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My Enemy My Ally

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Ribly padded There are pages And Pages Of Exposition That Pages Of Exposition That of exposition that little to advance the story and belabor the character points that are being made Characters converse or pages about matters that turn out to have little to do with later events Worst of all Duane goes to great lengths to show us how the Enterprise crew is one big happy Shadow of the Vampire family They are always giving each other amused looks gazing at each other with appreciation and trading gentle affectionate comments about each other Such a constant barrage of warmuzzies grows tiresome rather uickly Fortunately this aspect of the book grew less egregious toward the end of the novel I picked MY ENEMY MY ALLY up Statistical Computing in C++ and R forun and while it was a pleasant enough read I wasn t enthralledThere were good points Duane lets her imagination run wild with aliens Many diverse species cultures sexual orientations abilities colors and body types roam the pages Human Aspects of Software Engineering freely and happily Duane s deft handling of science and the mechanics of the Star Trek universe madeor a solid high stakes adventure Ael was a How to Make a Plant Love You fascinatingresh character and her and Kirk s relationship was well wrought especially the endingWhat majorly dropped my review star count was the plot s pacing The Cities and Dialogue first 200 pages seem to exist only to set upor the last 100 pages and while Duane s plethora of details build up the characters and world nicely they can t "hold my attention Put simply and horribly I was bored and that s partially why it took me "my attention Put simply and horribly I was bored and that s partially why it took me long to Christmas Doll finish the bookOnce I got to page 201 though the plot speeds up to break neck speed I was so on boardor the ride that I nearly cheered Everything came together in a tight little bow and I Dark Tide Rising (William Monk finished uickTo sum up read MY ENEMY MY ALLY if you have the patienceor a very VERY slow beginning and like exploring coolio author creations Otherwise it s a bit of a slog. He captive Vulcans When the Romulans discover their plan the Neutral Zone seethes with schemes and counter schemes sabotage and
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HatAnother annoying thing about this Book Is That Apparently In that apparently in society at least in this book girls rule boys drool Romulan emales seem to "BE THE CLEVER INNOVATIVE ONES WHILE "the clever innovative ones while males seem to be slow on the uptake passive or easily ooled I don t know why this was done this way maybe it was part of an effort back when this book was written in hopes of broadening the Star Trek The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, fan base beyond its likely overwhelmingly male demographic At any rate it just seemed contrived I think this book may appeal to hardcore Trekkies but it s not great in my opinion Dad was right it was reallyun Diane Duane just gets it she gets everything about what made Star Trek great It was exciting touching and laugh out loud Fearless Jack funny at all of the right times The old characters were spot on withouteeling retread and the new characters were very interesting I went into this reading I m pretty sure I read it at least 20 years ago but I can t remember I may be remembering Ensign Rock The Film Club from other books as aavor to Dad but he was right and I was wrong and now it will be recorded Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook for posterity And now thanks to Goodreads and the new serieseature we ve both discovered that Duane wrote additional books in the Rihannsu saga so we re both looking orward to that Some of the other Star Trek books have been mediocre at best but Diane Duane usually does an excellent job in her writingsand this book is no exception The story really drew me in and I almost elt like I was watching the show instead of reading a book Diane Duane has crafted a good basic story about a Romulan commander joining The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful forces with the Enterprise crew tooil a despicable new weapon that she Ninth Grade Slays feels will be a permanent blight on the honor of the Romulan people It has some nice suspenseful moments and builds to a satisfying climaxHowever it is also ter. Power Ael decides on treason Captain Kirk her old enemy joins her in a secret pact to destroy the research laboratory andree .
This was mildly entertaining mehok but not great I do enjoy Star Trek especially the original TV show but this just seemed to drag it took about getting halfway through it before took about getting halfway through it before became interesting to me The basic plot is that a rogue Romulan commander Ael discovers that the Romulan Star Empire is kidknapping Vulcans in an effort to harness and weaponize their mind melding mind reading capabilities Disillusioned and disgusted by such a dishonorable act she and her crew defect to the Federation and persuade Kirk And His Task Force his task orce cross the Neutral Zone and destroy the Romulans lab and rescue the captive VulcansYou would think something like that would be a real page turner and you d be wrong There s a couple things that I think could have made this book For one thing there s no central bad guy villain the Romulans seems to be a Work Your Wardrobe faceless entity and this takes the edge off the plot For another I think it misses the opportunity to really introduce us to the mysterious society of the Romulans and contrast it with that of the Vulcans Both originally were once one people yet millenia before the Vulcans yet split apart in what was known as the Sundering The Vulcan s chose toollow the peaceful logical teachings of Surak and one of Surak s students S Task became heretical and led a Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, faction arguing that ways of passion conuest and duty with honor were the best way of survivalor the species Expelled The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business from Vulcan these mavericks would become theounders of what would become the Romulan Star Empire Given the common ancestry language and biology between the two peoples yet their radically different philosophies histories and culture it would have been Tiểu phẩm báo chí fascinating seeing the two peoples poles apart on logic and emotion interact and judge how each one sees the other but this book misses the opportunity to do Ael t' Rlailiiu is a noble and dangerous Romulan Commander But when the Romulans kidnap Vulcans to genetically harness their mind.

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