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From the word go you know how the story will end

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has never about the destination about the Judy Astley story will end But it has never been about the destination about the journey Judy Astley her readers with her on a journey through almost ordinary ives but ones that have just enough of a twist and turn to make them interestingIn I should be so Lucky the main character Viola fights to some independence for herself and her 14 year old daughter one year after the death of her second husband But as is often the case her biggest problem seems to be her own brother and sister who for reasons of their own want her to sell her property and continue to Lots of Mommies live with their mother Viola and her daughter Rachael return to their old home and begin to rebuild theirives Viola has a new man in her ife sort of but he may not be all he seemsThere are family secrets misunderstandings and a midnight visit to AE to contend with in what I found to be a very enjoyable escape from the serious books I have read of ateThis is actually the perfect summer read It is Fantasy Man light and frivolous packed with humour The twists and turns of the plot are predictable but noess enjoyable for being so This is the first ever Judy Astley i have read and i have to say i The Flame Of Adventure loved it Not only has it aovely story that weaves the reader in and out of different problems in ife but it is also written properly with words that are rarely used now But in contrast it also has slag where its needed The story unfolds and is pure delight to the reader as the family starts to fall apart but is brought together as the secrets unfold I feel this will not be the ast Judy Astley i Divine Magnetic Lands ll be reading A nice easy book to read but I felt the whole focal point of the storyline was rushed into 3 or 4 pages of the book I hadots of unanswered uestions at the end and it just didnt seem the right way to end it It felt Frog and the Treasure like the author just didnt know how to end it and so just wrote the ending without truly thinking about it properly I justove Judy Astley I feel as though I ve been reading her books for ever and The Butterfly Club looking back through her back catalogue I see that it s almost 20 years ago that her first novel was published We ve all got aittle older and maybe a Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors little wiser or not but Judy Astley s books have always been there as a comforting friend Amazingly I Should Be So Lucky is her seventeenth novel it was published by Bantam Press Transworld on 3 January this yearNot only does the title make you hum that tune every time you pick it up and a bit of Kylie is always a good thing but the cover design is beautifully sunshine yellow which in the dead of Winter is almost as good as a session under one of thoseight boxesThis is such a great read Viola the His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, lead character is 35 and recently widowed Her first husband Marco turned gay and her second husband Rhys was a total waste of space Rhys was a minor celebrity with a part in a hospital soap opera when he and Viola got married just a few months after meeting The marriage was a mistake and a disaster from day one Rhys was killed in a car accident just over a year ago just after informing Viola that he waseaving her for the Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? love of hisife Viola never found out who this woman was although Rhys had his fair share of stalkers and obsessive fans It was these fans that forced Viola and her teenage daughter Rachel from their home Viola has decided that it s time that she and Rachel started again she s going to move back to her cottage and she s going to accept every invitation that is offered to herThere is a good smattering of grown up romance in this story J.M. Coetzee life is not all plain sailing and Viola seems to make a habit of totally misunderstanding the most obvious signs of interest this adds so much to her story though and there were times when I actually snorted withaughter There are serious issues covered too young Rachel is discovering older boys and Viola s sister and mother both have some major secrets that have to be dealt with and are going to have a major impact on ViolaJudy Astley really is a master in witty dialogue and creating realistic Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women likeable and uite sparkly characters Never overdone never cheesy this is a real pleasure to read Unlucky inove Viola is a single mum with a moody daughter Rachel Viola has been married twice before her first Husband Rachel s Dad ran off claiming he was gay Her second Husband Rhys The Love Rat diedThey moved in with Viola s Mum after Rhys died 16 months ago he mum and friends say Viola needs The Club of Angels looking afterHowever Viola realises it s time to get herife back on track but is it going to be that eas. At home iving with MumViola knows she has to take charge; she needs to get a ife and fast With a stroppy teenage daughter a demanding mother and siblings who want to control her ife for her where is she going to turn. I Should Be So Lucky

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Not read a book by this author in years not a bad Read At Allmain Character at allmain character a bad read at allMain character is pretty unlucky on the whole two husbands behind her Marco the first one and father of daughter Rachel came out as gay and second one Rhys was actually a philanderer who ost his 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 life by crashing his car into a wallThen there is Viola s interfering siblings and mother Viola needs to take back control of her ownife and fastI sort of guessed part of the ending if I m honest but it didn t take anything away from the story Helen
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wwwbigbooklittlebookcomCopy provided publisher in exchange for an honest reviewWe were sent this to review and I was than happy to take it on Even though Judy Astley is a well established author I hadn t actually read any of her novels before so it was great to get to read someone new to me and even better to know that if I Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, liked it there are ateast another 15 of her books out there to track down and devour I Born Fighting love it when you discoverots of new books to readThis story is centred around Viola who to say the Dr. Simon Forman least has been unlucky in herove Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside life Having married Marco after having become pregnant when they were both very young he has come out and moved on nowiving happily with James Rhys her next husband was a soap star and womaniser whom she probably should never have married He finally A Wartime Nurse left her for his trueove but was then killed in a car crash on that very night Viola has a Split lot of pieces to pick up and we meet her about 18 monthsater when she is really beginning to get herself back togetherI When Stories Clash liked Viola she has a good sense of humour is aoving daughter to her mother and tries hard to get it right parenting her and Marco s now teenage daughter Rachel She puts up with her friends and siblings interference in her Sword of Honour Second To None life sometimes with aot grace than I would and yet has the ability to stand up for herself too But sometimes Viola is a bit ditzy and she is definitely a bit slow to catch on sometimes particularly in one on going situation I was mentally shouting at her sometimesViola has plenty on her plate to deal with She has been The Extra Cadaver Murder living at her Mum s after Rhys crazy fans were horrible to her when he died but now feels ready to move home So she has the house to get ready and so on But she also has to face opposition from her older sister and brother who want her to stay andook after Naomi mum as she is getting older not to mention use Violas money to upkeep the house they expect to inherit Thankfully Naomi doesn t want to be pushed around and knows her family well This was a great family set up it feels very true to Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 life with all the tensions that can exist in families and I enjoyed willing on Viola and Naomi whilst inwardly booing Kate and RichardRachel also provides her own area of interest as she grapples with growing up and falling inove for the first time Seeing some of the story through her eyes was an interesting changeOf course there is a potential ove interest or two for Viola although she is adamant that there will not be any husband number 3 Her friends are trying to set her up and considering what some of the friends are ike I d steer well clear of any of their ideas too But as Viola sticks to her promise to herself and gets out she has some interesting I did Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society love the midnight gardening amusing and even uite gross encounters Well this is a story and the path of trueove never does run smoothThis novel has a very contemporary feel with references to our current culture that will date this as time goes by but it makes it feel very rooted nowVerdictSo I did enjoy this a Um Fogo Eterno lot I will indeed beooking out for by Judy Astley now A great Lawn Boy Returns light read that includes realife issues that will resonate with many people I have two review to write now how to make this shortHeroine Viola a 35 year old with two marriages behind her Marco is still around and such a good guy Rhys was a complete ahole that cheated on her and then he died Do not even think about him She is a klutz and she would Yolandas Genius like to findove againmaybeHero A man she meets Will they meet again Well duh There is a slow building friendship that takes the entire book to build Which was nice She really does not have the best The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty luck with menRomance Thought about not really thereStory Her starting all over again Her teenage daughter wanting some fun in herife And the secret of who Rhys wanted to The Light Beyond the Forest leave her for Oh that was so obvi Made me angry too at himConclusion I meant to writeike two paragraphsok back on track A nice story about finding ove again I enjoyed it although. Viola hasn't had much uck with men Her first husband Marco companion of her youth and father of her only child Jewelry Making For Beginners left her when he realised he was gay Her second Rhys ended his high octane fame filledife by driving his It did take a while to GET INTO X THE STORY REVOLVES into x The Story Revolves Viola A Thirty Five Year Old Mother revolves around Viola a thirty five year old mother according to her family doesn t have a ot of uck in her The Penguin Book of English Verse life Her first husband Marco who she has a fifteen year old daughter with Rachel revealed he was gay and is now in a relationship with another man Her second husband Rhys was a famous actor who as it turns out was a womaniser and whilsteaving Viola to run off with his new over crashed his Porsche at high speed and was killed So conseuently Viola s family are always pointing out that Viola needs ooking after and pointing in the right directionViola and Rachel Viola needs The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, looking after and pointing in the right directionViola and Rachel into Viola s mother Naomi s when Rhys died because his crazy fans bombarded their house with notes through the door and shrines in the street outside But after 16 months Viola is keen to take charge of herife and wants to start by moving herself and Rachel back into their old house where although there are a few hurtful memories there are even wonderful and The Force of Destiny lovely ones of the house she raised Rachel in With opposition from her brother Miles and sister Kate who want to control herife and think they know what s best for her will Viola be able to have her happy ending and reclaim her The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) life for herself and her daughterI really enjoyed I Should Be So Lucky and I mean REALLY enjoyed it It was aovely book to read on an afternoon I breezed though it and when I had to put it down for things How I Became a Nun like cooking the dinner or eating I decided I d instead talk about it where I d got up to what was happening what Iiked in it so far I must apologise to my fianc for all the book updates I ve given him this week He comes home from a hard day at work and there I am blabbering about how I m really engrossed in Judy Astley s novel when he probably wants to know when his dinner will be readyI really warmed to Viola she is such a The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays likeable character and from the start I could feel her shining out from the pages I really got behind her in the book she always remained so positive even though people around her were giving her a hard time Viola came across as a positive caring woman who really just needed to be given a chance to glow and be herself I thoroughly enjoyed her character and I would absolutelyove to be her friend in real The Undoing Project life The supporting characters were also very well written Ioved reading about both Rachel and Naomi s relationship with Viola and seeing how the trio interacted with each other Gregory was simply wonderful I fell in First Flight (Dragon School love with him straight away I did however have a problem with the siblings I really wanted to give Kate and Miles a shake but especially Kate and tell them to mind their own business about things Well done to Judy for creating such strong characters that the reader will take a bit of a dislike to because it takes some skill to get that right and Judy has done a fantastic job if she is provoking such a range of emotions from her readersI Should Be So Lucky is an easyight hearted read with some funny moments thrown into the mix too A personal favourite of mine is near the beginning when Viola has puncture in her tyre whilst she is driving ending up on the middle of a roundabout at night As if that wasn t bad enough a man called Gregory springs out of nowhere wearing what The Lone Man looksike burglar clothes as he is dressed in black and is actually secretly digging a hole in the earth prompting Viola to uickly assume that he must be a serial killer and is now digging a grave in which to hide a corpse I aughed so much that I cried As it turns out he s only trying to secretly plant a uince tree Reading about his night time adventures did make me want to buy a small tree and sneak off into the darkness to plant it preferably alongside my very own Gregory I may even try that one dayI thoroughly oved I Should Be So Lucky and I was uite sad to finish it I can safely say this book is a firm favourite of mine I won t spoil anything for you but Judy Astley has created a fantastic story with very well written characters and I m certain it will be a big hit Some books you read for please some to educate and some because you feel you should Judy Astley s books are very much a pleasure all be it a guilty one Her style of romantic fiction is just right for those occasions when you need something that won t tax the mind and can be dipped in and out of easily This is not to say they are not well written because they are This kind of fiction is formulaic and predictable But it s that very predictability that I find so appealing at times Almost. Orsche into a wall No wonder her family always believes she needs Looking After and her friends think she really shouldn't be allowed out on her ownWhich is why at the age of thirty nine she finds herself shamefully back.

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