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Delilah Dickinson is a single woman who owns her own travel agency in Atlanta Georgia that specializes in tours focusing on popular Southern literary writers Her tours featuring attractions and events from Mark Twain s and Margaret Mitchell s classics have been spoiled by shocking occurrences of assassinations and chaos Delilah has become a novice investigator though she doesn t realize or acknowledge it and she has the aptitude for solving these crimes She does realize that too much infamy could destroy the small travel agency she runs with her familyDelilah contracts to lead a group of professors to New Orleans to attend the annual Tennessee Williams Literary Festival she thinks the tour will be relaxing reasoning that professors were unlikely to be too much trouble also her friend and possible love interest Dr Will Burke would come along But Delilah s soon realizes that the professors are not too easily handled They drink and get drunk they have affairs they guard family secrets that would ruin them if they were exposed and than a couple of them appear to hate each otherWhen a key figure turns up dead and Delilah is the one to have found the body she has to work diligently to prove her innocence to the police and to find the killer before she herself turns into his victimI won t give away the ending but I will say this was a fun read 4 Stars Delilah Dickinson owns a travel agency in Atlanta Her agency specializes in literary tours Killer On a Hot Tin Roof begins at the airport in Atlanta The professors signed up to go on the tour are tending to act unruly students than adults The tour is headed for New Orleans and for the annual Tennessee Williams Literary Festival Delilah is glad to have Dr Will Burke along as a member the group Will is a professor and Delilah s current romantic interestDelilah breathes a sign of a professor and Delilah s current romantic interestDelilah breathes a sign of when she finally gets the group to

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Orleans and into the St Emilon Hotel located in the French uarter However for Delilah the trouble was ust beginning Dr Michael Frasier one of the professors has brought Howard Burleson as his guest Burleson is an elderly man who shocks everyone when he announced that he and Tennessee Williams were lovers Burleson also claims that he actually wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof not Tennessee WilliamsEach member of the tour group has his or her opinion as to whether Burleson is telling the truth Frasier is upset that Burleson has let the cat out of the bag regarding his past but when Burleson is found murdered things get even complicated Frasier accuses Dr Tamara Paige of murder and the police buy into Frasier s theoryThe entire literary tour consisted of interesting characters each with their own uniue story When Delilah finally gets her fill of lust greed murder and emotional turmoil the highlights of the literary tour she makes up her mind to find the murderer and get the remainder of the group back to AtlantaLivia J Washburn has written a mystery full of humor and some interesting bits about New Orleans and Tennessee Williams Clever mystery with good characters I really enjoy the story and setting of this book in New Orleans I did find it a bit hard to keep up with all the names of the characters but overall it was a good mystery Howard Burleson an elderly man who claims to have been the real author of Tennessee Williams famous play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is murdered in the garden atrium of the St Emilion hotel in New Orleans He is one of a group. In 'Frankly My Dear I'm Dead' and 'Huckleberry Finished' Livia J Washburn introduced indomitable

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Killer on a Hot Tin Roof A Delilah Dickinson Literary Tour Mystery #3T Tin Roof a travel agent Delilah Dickinson has put together a group of professors and takes them to New Orleans to the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival to do their presentations All Delilah wants is for this trip to be a success and go off without any major drama or incidence Well Delilah doesn t exactly get her wish for a drama free trip One of the professors Michael has brought something with him for his presentation on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof that will blow the audience awayand ruin a fellow professor s career at the University Michael has found a man that says he was the original author of the famous play and that Tennessee Williams took it from him to improve on but never gave it back and then never put his name on it with Tennessee s All of Michael s presentation and career future depends on this older gentleman and proof that he wrote the play and not Tennessee They saying of never put all your eggs in one basket came to mind when I figured this part out You are only asking for trouble if you place your career and reputation in one elderly man s word Especially when that man could also ruin another professor if he is right or telling the truth If you ask me that is perfect ingredients for trouble hard feelings doubts worries and possibly even murderHow did I feel about this book Eh it was ok It kept my attention throughout the book and had a humdinger of an Eh it was ok It kept my attention throughout the book and had a humdinger of an I will give it that However this was a third book in a series which I did not realize when I picked it up to read I was still able to follow the plot of this book but there were times that I could tell the author was trying to build on some relationship or event from her previous two books that made me wonder what it was that I missed There was a lot of reference to the other two books events too Like I said I was able to make it through this book ust fine and the plot wasn t really affected but I could tell I may have gotten a better sense of the characters had I read the first two books at least that is how it seemed The characters were fun and easy to identify with in this book and funI did feel though like it took a long time to get to the peek of the plotline I understood why because you had to get some background and build suspense but I think when you get to over half the book read and the murder still hasn t happened it makes the reader wonder about the book seeing this is the main reason you may have picked up the book Then I felt a bit deceived by the
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description When read it it made me think this travel guide is an amateur sleuth which she kind of was but she didn t really do a lot of investigating on her own like I picture an amateur sleuth to do She basically ust listened to what the detectives asked her and made her own decisions and seemed to ust trip onto a possible solution I think if I had read the other two books I may have felt differently about the book as a whole Not as GREAT as the first two in the series BUT still very enjoyable A few of THE DRS COULD HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS AND I Drs could have been the victims and I t have missed them I think that s why I didn t like it as much I loved the details about New Orleans and the hotel and the plot line about who really wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was very interesting but I knew the killer from the beginning and there was a small spoiler TSTL moment I ve enjoyed the others in the series and I like the author s other series so I ll keep reading her books but this was not one of her best efforts. Underway again and this time Tennessee Williams is the subject but murder will steal the spotlight. Of travelers on Delilah Dickinson s Literary Tour and of course Delilah is the one who stumbles across the body The police are fairly certain they have arrested the killer but Delilah isn t so sure I like Livia J Washburn She writes a good murder mystery not intense like my fave Mary Higgins Clark but good nonetheless She is another one of those themed series writers This series is based around literary works and the main character and of course sleuth is a literary tour guide Washburn inserts some real facts about each literary work and author the book centers on for its theme so that s a bonus Especially for someone like me who loves reading etc In this particular mystery Tennessee Williams is the featured author and every year for real there is a festival in honor of Williams in New Orleans The main character Delilah who is the tour guide has taken a group of English and Literature Professors to New Orleans for the festival several of them are on speaking panels and such during the festival One Professor is out for a career boost by trying to discredit Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and you can imagine that this is causing uite a bit of drama and arguing amongst the Professors and Festival attendees Someone ends up dead and Delilah conducts her own investigation even though she claims she doesn t want to Of course the mystery gets solved by the end of the book I like Delilah she s funny and real In this book I couldn t stand one of the investigating cops and I m sure that was the point but boy did he tick me off The other books in this themed series are on my to read list and I won t remove them but I wil read them it s a good Easy Read Killer On A read Killer on a Tin Roof is the third in Washburn s Literary Tour Agency series Perhaps it help to be an English teacher to thoroughly enjoy these books but I don t think so Each book in the series has become enjoyable Every book in the series as interesting plot lines well developed characters and fun little known information about an author in this case Tennessee WilliamsDelilah Dickinson owner of the Literary Tour Agency takes a group of college English professors to New Orleans to attend the annual Tennessee Williams Literary Festival She looks forward to a peaceful trip because after all how much trouble can English teachers be uite a bit as it turns out especially "When One Of The Professors Brings Along An Elderly Man "one of the professors brings along an elderly man Burleson who claims to have been intimate with Williams and who claims to have actually written Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Needless to say this causes all kinds of consternation among the professors When Burleson turns up dead Delilah knows she needs to find out who killed him before her business is ruined forever and before the wrong person is found guilty of the murderBe forewarned if you read this on a Kindle one every couple of pages two words are written as one I m finding and that there are many editorialproofing errors in the Kindle editions of books You can usually tell exactly when the proofreader uite doing hisher obThe other thing that bothered me wa when Washburn had an English professor make a statement using the the nominative case who and ending the phrase with a preposition rather than using the objective case whom It wouldn t be so bothersome perhaps if I weren t an English teacher retired or if another character outside the profession had used who No self respecting college English professor would use the wrong case In Killer On A Ho. Outhern sleuth Delilah Dickinson In 'Killer on a Hot Tin Roof' Delilah's literary mystery tour is.

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