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Lots of reat stories a mix of personal stories sketches of historical figures and some fun fantasysci fi takesReading the digital edition released to Kickstarter backers there were a number of editorial errors unfortunately I actually picked this up from my local BN last summer on the same trip when I went to et my own copy of Secret Loves of Geeks because I loved that collection so much my initial read of that was a library copy What sold me on this anthology was the cover benefiting Planned Parenthood and spotting Maia Kobabe s name on the back because it was eir entry in Geeks that made me want to own a copy and at the time I was completely unaware of all eir work available online but amongst eir name were many "Others I Recognized And Importantly Many I "I recognized and importantly many I not For me anthologies are reat ways of discovering new creatorsThis anthology is fantastic but was very tough to read multiple entries in one sitting I took breaks between stories for two reasons The emotional weight almost all these stories carry and the urge to look thingshistorical figureseventsunknown creators up on my iPhone after completing a story The book earns its 5 star rating for inspiring that much curiosity in meThe book is pretty hefty and filled with selections of various styles and lengths I enjoyed so many entries that it d be a hefty task to list and comment on every single entry I enjoyed but I have to comment on a fewWhat is Planned Parenthood by Micha CruzI felt this was a perfect way to begin an anthology like this A common image in all these stories that feature a clinic show the hateful uninformed protesters that choose to stand outside these clinics I think it s safe to assume it s because they re unaware of all the actual helpful services a PP clinic actual offers This entry simply shows and tellsThe Controversial Figure of Margaret Sanger by Stevie Wilson Loved the coloring choice and probably the entry that led to the longest research than anything else in this bookMy Teddy Girl by Alexa CassaroI knew about teddy boys England s euivalent to America s reaser but was unaware of teddy irls Oh my This story is so adorable especially the artwork Totally want a full length book about girls Oh my This story is so adorable especially the artwork Totally want a full length book about two charactersSilence by Josh Trujillo and Maia Kobabe Master storytelling through the use of visuals The expressions shown by the characters is so well done Also the coloring choice really helped the tone of the storyWe Cannot Make Our Sun Stand Still by Aria Baci and Marian Churchland Another story that features characters that I would love to read a full length book about I Stand by Pat Shand and Liana KangasAnother common trait in this co. Planned Parenthood and the millions of people they help each year need every bit of help they can Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? get Mine is a comics anthology with the proceedsoing.

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Mine By Molly JacksonCompletely acceptable review for itOn the other hand Mine has a slew of stories on a variety of topics that Planned Parenthood deals with They Are "NOT ALL ABOUT PLANNED PARENTHOOD THEY "All About Planned *PARENTHOOD THEY CERTAINLY NOT ALL ABOUT ABORTION IT S *They certainly not all about abortion It s printed on fetal tissue It s stories about womens issues that sometimes in MINE is a flip of the bird to those who would take us backwardsIn this Trumpian age MINE is one of the most important Catwoman graphic anthologies to be published Normally I would haveiven this 3 stars As an anthology some entries spoke to me while others just had me wondering why they were here Which is a fairly typical experience But with most of the proceeds Baby Legacy (So Many Babies going to aood cause I felt the need to bump it up a notch NOTE I m a contributor to this anthology but it s only a few pages out of hundreds so I still think the review is worthwhile This is excerpted from a detailed review on my blog anthology is important to have simply because Planned Parenthood needs all the support it can et especially with PP coming under fire by alleged moralists who think it s just an abortion factory not understanding how important it is for medical care for people with little money As is often the case what people say is moralism is usually classism insteadBut regardless of the charity or benefits or politics or anything like that it s I laughed I cried I was educated this is such a valuable resource and I m so lad that the proceeds are oing directly to Planned Parenthood The sheer number of lives that they impact on an annual basis is phenomenal Major kudos to all of the artists and writers that contributed to this amazing anthology This comic book was produced as a fund raiser for Planned Parenthood and I was honored to contribute the art for a short story written by Josh Trujillo There are a huge number of stories in the book ranging from 1 to 8 pages a mix of nonfiction pieces about Planned Parenthood s past personal histories fictional pieces and some sci fi futurist predictions One of the stories Ethel Byrne written by Cecil Castelluchi and Scott Chantler was just nominated for an Eisner award Mine A Comics Collection to Benefit Planned Parenthood is a progressive compilation of short comics designed to educate and stimulate the reader Informative stories include comics emphasizing the importance of freedom of choice reliable affordable access to birth control and biographies on some of the eual and women s rights most integral public figures Speckled in between the nonfiction are fictional tales of identity and self love I found some of the content to be a bit repetitive but overall I enjoyed the direction and message. TI screenings HIVAIDS treatment and prevention fantastical stories with superheroes Greek mythology and a future both with and without Planned Parenthoo. Llection features people who are trying to inform the hateful uniformed but continually choose to stay hateful and uninformed This story I just adored how the student puts forth all this effort to help inform the uninformed despite the obstacles thrown in her wayThe Bride by Andrea Shockling Mindy Newell and Christy Sawyer The artwork and layout of this entry is wonderful and simply stunning to look at The storythis one hurt to read I m tearing up just typing about it Did not see the ending coming and was definitely a heart punchStained Glass Sex Talk by Gabby Rivera and Brittney Williams The artwork "AND LAYOUT IS FANTASTIC AND REALLY MAKES THAT PRIEST "layout is fantastic and really makes that priest after reading the passage It s sad that misinformation is so openly told to youths that attend religious organizationsBe Cool by SW SearleBig fan of her work Another entry about informing the misinformedThank you to those who put this wonderful collection together and importantly thank you to all those who workvolunteer at Planned Parenthood clinics I truly admire your bravery and dedication and are a true hero in my eyes Why don t enough people know about this book I appreciate this collection *Every single one was so educational and v feminist which is something I highly appreciate The stories *single one was so educational and v feminist which is something I highly appreciate The stories soooo diverse like never had I seen any type of message telling abuse can be prominent in a lesbian relationship I learned so much during this novel The only reason it s not a five out of five is that there were a few comics where I was confused about how it was feminist related or I didn t like the art style I feel like because I didn t like every single comic I can t ive it a five out of five Although it s really made me think a lot Another thing I will say is that it did feel kinda propaganda ey since the protestors outside of the Planned Parenthood would be drawn in such an aggressive way and I think it might ve been cool to see the comics explore the thought of having sympathy for their ignorance rather than thinking them like trolls I m Constantly Craving generally not a fan of comic book anthologies thative an artist or art team two or three pages to tell political stories They re often completely forgettable fluff pieces that you feel ood about supporting a comic that aligns with your values but have no real meritLast year Love Is Love A Comic Book Anthology to Benefit the Survivors of the Orlando Pulse Shooting was one of the few books that I preordered read and purchased the day it came it out I m lad the book exists I hope it spread awareness and raised some money But I don t remember a single page of it It s one of the few books where I think Meh is To Planned Parenthood With stories about trailblazing women civil rights leaders a person's first time oing to a PP clinic debunking myths about sex
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