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I am passionate about spiritual transformation However many books on spirituality and spiritual disciplines suggest a variety of practices but do not communicate a sufficient theological basis for them Robert Saucy of practices but do not communicate a sufficient theological basis for them Robert Saucy this lack by taking a systematic look at what the Bible says about transformation in Minding the Heart the Way of Spiritual Transformation Saucy is a systematic theologian At Talbot School Of Theology Talbot School of Theology is chiefly known for his writings on Progressive Dispensationalism Complementarianism and Ecclesiology I am in disagreement with his position in all of those areas however I think that this book makes an important contribution to a robust Evangelical spirituality Saucy s understanding of spiritual transformation is biblically rounded and holisticThere are fourteen chapters in this book In chapter one Saucy argues that as Christians we attain the abundant life that Christ promises through pursuit of our spiritual Caught on Camera with the CEO growth But the way torow in Christ is through spiritual transformation This happens through a heart change In chapters two through four Saucy describes the inner dynamics of the heart Saucy asserts that in the Bible the heart represents the control center of the whole person their thoughts emotions and volition In fact the heart is the real person chapter and volition In fact the heart is the real person chapter Because of human fallen ness the heart is deceitful and does not behave as it should chapter 3 Real lasting change will take self examination and self understanding chapter 4 However Saucy warns that self understanding is not enough unless we appropriate the cure this effort is not only fruitless but can easily lead to depression as we focus on the ugly distortions still residing in our heart 88The cure for our deviant hearts is the Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, gospel of Jesus Christ and as we change the content of our hearts to reflect God s truth about Himself the universe the human condition His atoning sacrifice etc we experience a total life change chapter 5 Does this mean that spiritual transformation is something we do Not entirely God is the true heart changer but we participate in the process p 118 By apprehending and appropriating God s truth we undergo an emotional change and a behavioral change God is the initiator and primary actor but we are also a direct agent acting upon our own hearts by cultivating our inner life chapter 6The above six chapters are conceptual The next four chapters address what we can do personally to aid our transformation androwth chapter seven Understanding spiritual transformationIt is the heart that is the control center of life and through which God works to change us But how does this rowth take place In Minding the Heart Robert L Saucy offers insightful instruction on what spiritual transformation is and how to achieve it He shows how renewing one's mind through meditation action and community can begin the process of change but ultimately the final change the change that brings abundant life can only come through a vital relationship with God The renewing of the heart is an inescapable human need writes Saucy but the solution lies only withi. Minding the HeartFor any one who wishes to deepen their understanding of Christian spirituality My #one proviso is that this book is academic than practical which may frustrate #proviso is that this book is academic than practical which may frustrate readers However ood thinking is needed in this area and I think Saucy does a Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place great job ofetting us to think biblically and theologically about our lives I ive this book five stars Notice of material connection I received this book from Kregel Academic in exchange for my honest review Spiritual transformation what is it How do we accomplish it Much of what is called discipleship is nothing than coaching to do better and try harder leaving one feeling spiritually exhausted and discouraged This is not the approach taken by Robert Saucy in Minding the Heart The Way of Spiritual Transformation Saucy s singular focus is in the title to this delightfully refreshing book Minding the Heart The author takes you on a journey through scripture to uncover the meaning of Heart in all of it s uses The ideas shown in the book from scripture may feel a little strange to the modern mind set but with the helpful explanation of the author the spiritual significance comes to light There are thirteen pages of a triple column scripture index at the back of the book that may well be worth the price of the book I know I will be referring to it often Robert Saucy takes you on a journey of the heart know I will be referring to it often Robert Saucy takes you on a journey of the heart scripture You will learn what the heart is what is it s nature what is a heart that God desires and what all this means for you This journey is not pop psychology but scripture It is well worth the effort and will have a profound affect on your life This work is a reat ift from the author to the church at large The book I believe should be read by the widest possible audience Church leaders and lay persons alike will find it well worth the time I would say that the only drawback is that the author is so well organized that I found I needed to slow down my reading pace There are about 280 pages of actual text but each one is concentrated and deserves some reflection The author builds on his ideas so I would recommend reading it straight through the first time Many thanks to Kregel Academic Ministry for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange for an for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange for an review Minding the Heart The Way of Spiritual Transformation by Robert Saucy is a monograph about the Bible s definition of the heart and its role in a Christian s spiritual formation Unlike other books in academia Saucy establishes T from the inside out with one's whole heart A reat introduction to spiritual theology Timothy George Dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford UniversityAny doctor will tell you the key to physical life is the heart If it is not beating you are dead The same is true of the spiritual life At the center of spiritual rowth and transformation is the heart This wonderful study by Robert Saucy shows you just how important the heart is and that eternal life is a life of uality drawing upon a transformation from deep within Darrell L Bock Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies Dallas Theological Semina.

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Xhorts us to renew our minds chapters eight and nine describe the biblical concept of meditation and some uidelines for Practice Chapter Nine Discusses How chapter nine discusses how change effects our thoughts and emotions Chapter eleven and twelve talk about the way community and our inter relationship with others affects us Saucy demonstrates our connection to one another in Christ and how Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, giving and receiving in community is both the fruit and a means of heart change The final two chapters put all the above together and urge us to a holistic understanding of salvation which involves the whole person especially chapter 13 Saucy also underscores the importance of prayer to the entire process chapter 14 and conclusionSaucy presents a biblicallyrounded understanding of the human heart and spiritual rowth He discusses the Biblical passages addressing the heart and draws on biblical scholarship to present an understanding of the human predicament and our hope for change This is a Word centered spirituality but Saucy is also psychologically astute His approach to spiritual transformation privileges thoughts but Saucy does not have in mind mere cognition Our minds interprets sense data and translates it into a meaningful emotion 140 Thus both our mental and emotional centers play a part in our transformation and effect our actions He Does Acknowledge That does acknowledge that it works the other way behaviors or acting better than we believe can have a transformative effect on our heart and mind see his discussion in chapter 10 However fundamentally his understanding of transformation follows the familiar Pauline rammar of imperative indicative The Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti good news first and how we should live in light of it This means that hearing theospel making it a part of you through meditation and praxis ie whole person hearing is what enables real and lasting spiritual changeSo I am impressed with the substance of this book and how holistic Saucy s approach is I also love how enerous he is Saucy draws on the best of a a wide range of scholars theologians and saints and churchmen This is a very Evangelical book but not in the narrow sense Any serious Christian will be able to appropriate Saucy s insights Saucy doesn t spill ink describing what Is Wrong With Some Spiritual Practices Ie Centering Prayer Mysticism wrong with some spiritual practices ie centering prayer mysticism Even when we addresses a thorny topic like meditation he stays focused on the biblical understanding of it and draws conclusions from that for our practice I recommend it. N the realm of the divineDrawing from inspiring Bible passages as well as select scientific studies Saucy demonstrates how to make lasting change so Christians can achieve the joys of becoming like ChristIndividuals and congregations will be challenged helped and strengthened though careful reflection on the insights found in this splendid volume David S Dockery President Union University The reat Puritan divine William Ames defined theology as the science of living in the presence of God That's what this book is about a biblical examination of Christian interiority what it means to know and love Jesus Chris.

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