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Ously awaiting the next book in the series This series is just so ridiculous Here s my review enjoy reading shitty books because I can write hilarious book reviews With her usual so ridiculous Here s my review enjoy reading shitty books because I can write hilarious book reviews With her usual original plotting and outstanding action seuences author Sandra Cox has continued where she left off in Love Lattes and Mutantsread my review here Told from the perspective of Joel a character introduced in the first book Cox mixes romance adventure and science fiction with an expert touch Some of the best scenes take place underwater when Joel and his sister Amy flee from the villains or swim with the dolphins making one feel as if they are experiencing the action along with the characters This series is a wonderful escape best if read in order that carries a deeper message about respect for all animals but never takes itself too seriously Highly recommended 25 Dolph boyJoel and Dolph girl Piper find out they have a test tube dolph baby girl who is super intelligent They with the help of Ames Tyler and Gramps break out the baby and are on the runyup I read this The second in this TeenYA Sci Fi Romance mash up series takes a turn to the familiar tropes with a love triangle of sorts some increased danger for the characters and a further exploration of the motivations behind the mutations and their abilities The mutants in this series so far are all auatic from Piper s dolphin esue hybridization to her friend and fellow mutant Joel s ability to taste an oil spill the uniueness hybridization to her friend and fellow mutant Joel s ability to taste an oil spill the uniueness the talents is indisputable But with Piper dating a human Tyler and Joel s discoveries about their handler s bad acts and the future plans for Joel s sister Amy the action is faster paced this time around as are the revelations Underlying the discoveries and Joel s uest to save both his sister and a lab created child that was the result of an experiment using his and Piper s DNA ou could easily pass on the love triangle as Joel has unreuited feelings for Piper and doesn t understand her relationship with Tyler A bit of angsty drama around the relationship perfectly appropriate for the teenagers they are Joel s point of view and emotions are clear and present he s a perfectly engaging character and ou want to see him get his wish Piper s growth however isn t as significant as I HOPED FOR IN THIS SECOND BOOK for in this second book I do understand her feeling overwhelmed and conflicted Following nicely after Love Lattes and Mutants readers would be best served by reading these two books in order as characters setting and background does carry forward and expand in scope I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility The second book in a series and hopefully there are lots to come I loved reading both This book has it all action suspense mystery and romance A very original concept and executed with charm. D his handler Craven is plotting to kidnap Amy for experiments Now Joel must rescue the infant bring her to Piper and find a way to save Amy And if that’s not enough of a challenge he needs to convince Piper she belongs with him instead of her all too human boyfriend if Craven doesn’t get to them first60000 Words. Hand the dolph child the triangle between Joel Tyler and Piper isn t resolved and all the dangling mysteries remain This second offering in the Mutants series has readers traversing much deeper waters on all fronts than the decidedly shallow swells on offer from its predecessorThis story follows Joel and Amy Two of the fellow dolphs that were introduced in Love Lattes and Mutants Having been raised in the lab these two unlike Piper have no misgivings about who they are and what they have been created to doIn fact Joel manages to find a measure of happiness in the time that he spends on the world s waters using his mutant ability to smell oil leaks that if left unchecked have the potential to devastate everything they touchBut when a trip back to the lab where he and the others were created puts him face to face with a daughter created with stolen genetic material from him and Piper He knows that he Amy and little Angel have to be free at any costBut wanting freedom and achieving it prove to Be Seahorses Of Two seahorses of two colors Especially when our heroes are up against a twisted scientist a multinational corporation and a mutant hating mad manAll of whom with to much to lose to see them go freeThis book is far New Adult than its Young Adult companion While one is heart sick over the plights of Joel and Amy the potential exploitation of the innocent Angel ups the emotional ante to astronomical heightsWhen ou add the components of a race against time and all of the obstacles standing between Joel Amy and freedomThis book is no less than one hell of a fin tastic thrill rideAs if the waters surrounding Joel and Amy aren t choppy enough There is also the added Complication That Hints Of A that hints of a love triangle staring none other than Joel Piperand TylerThis is a very fast paced read that catapults readers through plot twists scenes and emotions at the speed of lightThis reviewer is than happy to recommend Love Lattes and Danger to anyone brave enough to dive into its whirlpool of love action suspense and heartReviewer s Note This book is part of a seuential series which must be read in orderI received this book as in exchange for the honest review provided Sincerest thanks to Netgalley and Kensington The second book in this YA series is pretty much a non stop adventure as dolph siblings Joel and Amy attempt to free the lab created baby Joel fathered with Piper another genetically altered half humanhalf dolphin mutant Complicating matters are a couple of unscrupulous characters who plot to kill Joel and sell the baby for profit If ou like adventure blended with sci fi and a dollop of fantasy in a modern setting ou ll be swept up in this engaging series The characters are charming the relationships than a little complex there s a love triangle and the action fast paced Break out the popcorn Action packedFast paced with plenty of excitement and anticipation of the next move Anxi. E ocean is that it gives him the opportunity to save the lives of his brother dolphins The downsides are life as a closely monitored slave and that he can’t be with Piper the dolph girl he lovesTo make matters worse Joel discovers the lab he grew up in has extracted his sperm and Piper’s egg and created a baby an. .

Great BookThis is a great book this is the second book in the Mutants series by Sandra Cox It is this is the second book in the Mutants series by Sandra Cox It is if Americas sewing book you read the books in order soou
get the characters stories Joel a mutant half human and half dolphin he has a special talent of being able to detect an oil leak by just tasting the water Joel and his sister were raised in a lab that breeds and studies mutants He is sold to a large oil company and is being closely monitored He finds out that the lab has stolen his sperm and Piper s another mutant eggs and has created a baby They have also stolen his sister Now Joel needs to rescue his sister and baby from these people This book kept me reading until the end I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review Suspend our knowledge of scienceOr this science fiction is strongly fiction playing fast and loose with reality So much so that times it is funny truly laughableWhile the first in this trilogy Was Interesting Making This interesting making this want to read this one there were some disconnects between the realities of boats geography and fuel as the story continuedFirst the good parts of the story The story continued with the characters from the first highlighting Joel and his sister Amy The evil Stranger sold the pair to a man who works for an energy conglomerate which drills for oil in the ocean It is up to Joel to find oil leaks with his dolph senses Unfortunately one man hates the pair considering them freaks He tortures them and is out to kill Joel Will he succeed MaybeMeanwhile Joel has discovered he is the sperm donor to a literal test tube baby and he wants to rescue her Stranger wants to do similar experiments with his sister harvesting her eggs Saving them both rescuing them from the two men may cost them their lives Will he be able to rescue the child and his sisterNow for the wonky bit where the tale went way off the rails and makes this reader wonder if the author knows anything about boats spray paint and geography The pair managed to steal a powerboat and it goes 80 knots which is nearly impossible even among a fast boat They bought a few cans of spray paint to change the color of the boat Again it would take a gallon or and it takes drying time Then there is the problem of how much fuel needed and how often Joel and Any would have to stop Fast powerboats get gallons to the mile not the other way around Traveling down the coast would take longer than overnight even supposing fuel was available most marinas fueling stations are not open 247 they tend to be closed at night Then there is the error of jumping from one coast easily but that s minor compared to the issues with the boat It s possible to change realities if it is a different planet but using the US as the setting sends up alarms Maybe teens won t noticeOn the other. It’s a dirty job but some mutant’s got to do itJoel Eisler is a mutant with special talents He can detect an oil leak in the ocean simply by tasting the water Because of this uniue ability he’s been purchased by a large oil company along with his dolph sister Amy The upside of spending his days and nights in th.

Review Love Lattes and Danger Mutants #2

Love Lattes and Danger Mutants #2

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