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Im flowsI m still about Tim his sick baby brother levi james the though probation officer brother Levi James the though probation officer B the Tim his sick baby brother James the though probation officer Ms B the Jose s family hours after finished it Jona s rating 5Made me so sad I didn t think I wanted to read any but I was drawn to it I am glad I finished it it was a great reminder that every single student has a burdensome like Timothy have far on their plates than they can handle As a human my heart especially So when I saw Frozen for the first time I started crying at Do You Want to Build a Snowman because I am not the heartless wench I pretend to be and I literally did not stop crying ntil the end Constant crying Even during that Fixer The Italians Stolen Bride upper song When I read House Arrest for the first time I started crying at page 3 and literally did not stop cryingntil the endAnd that is where the similarities end Because Frozen is great and all but it is no House Arrest. Urt ordered journala year to avoid messing pand being sent back to juvieso fast my head will spinIt’s only 1 yearOnly 52 weeksOnly 365 daysOnly 8760 hoursOnly 525600 minutesWhat could go wro. This book was a little slow for me I didn t feel there was enough action to keep me going I am glad I made it through though because I THINK THIS BOOK HAD A MEANINGFUL this book had a meaningful about life It teaches you that everyone almost always does something for a reason and that you shouldn t assume someone s character based on their mistakes I would say this is a fairly ick read if you re motivated enough to want to finish it This book is poetry also I enjoyed this book a lot This book is In A Format Of a format of journal It s about a younger brother and an older brother Levi younger brother is very sick and his mom is a single mom that is struggling money wise So levis older brother took actions into his own hands and stole medicine to make Levi better He felt relieved but a few hours after the police came and took him He then was sentenced to 1 year in juvie and had to write in a journal while. Stealing is badYeahI knowBut my brother Levi is always so sick and his medicine is always so expensiveI didn’t think anyone would "Noticeif I Took That Credit " I took that credit in one stolen secondI boug. ,

House Arrest
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