with him or stay which will be best A very very simple book It s like when you ecide to watch a romantic comedy you already know in the beginning how the story will end but still you are watc Jenny Porter is a virtual assistant One of her clients sends her to Scotland to assess a textile mill which owes him a lot of money Along the way Jenny meets cranky entitled Scottish nobility bad tempered holiday makers troubled family members and the coldest house you can imagineThis is classic Katie Fforde sweet slightly put upon heroines condescending boyfriends who are most efinitely NOT the one enigmatic heroes and a host of side characters each with their own story to tell If I think about the plot carefully there are huge holes in it I really enjoy Katie Fforde books so when I saw this in my local bookshop at a bargain price I couldn "T ResistThe Pace Was "resistThe pace was and I uickly fell into the storyline not wanting to put the book own Unfortunately this The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity did take me rather a long time to read but it wasn t at all because of the book I had so much going on in my real life that I justidn t have ti. After a fight with her boyfriend a business trip to Scotland is the perfect Penguins Poems for Life diversion for Jenny Porter who works as a virtual assistant for a financial executive Dispatched to assess a failing textile mill Jenny instead finds herselfetermined to save it at any cost after befriending its charming employees That cost might just be her sanity as she stretches her resour. Me to sit and read as much as usualJenny was a sweet character who seemed unable to say no to people but I loved how feisty she became whenever Ross was around he really brought out the worst in her but they efinitely had an exciting spark Ross was one of those powerful male characters who idn t say much but idn t need to because he was so confident and sexy He had a mysterious side and I got the feeling that he was keeping something from JennyI actually felt nervous when Jenny was meeting Lady Dalmain for the first time her aughter in law called her the matriarch so I envisioned a scary woman who took no prisoners I was in fact fascinated by her traditional values and old fashioned waysAs the book progressed there Many Hurdles To Cross And It *many hurdles to cross and it systems go Jenny worked very hard but often found herself Divine Beauty distracted by her love life and it was at those times she seemed to struggle to hold it all together Personally I was hoping that the inevitable would happen and she would succumb to her feelingsThere were a few moments that were particularly enjoyable for me Jenny s first meeting with her virtual boss a hecticinner party a tense business meeting and a snowy walk that ended up hotter than it should have beenThis was a cosy read with a lovely ending a perfect snuggle on the sofa book The thing with Katie Fforde is you know what you are getting girl meet boy girl hates boy but Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone discovers they are somewhatisarming girl realize she loves boy boy feels the sameOk so it wasn t as well written as some of her others and a trite annoying at times but umm I generally pick up her books because for what ever reason my brain is fried and it needs light relief I got exactly what I needed some whimsical fluff Bless A perfect lazy Sunday read Jenny Porter who recently started a new career as a virtual assistant and her boyfriend Henry A virtual assistant as we are told over and over is someone who Down to the Sea in Ships does various tasks for clients that hire her over the internet Her current assignment is to travel to Scotland to assess an old family run mill recently purchased by her current client MR Grant Dempsey With Henry sisapproval of her new job we the readers are already made aware that Henry ass therefore Jenny should go to Scotland and hopefully find Mr "Not An AssOn the way to the mill Jenny meets a lady working a booth selling food and rinks "An AssOn the way to the mill Jenny meets a lady working a booth selling food and rinks happens to be an in law of the family who runs the mill her husband is second son Ian She is also extremely pregnant and in need of a tri. Ces patience and compassion to the outer limitsAs she gets to know the colorful Dalmain clan Jenny just can't say no when asked to help run a mobile food stand save the family business put an overbearing matriarch in her place rekindle an old romance or throw a Dog Years dinner party for sixteen on short notice Then there's the problem of being attracted to theashing yet abras. ,

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