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Loved her husband and was hoping he would believe her I sincerely thought He Loved Her From loved her from time they met because he finally agreed for their relationship I sincerely thought he loved her from the time they met because he finally agreed for their relationship be xclusive Then when he asked this young woman to marry him But I also felt for her living in a strange country being treated so poorly by her in law having her husband working long hours and not paying attention to her So I could understand why she sought out the friendship with his step brother Marco But as the three month period came to a close there was a chain of Cannibal events that set in motion suffering and pain for them both However when both of their secrets were revealed and Alejandro finally learned the truth about his brother and let down his guard this couple got their amazing happyndingSeriously i don t Mastered (The Enforcers, even want to speak anything abt the coupleAlexjandro my god this man said all the worse things that degrades a womanven went to the xtent of saying Jemima was a unfit motherkept mistrusting Jemina hurting her humiliating her and believing Man, Son of Man everyonelse but his wife and Jemima one door step woman kept taking all painhurt humiliation though for her son s sake she had take few things i understand that but my god there has to be a limitsomehow i completed it but cannot recommend itokay read I had Alter Ego enjoyed this book as it had loads of angst which I love but as we got close to thend of the story I got really angry Alejandro had treated his Jemima really badly accused her of having an affair with his brother called her foul names refused to believe that her child was his and had made her life hell At the nd he should have been on his knees begging for forgiveness but that didn t happen He got away far too light and never ven said sorry and Jemima just instantly forgave him I know that she loved him and was finally relieved that he believed her but at this stage but she should have been angry and raging that she had suffered a couple of years of heartbreak Good story shame about the Uncommon Wisdom ending One of the most appalling herosver He didn t just leap to conclusions he actively looked for Unseen City erroneous co. Of their marriage is a bitter truth which undermines Alejandro'svery achievement Alejandro's opportunity for justice comes when the private detective he's hired pinpoints Jemima's whereaboutsand delivers the news that she. .
25 stars another f % arrogant and stubborn hero The heroine and hero were both despicable and hateful One of the worst books LG has Art ever written counting Dark Angel This is the UK version of Decentnough read The hero was awful to the heroine of course and refused to believe her about his brother for most of the novel Only when she revealed that the brother was view spoilergay hide spoiler the God Is in the Crowd extremely proud Spaniard Alejandro Navarro Vasuez Stubborn doesn tven describe this man who takes the word of his half brother that he was having an affair with Jemima Alejandro s wifeNow two years later Jemima is living back in her native England with her two year old son Alfie the son she thought she had miscarried when she left her husband after a bitter argument However her doctor confirmed she was definitely pregnant and had probably lost a twin Still married to Alejandro she was running a florist shop and raising her son What she didn t count on was for her x to make an appearance and demand a divorce there was a DNA test and which proved Alejandro was the father Demands demands and finally they agreed that they would give their marriage a three month trial for their son s sake And so the three of them returned to Spain and the Castle where Alejandro s wicked stepmother and sweet sister resided Accusation to Spain and the Castle where Alejandro s wicked stepmother and sweet sister resided Accusation accusation kept being sent Jemima s way Her husband wouldn t believe sister resided Accusation after accusation kept being sent Jemima s way Her husband wouldn t believe concerning her relationship with his brother However the physical attraction and sensual awareness for both of them was still strongI wondered how much Jemima would ndure for the sake of her son It was OBVIOUS HIS STATEMENTS HURT HER AND THAT HE WOULD his statements hurt her and that he would his brother over her However he did get rid of his stepmother when he finally realized all of the things his wife told him about her were true Each of them in their own way tried to get along make the marriage work but they both were keeping secrets Jemima about her abusive upbringing and about all of the money she had been blackmailed into given her father shortly after they were marriedIt was obvious to me that Jemima still. She had run awayand her husband wanted revenge Alejandro Navarro Vasuez the Conde Olivares has long desired vengeanceHis wife betrayed him with an act that by the proud Spaniard's code was unforgivable What's the breakdown.

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Nclusions to leap to He accused her of verything under the sun and he never shut under the sun And he NEVER shut about them It was nerve wrackingFeb 2012 So I just picked up a copy of this titled Naive Bride Defiant Wife thinking I hadn t read it Turns out it must have been retitled as Jemima s Secret Hmmm Didn t ven start chapter 4Why Because I hate it when the heroine runs away and has a secret baby just because things Notes for the Everlost ended bitterly between H and herAnd then with her memories I found that she was too stupid to marry him He was playing around andxpecting her to be When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) exclusive what a jerk If she doesn t respect herself neither will IHope Flora doesn t disappoint Not awful but I ve read better second chance romances by Lynne Graham Alejandro and Jemima caused too many of their own troubles for me to completely sympathize with them Alejandro had jealousy and trust issues but he wasn t all to blame for his troubled marriage Jemima also sharedual responsibility She had been a young insecure 20 year old when she married Alejandro Adding to this volatile mix was the interference Of Self Serving Relatives And self serving relatives and importantly the failure to communicate openly with No Biggy! each other over many crucial mattersIn this case I felt the misunderstandings dragged on for too long I also wasn t a fan of Jemima sacrificing her marriage for the sake of someonelse specially when revealing that secret to Alejandro wouldn t damage their marriage but save it It seemed asinine to have kept uiet view spoilerAlejandro believed Jemima had cheated on him with his brother but Marco was gay and she had sworn to keep his secret hide spoiler He tried not to love her y all That s why he was so uick to believe she had an affair with his half brother That s why he was why he was so uick to believe she had an affair with his half brother That s why he was uick to not believe her secret baby was his son That s why he didn t call and canceled plans when they were dating What s a Spanish billionairemillionaire supposed to do with all that motionHeroine not only kept her baby a secret but the fact that the half brother view spoiler was gay and that her x con father was blackmailing her for money hide spoiler. Has a two year old son Clearly her wanton ways have led to an illegitimate birthBut no matter Alejandro is determined to settle the score with his runaway wifeSECRETLY PREGNANTCONVENIENTLY WED With this ring I claim my bab. ,

Jemima's Secret
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