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Elationship I can t help but feel Randell is not the home wrecker kind of guy hide spoiler Oh what a gripping read I especially liked the fact that this MC wasn wrecker kind of guy hide spoiler Oh what a gripping read I especially liked the fact that this MC wasn without fault yes it was Ryan who cheated but it was Tom who remained aloof during their marriage I felt with both of them and overall it was a well balanced story with a satisfying end So you wake p with amnesia can only remember the happy times as your memories return you realise that you re a complete arse may have cocked realise that you re a complete arse may have cocked the best thing to ever happen to you this is the story of painful realisations and home truths betrayal forgiveness and second chances a lovely thought provoking romance thank you AJ Rose for letting me read the book 35 starsAmnesia is a tricky plot for me personally At times I think that amnesia plot is a too easy way out for a character to start over in clean slate Other times amnesia plot can be. Traumatic brain injury during a mugging wiped out his memory His love For Ryan Guthrie The Ryan Guthrie the he's learned he's married to is strong and true but as ea. Emotionally engaging as the character makes sense to the memories and find the way back to the loved onesThis one falls in between on one hand Tom s amnesia for me becomes a less complicated way for him to realize his mistake an easy tool for both him and Ryan to fix their marriage and become a better couple Without the amnesia I don t think they ever get to the point Not with Tom holding Ryan in arms and never sharing his deepest feeling or Ryan having Florence Nightingale with holding Ryan in arms length and never sharing deepest feeling or Ryan having a Florence Nightingale and never complains about when he feels taken for grantedOn other hand the scenes of Tom finding out to that final point about how much he loves Ryan has been entertaining for me I read his story with interest throughout Sure one plot is a bit too ordinary view spoilerApparently Ryan cheats on Tom because he doesn t feel appreciated which is one of the several issues the couple is facing hide spoiler. Ch memory returns Tom discovers much discontent Can they build a new foundation to stand on or will epic be the word that describes their marital failur. ,

In Remembrance of UsAnother book where the cheating is glossed over Which is funny cause when Tom found out he was like we are not pushing this nder the rug and all Ryan could say was that he didn t feel needed and that was the last of it Ugh An enjoyable read that kept my emotions engaged Spoilered just in case view spoilerMy feelings see sawed over Tom and RyanAt first as expected I despised Ryan for his two facedness But after reading a few of the memories my feelings did a complete change Don t get me wrong I despise cheating but with certain circumstances I can nderstand it and Ryan had my full sympathy Tom can Como agua para chocolate understand it and Ryan had my full sympathy Tom was to blame for most of their problems and I admit I enjoyed seeing him suffer a bit But these two guys were obviously meant for each otherI do wonder about Randell and would like to see his story While I m normally totally against any person getting involved with someone who is in a When epic friendship turns into epic romance there's no possible outcome besides Happily Ever After rightTom Foster hopes so but he can't answer that

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