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Standouts in order of preference The First Deer Dance Night of the Festival an honest scene Wildcat and the Acorns just noticing all of these are from the perspectives of children Gorsch the Cellist The Nighthawk Star and The Wild Pear I read this book This book is probably better than I m rating it but since I don t read many short stories et alone children s fables translated from Japanese I feel Tough Girl like it just didn t really click with me Ioved the beautiful descriptions of the natural world that were almost ike poetry There were some stories I enjoyed unreservedly

"March By Moonlight The "
by Moonlight The Rat The Restaurant of Many Orders #But Many Others That Just #many others that just me vaguely puzzled or unsatisfied I think this is because I just don t have the right cultural frame of reference to pick up the allusions to Japanese folklore Buddhism and history that we re peppered throughout Also western children s stories are steeped in morality these. Whom the spark of curiosity combined with a taste for fantasy and a ove of anguage is still alightThis collection appearing for the first time in paperback brings together the best of his stories They range from cautionary tales to small prose poems from social satire to of his stories They range from cautionary tales to small prose poems from social satire to tragedy All share an in.

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Were often Conversationally Speaking lessonless or withessons that westerners would never teach there children as in The Fire Stone So interesting but not really my cup of tea Rly delightful read such small and odd Hoot little stories Lyrical Some of the stories feature creatures who stand for human beings as often happens in fables But Miyazawa makes things even fun with his own special twistsike the fox s new shoes Even richer and stranger are other stories that travel into the mind of other than human nature imagining what the crabs are thinking for instance Even the crab story could be a traditional anthropomorphic #Fable With The Crabs Standing For #with the crabs standing in for beings faced with the randomness how death or beauty arrives inexplicably However the story creates something other than simple anthropomorphism rather a blurring of boundaries between human and animal a sense of shared experience Most of the stories undo boundaries in unsettling and illuminating way. Tense delight in the natural world a sense of oneness with other Red November living creatures and with the vast universe around usMiyazawa is entirely original No other Japanese writer before or since has told stories as fresh in detail but universal in scope as this man whoived and died still young in Japan's far nort. .
The Ecology of Hedgerows and Field Margins Marriage on His Terms
My favorite short story of all is probably the Restaurant of Many Orders #Wow This Really Was #this really was beautiful ittle book A number of the stories I found to be very touching even if a bit #Alien Like Any Truly Good Stories These #Like any truly good stories these filled with compassion misunderstanding bad intentions cruelty punishment kinship beauty and grace The wording of the translations is a complete delight and the small illustrations that begin each tale are wonderful A joy to read Tales magically teeming complete delight and the small illustrations that begin each tale are wonderful A joy to read Tales magically teeming innocence thick with the wondrous motion of nature and charmingly slyly playful Delightful wistful and entertaining Comfortable ittle stories with all the wonder of a sunrise at the end of a ong and uiet night Talking animals rural scenery and a deceptively simple but beautiful down home tone make them seem ike real folktales albeit ones refreshingly uncoupled from moralizing If there is an instruction it might be a simply and unforcefully put be polite. It is time that Kenji Miyazawa A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, long recognized as a writer of genius in his own country enjoyed the same reputation abroad Are his fables in which acorns uarrel and flowers fret aboutosing their ooks written for children or adults They are for both for adventurous young minds but also for older readers in. ,
Once and Forever The Tales of Kenji Miyazawa

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