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There s so much great practical Biblical wisdom about raising children in here I find Nancy s attitude towards children so refreshing she inspires me to have a joy filled home and now I am full of ideas and dreams I m thankful for the Wilson s ministry based on the word and their years of parenting godly children and now grandchildren Excellent words of wisdom encouragement comfort and grace Being a godly mother is indeed a high and noble calling and one that many women are underprepared for Nancy sketches the basics with clarity and indness maintaining a balance that is all too rare in these sorts of books She highlights the biblical principles and gives many helpful methods of implementing them while being careful not to confuse the principle ie Christian education with any one of several God honoring methods ie homeschool Christian school tutoring or a hybrid The chapter on domesticity is especially helpful and explains how a rigorous education doesn t replace but rather serves a homeward focus Great stuff This has some great encouragement good practical advice and focus Great stuff This has some great encouragement good practical advice and perspective and insight That being said I think some areas should be labeled this is my personal conviction on this matter and not law Aside from that this was mostly an enjoyable interesting and convicting read I am so very grateful for Nancy and women like her who give much value to the beauty and godliness of growing in femininity something that is dying in our world today I am so encouraged and excited to become a wife and mother and even grandmother because of the way Nancy explains these God given roles and the joy that can be found in fulfilling them in a way that glorifies the Lord 1010 would recommend to every and all women As a husband and a father I found this book to be very insightful Guys read this if you would like to better understand not only your wife s role and what she was created for but also to better understand your role and what you re supposed to be doing to compliment her that your entire household might For a Christian motherhood is the subtle art of building a house in grace the wise woman builds her house but the foolish pulls it down with her hands. Praise Her in the Gates The Calling of Christian Motherhood

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Ictly speaking Wouldn t die on that hill at least but there you go Still better than what you ll read anywhere else A wonderful little gem of biblical advice for mothers all wrapped up in 105 pages This book is a great read that contains sound doctrine seasoned with grace For us moms who feel the calling of motherhood is at times overwhelming the author points to the fact that building a home reuires holy joy and a love of beautythe mother that fears God does not fear the future All Chapters Were Beneficial chapters were beneficial include childbirth education discipline loving daughters respecting sons and letting go I read Nancy Wilson s The Fruit of Her Hands many years ago and loved it It dealt with the topic of Biblical marriage and a wife s respect for and submission to her husband This companion book focuses on Biblical motherhood and it was also filled with wise counsel and wisdom from the scriptures However in 2018 I have either become modern in my thinking or maybe the tide of our culture has changed me I found myself feeling uncomfortable with Nancy s statements about bringing up girls not allowing baseball caps or Barbie dolls and warning mothers of the potential danger of their daughters becoming career oriented I would love for my own daughter to enjoy the domestic arts she does and I believe she will continue to do so but at the same time if she feels called to a career where she can bless others and help provide for her family s needs I would not discourage her from the same My working outside the "home has allowed our children to attend a private Christian school a "has allowed our children to attend a private Christian school a they would not have had if I had not taken a teaching position at their school My husband and I did not enter lightly into the decision for me to work and I see God honoring that choice I recommend this book for many of its insights but with some reservation Really great book of practical advice I mean as far as I can tell I m a dude Also makes me really appreciate my mother who is often praised in the gates for being a godly woman Thanks Mom. Simple formula Building a home childbirth education discipline reuires holy joy and a love of beauty The mother who fears God does not fear the future. .
Hrive When men assume the role of husband and father the scriptural paradigm they follow is that of God the Father and Christ the BridegroomWives also have a scriptural paradigm to follow for they are commanded to imitate the Church This is a wonderful little book on being a godly mother It has excellent insights on how to cultivate a loving joy filled home that seeks to glorify the Lord Most of the principles she gives are scripturally sound but I would maybe disagree in the application of some of them In some of her extreme applications I wanted of an explanation as to why she said parenting must be done in this fashion and even a Biblical basis for her reasoning but she didn t explain why So while I agree with her for example on encouraging our children to embrace their genders and I think she gave some helpful ideas on how to do it I disagree with the application point of forbidding our daughters to wear baseball caps At the same time I think the general philosophy of motherhood and the picture of the home that she paints is one that is Biblical and God glorifying and living this out would do much to strengthen our families churches and communities I am not supposed to be here see other Nancy much to strengthen our families churches and communities I am not supposed to be here see other Nancy review But while I m in the neighborhood yes this is mostly good stuff I don t now if a woman would find it encouraging but I thought it was I forgot how important pregnancy was for a woman so I was helped by that A lot of very good advice here about mothers not being too hard on daughters and respecting sons All of that is golden I m not sure if I would necessarily want as neat a house as Nancy Wilson wants but I ll have to Think About That I Am about that I am that the domestic arts are not as important as they were in the 1800s and I wish Nancy Wilson could have seen that She definitely is aware of the fact that women were basically CEOs if they were in charge of a household but I think there s radical and interesting results from this I would rather women got involved in home businesses than in the domestic arts str. Prov 141 Each day's work is significant for it contributes toward the long term plan Each nail helps a house stand in a storm But motherhood isn't
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