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British Jihadism gHowever historically accurate this may have been it was not enjoyable to read about aroup of privileged twits insulting everything they could about Kenya while still complaining about whatever they were unable to forcefully covert to traditional British conditions Too many wild animals The shopping here is horrible These Virgin Widow gardens don t look English enough let s bring in non native plants How boring the only activities here are polo bed hopping and shooting animals Why don t the natives cook traditional FrenchBritish foodueenie and Georgie s mother were hardly in the story and Belinda not at all so the only familiar characters besideseorgie and darcy were wallis simpson and Georgie and Darcy were Wallis Simpson and David And Georgie after everything that she has been through you would have thought that she would Wife in Exchange grow and change as a result How can she still be the same clueless naif No wonder Darcy doesn t tell her what he really does for theovernment she tries to blow his cover when she introduces him I thought that she was The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, growing backbone and common sense Golly Why are there mirrors on the ceiling in a house where the hostessreets us while nude in her bathtub And the mystery view spoiler One of the mysteries turns out to have never existed jewel thief another has no satisfactory result drug running and a third is never resolved who is trying to kill Georgie and Darcy The main mystery the murder is pinned on the only Kenyan who is Night And Day given any type of character development at the very last moment with the only indicators to the reader that he is even a suspect being the fact that he is so present in the story hide spoiler The reviews here are making me ROTFLMAO First you veot the people who want to scrub history sparkling clean and are etting offended at what is factual history in its portrayal of colonial Kenya I would suggest that these people whose knowledge of history is clearly pretty limited at least read this summary of the movie White Mischief where you will see that the plot of this book is clearly taken from things that really happened Yes it s offensive stuff and did you read the forward where Bowen clearly states as much This stuff REALLY HAPPENEDThen there are the folks offended by the sexuality Not of Georgie and Darcy which is as cleanly scrubbed as the above complainers would like the history to be but of the Happy Valley set and truthfully even that is pretty tame Yes there is talk of partner swapping but not the teenie weenie littlest depiction of that sex Truthfully I think that some of the complainers are disappointed that there are no dirty details and as for your teens reading this there are better things in most YA sections for them to read Besides no matter how much you tried to isolate them from the world they know about this stuff Hell

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of your kids know about this stuff than you do No my problem with this book stuff than you do No my problem with this book that it just doesn t work I mean these books are mindless fluff but this one isn t ood fluff It s not very funny I The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid guess we miss time with ueenie the hopeless maid Granddad and other fun characters and it s not very clever Mixing in the Happy Valley history just doesn t work and the ending is both clumsy and patAnd the reviewers sputtering over sex and political correctness don t seem to notice the literary uality Or lack thereof in this bookThis is one series that I can tet review copies for on Edelweiss And truthfully that doesn t bug me that much Series Royal Spyness 13Publication Date 8619Number of Pages 304I have wanted to start re. Georgie and Darcy are finally on their honeymoon in Kenya's Happy Valley but murder crashes the party in this all new installment in the New York Times bestselling seriesGeorgie is excited when Darcy announces out of the blue that they are flying to Kenya for their extended honeymoon It is only after they arrive that she suspects he has actually been sent there on an assignment She tries not to be angry because she. ,
Love and Death Among the Cheetahs Her Royal Spyness #13

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Ping to Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys get some information on a notorious jewel thief that is rud to be making an appearance in the country soon The couple are uick to settle into the British colony in the country but they begin to realize that not everyone is as friendly as they first appear Then a murder interrupts their trip Can they figure out what is happeningThose who are fans of Darcy like me will be pleased with his presence in this book As is befitting a honeymoon he and Georgie are true partners in figuring out what is happening around them Not that he steals the show from Georgie who still figures out just about everything along the way We doet the usual slow start which allows us the usual slow start which allows us little time to hear from most of the series regulars before heading down to Kenya And let me say their trip made me very happy for how travel has advanced since the 1930 s Even when we arrive in Kenya it takes a bit of time for the murder to take place but once it does the mystery is well worth the wait with some Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, great secrets that Georgie and Darcy must bring to light I did have a hard time keeping all of the British colonists straight but that neverot in the way of following the mystery My bigger complaint is an event that takes place in the middle of the book that seems force to have Darcy and Georgie where they are needed for the plot I appreciated how the book worked in the world politics of the time without feeling out of place in the series And I also appreciated the ability to be an arm chair traveler since I can t take a vacation this year although it really made me want to Life Changing Smiles go on a safari of my ownNOTE I received a copy of this bookRead my full review at Carstairs Considers So satisfying to finally have Georgiana and Darcy married Everything else is incidental reallyI agree with some commenters that this book lacks a bit due to the absence or rare appearance of delightful secondary characters But it d hardly be realistic to have them all pack off with the newlyweds so I m forgiving there Even so this installment lacks a bit of charm of the series ineneral and as unpleasantly realistic as the British aristocracy was portrayed in Kenya the murder mystery itself a bit blandOverall yay for the newlyweds looking forward to happy married life and Georgie stepping on dead bodies in her path It s a shock and disappointment to Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, give this book 2 stars I ve read the whole series and I am a Georgie fan for sure but this was an absolute bore Georgie is barely present Darcy is a shell of himself and the story is completely context driven Pages and pages of contextual description with barely a plot line thrown in forood measure And ABOUT THAT PLOT THE MYSTERY HERE that plot The mystery here from a night at a bed hopping party that for this series is out of tune There have
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other hints in books of the debauchery of the time but only hints really Here it is spelled out in technicolor Not something I expect to find in this series and an unpleasant surprise Reading the Afterword I see that the story is based on historical fact and maybe that s the problem here the whole story was already sketched out in history and Bowen had to wrench something entertaining out of it But it was not Entertaining that is A real low point in an otherwise Only a Whisper great series This was a veryood read I liked the realistic description of Africa and its wildlife However I was disappointed that Lady G Did not Copper Lake Secrets get involved in hi jinxs and we did not have the benefit of Belinda s sassy comments It read as a mystery with very little comic relief. Rampant infidelity One of the leading lights in the community Lord Cheriton makes a play for Georgie She rebuffs him Then he is found dead along a lonely stretch of road At first it seems to be a lion attack But why was he on that stretch of road alone late at night It seems the Happy Valley community wants to close the case but as Georgie and Darcy investigate almost everyone has a motive to want Lord Cheriton de. Ading this series since its beginning but for some reason I never did I remedied that by starting with this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it I didn t find starting with the thirteenth book a problem Yes I missed the development of the relationship between Darcy and Georgie butoodness I Brooklyn's Song got to start with the honeymoon I m sure I missed out on the development of other characters and relationships but I fully intend too back and read the first books of the series when I have a chance to do so None of what I d missed detracted from my enjoyment of this book It is well written and witty with reat characters and multiple mysteries All of the loose ends were wrapped up and justice was served just as it should beGeorgie and Darcy spent the first few days of their honeymoon on a friend s houseboat in a secluded section of the Thames That was a wonderful private first few days of marriage but soon enough the food ran out and they had bumped their heads on the low ceilings one too many times They both decided it was time to head back into London where Darcy soon Announced That He D Arranged that he d arranged the remainder of their honeymoon to be in Kenya WOW The trip of a lifetime and Georgie is so excitedSoon our sharp as a tack heroine comes to suspect that there is to the destination than meets the eye When she confronts Darcy he tells her that he s been assigned to keep an eye out for a suspected jewel thief She buys that and soon settles in to help him determine who the thief might be and to catch him or herOnce they arrive in Kenya things soon begin to happen but none of them actually point toward a jewel thief There are lots of other mysteries as well a murder attempts on Georgie and Darcy s lives residents swapping spouses drug parties you name it Then when you add in the political intrigue you have uite a busy storyI thoroughly enjoyed and certainly recommend this book It is well written well plotted and I really loved the characters I ll definitely be looking forward to the next book in the series as well as oing back to read the previous booksI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own What a disappointment This has been one of my favorite series and A FAVORITE AUTHOR AND I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD favorite author and I was so looking forward the new book If I had started with this one I wouldn t have read any other books by the author I didn t care for the subject matter at all I ive this book 5 stars because I love all of Rhys Bowen s books As a true fan of Rhys Bowen having read all of her books I could not wait for the latest installment in Her Royal Spyness series However I find myself rather disappointed with this entry and am trying to figure out why exactly So I read the reviews on Goodreads hoping that someone would put their finger on what was missing but no one has expressed the sense of what I m actually feeling upon completing this story I absolutely love the way Rhys is able to intertwine real history into a cozy mystery I believe she handled many of the less desirable truths of this historical time period and in particular the debauched colonial activity in Kenya with aplomb However the character development that she has built into the last twelve books of this series was severely lacking in this #Book In Fact My #In fact my favorites Georgie a Lady Georgiana and Darcy have finally wed and Darcy has a surprise an extended honeymoon in Kenya Georgie is excited to et to see local wildlife but once they arrive she uickly learns that Darcy is ho. Is after all in a paradiseThey are picked up in Nairobi and taken to a lovely house in Happy Valley the center of upper class English life there Darcy finally confides that there have been some spectacular robberies in London and Paris and it is suspected that the thief was a member of the aristocracy and may have fled to Kenya Georgie is shocked at the completely decadent lifestyle that involves wild parties and.

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