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This year to read books ff my A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged own shelves and to readf what I personally enjoy I am reading these books I m enjoying the stories #and also thinking about a little that grew into a pretty awesome man As my #also thinking about a little boy that grew into a pretty awesome man As my is stationed thousands Think good thoughts about a pussycat of miles away in Japan and I haven t seen him in two years I can think fondlyf him as I read these books that he so thoughtfully brought to me before he left home More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is the second book in the series As in The First Book The Tales Are Gathered first book the tales are gathered folklore There is a notes section and list One, Two, Three Me of sources in the backf the book The 28 stories are accompanied by awesome bizarre artwork by Stephen Gammell The artwork really makes this book something special The stories vary from jump scares and scary situations to humor and even a song A great collection f kid friendly horror Love love love the illustrations Haunting and creepy mixed with gorgeous I took a little trip down memory lane with this ne I remember reading this as a kid and trying to scare my brothers and sisters with Clinkity Clink then laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world when they all jumped at the end Of course all these stories were a bit spookier when I was younger As an adult I didn t find any Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos of the stories to be all that scary however there were several that were still uite interesting I also like that the author included a section at the end telling where the inspiration for each story came from I didn t like this book as much as the firstne I found the stories dull and the narration uninteresting However there were a couple f them which I really liked and I also think that it might be due to me reading this book for the first time as an adult whereas the first ne was a childhood memory I still admire the work Tea for Ruby of collection and studyf folk tales and urban legends that stays behind it so I am definitely checking ut number three After all this series is a classic Another collection f spooky tales Scary Stories 2 is not uite as good as the riginal but I love it anyway I really nly remembered a few stories from this ne so most f the stories were new to me this go aroundThis is a very beloved book from my childhood along with it s preuel and seuel I m still not entirely sure why I love something so much that gave me several serious complexes that continue into adulthood Ot know it What if a person is buried too soon What happens to a thief foolish enough to rob a corpse r to a murderer whose victim returns from the grave Read about these terrifying predicaments as well as what happens when practical jokes produce. .

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When I was a child I used to love reading Alvin Schwartz s scary story books There was nothing fun than going to the library during the summer and getting my fix f creepy stories and macabre artwork by Stephen Gammell I recently picked up a copy The Whistle Pig of this book as a testament to my childhood nostalgia to see if the stories held up to the testf time I m glad to say that they did While written for children the stories definitely gave me a few chills as an adult The artwork is still just as creepy although I m not uite #AS SCARED TO LOOK AT IT #scared to look at it The tales are based n folklore and legends so you r your children may have already heard many f them before Yet there is nothing uite like the way that Alvin Schwartz tells themThis is definitely a book I d recommend picking up for children who love scary stories r for those Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of us who loved these stories as a child Don t forget to read them when the sun isut and the lights are A Stepdaughter In Heat on though Otherwise you might start seeing things in every cornerr hearing things in every room 45 stars SCARY STORIES PART TWO After reading the first book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark I just had to read up n the seuel More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark which is also written by Alvin Schwartz along with illustrations by Stephen Gammell More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a Schwartz along with illustrations by Stephen Gammell More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a f the first book and we are introduced to spine tingling tales from this fantastic series as you will definitely be sitting Rufus on the edgef your seats after you read this collection f scary storiesJust like the first book this book basically contains a collection f scary stories to tell in the dark and they include One Sunday Morning A young woman named Ida decided to go to church You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series on Sunday morning and when she made it to the church 35 stars Stories I liked most The bed at the window The bride The drum The dead man s hand The little black dog The Scary Stories series by Alvin Schwartz was a favoritef my ldest son when he was younger We read the stories ut loud to each ther and even his friends We talked about what made A Story Scary How story scary how tell a great ghost story and the basics f acting and public speaking My son is now almost 30 years ld and he still remembers these books Before he left to serve in the Navy he brought me used copies that matched the nes he The Cowboys owned as a kid As partf my personal challenge. All those who enjoyed shuddering their way through Alvin Schwartz's first volume Sins of Treachery of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will find a satisfyingly spooky seuel in this new collectionf the macabre the funny and the fantasticIs it possible to die and Ut I guess I m just twisted like thatI chose to reread these books due to the Scary Stories movie that came ut recently Needless to say the stories didn t scare me like they did when I was a kid but I still found that I was a little creeped ut going to the bathroom in the dark so to me that s a win For Any Book Or Movie Because Fiction Doesn T Scare any book My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City or movie because fiction doesn t scare easilyIt s filled with mostly creepy short stories with a chapter dedicated to spooky yet humorous stories to make you laugh instead This edition has newer pictures but theriginal illustrator s drawings are intensely creepy and unmistakably recognizable It s perfect for kids 10 12 teens 13 15 r people 16 that scare really easily and can t handle hardcore horror This book is featured n Halloween Reads for Children s another scary story collection that s perfect for this time Whos Next? Guess Who! of year Somef these are downright horrifying but so much funA few f ur favorites are Something was Wrong The Cat s Paw Ba Rooom which includes the simple sheet music we enjoy playing Papi's Gift on the piano Wonderful Sausage and One Sunday MorningOnef my favorite s This second volume f scary stories compiledadapted from folklore and legend is significantly scarier and adult than the previous volume I was going to include my list f favorites when I realized I loved every story in here except Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories oner two which were still goodWhat I love most is that Schwartz takes time at the end to explain his sources for the #Legend And Offer Supplemental #and グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] offer supplemental suggestions for those interested The listf books include many from academia What people don t realize about Scary Stories is that it s an extremely scholarly project It doesn t surprise me at all that it took a full 3 years between volume 1 and 2 because f the massive research involved It took another 7 years before the third book was released and f course there hasn t been any collections since Schwartz deserves much praise for his dedication to folklore and attention to uality The slim volumes f utmost uality serves the vision much better than a mediocre thick collection which is unfortunately the structure f competing collections Combined The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of course with Gammell s iconic illustrations there s not a finer bookf campfire tales yet While the first collection has some true classics I think I prefer volume 2 because The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry of the way it raises the scares a notchOn to volume Gruesome conseuences and initiations go awryStephen Gammell's splendidly creepy drawings perfectly capture the moodf than two dozen scary stories and even a scary song all just right for reading alone r for telling aloud in the dark If You Dare. More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

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