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It s not just pulp fiction it s vegetable pulp fictionLong aeons in Earth s future an Age of Plants has risen Dangerous carnivorous plants are everywhere some species are even mobile hunters The remaining humans are a dwarfed shrunken species everywhere some species are even mobile hunters The remaining humans are a dwarfed shrunken species reatly reduced intelligence and a simple tribal lifestyle they struggle to stay alive long enough to maintain their populationIt s an interesting premise sadly the execution is uite frankly terrible The writing is clunky The plot practically non existent The characters are at times uite literally interchangeable with no depth or even an attempt at Elizabeth Cady Stanton giving them individual personalities Basically there s aroup of these future humans and they wander around encountering one monster or other hazard after another and After the End graduallyetting picked off The main raison d etre of the book is to imaginatively describe these alien organisms one after another They re created from a purely fantastic perspective not an actual scientific speculation attempt Nothing about the world described makes any logical sense That s fine except nothing about the book is strong enough to carry it as a fantasy eitherIt s also uite offensively sexist Not in the way of many The Doll and Her Friends (1893) golden age SF books with nubile alien slaveirls and sexy sorceresses I love those No it s of an insidious and constant flow of every time an incident is portrayed the female characters are less intelligent less assertive timid unable to come up with their own ideas shown as interchangeable as lovers Hey they re Septiņi good ativing comfort though Even though the future society we are told is matriarchal it s the male characters that have to take charge in every situation and are the main do ers throughout It is very clear that Aldiss never even considered that a woman might bother to read his book The content here was originally published in five installments in The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction in 1961 Unbelievably they were collectively awarded a Hugo for Best Short Fiction An abridged version was previously published as The Long Afternoon of Earth There is a trick to beginning reviews and it s a pity that I ve never learnt itMy early impression reading this 1960 science fiction novel set on Earth in a far future when our plant s rotation has stalled and weird dynamic forms of vegetable life are dominant leaving the rest tiny humans wasps termites and a few others to battle on as best they can was to feel the similarities with J G Ballard s The Drowned World Both imagine a future world that in some ways is similar to the prehistoric past the Jungian notion of an inherited species memory is important in both and the importance of the time that both authors spent in the Far East Ballard as a boy Aldiss if I remember correctly as part of his military service is not something that you have to lift stones to seeBoth and I suspect that is a particularly sharp feature in British writing when there is not just the taking into account of not just the taking into account of reality of living with the possibilit After reaching the halfway mark I threw this book down you can read later why only to pick it up again because 1 I think it unfair when someone ratesreviews a book they haven t finished as I have never felt that was a fair way to judge a book potentially destroying an author s chance to reach an audience perhaps even ruining their career and 2 This was a HUGO AWARD WINNING BOOK and I strongly believed there must have been a ood reason whyBut I didn t follow my own rules of doing things and thus originally rated it a 2 and reviewed it in full I wanted so badly to like it believing it had several things Znanstveno fantastični roman o posljednjim ostacima čovječanstva koji se bore za opstanak s mnogo. HothouseOing for itHere are the 5 reasons why I felt it would be an awesome read1 It s set in the future in which the Earth s elliptical rotation around the sun has come to a complete standstill with the moon s orbit around the Earth MIA as well to a complete standstill with the moon s orbit around the Earth MIA as well half of the Earth is forever caught in the full blast of 247 sunlight while the other side is evidently in complete darkness The results After man and all life on Earth faced a post apocalyptic radiation scenario the sun side of our planet re invented itself into a lush tropical cryptobotanical I think I MADE THAT WORD UP FOREST WORLD WHERE ALL made that word up forest world where all life and vegetation evolved into sentience of lesser and reater degrees 2 The plants and vegetation evolved so The All New Jonah Twist greatly that many lifeforms mirrored and imitated animals from our time period not only in behavioral patterns and functionality but in many cases even in their physical description 3 Man has devolved into almost fairy like versions of ourselves originally without wings very light on their feet with climbing skills that would put most orangutans spider monkeys and lemurs to shame They re only about 1 12 feet tall and not an ounce of fat on them To top it off they rereen 4a Because of the harsh environment these proto humans live in the middle of the upper lower reaches of their web like forest world much in the way the Wookiees do in Star Wars on their jungleforest world home planet Kashyyyk 4b Due to this they live predictably short life spans maturing rapidly in order to survive matehave sex usually by the time they are 10 yrs old and die or should I say DROP OFF INTO THE GREEN at an alarming rate 5 And once againthis may be the most important reason why this should be a killer to readIt s a HUGO AWARD WINNING NOVEL Further Harlan Ellison whose short story collection Deathbird Stories I like a lot just LOVED ITHere are the 5 reasons why I initially struggled reatly with it1 From the beginning pages the world though interesting isn t as understandably descriptive as I needed it to be 2 The characters I liked most from the outset either died off or were MIA for all or most of the remainder of the book like the too few insects such as the bee creature on the book cover seen here 3 The plot was uhhhthere was no plot Or at least there didn t seem to be for over half of the book on that later just a bunch of fairy sized proto humans running around trying to survive 4 Some characters had really annoying YA ish well bad YA ish names that rated on my nerves to NO END like Poyly and Veggy which made me constantly axe myself Veggie as in veg e ta ble or like as if you put a V in Front Of Egg Throwing A Y On The End Of of egg throwing a Y on the end of Arrrghhh 5 It would have kids mating in the middle of a strange scenario and at other times the younger and less mature of the Legon Ascension (Legon Series group would show off theirenitals to the elder kids to display their manhood and abilty to mate thus clearly proving this isn t a kid s book only for this adult book to decline into hella weak sauce children s book dialogue the likes of which I couldn t force myself to digest any longer right after I was just patting myself on the back for having PMS gotten past the halfway mark And then I read this Great herder we see you since you come We Tummy tree chaps are seeing your size So know you will soon love to kill us when youo up from playing the sandwich The Two of Swords game along with your lady in the leaves We clever chaps are no fools and not fools are clever to makelad for you All the Tummy men have no feeding and pray you Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, give us feeding because we have no mummy Tummy feeding Grenestured impatiently We ve no food either he said We ar. Brojnim mesoždernim biljkama i rotesknim insektnim životom Zemlja pritom podsjeća na staklenik;. E humans like you We too must fend for ourselves Alas we did not dare to have any hopes you must fend for ourselves Alas we did not dare to have any hopes you share your food with us for any hopes you would share your food with us for food is sacred and you wish to see us starve You are very clever to hide from us the jumpvil food we know you always carry We are lad Ēna great herder that you make us starve if our dying makes you have a laugh and aay song and another sandwich ame Because we are humble we do not need food to die with YEP I wanted to chuck this mutherfunker as hard as I could across the room Or better yet after composing myself let it DROP OFF INTO THE GREEN ORGANICS WASTE MANAGEMENT TRASH BIN outsideto let this book serve a better purpose than waste any of my time LUCKILY I didn t I picked it up again and although I never came to like the tummy belly men or most of the names of the creatures and characters the carry catchy kind the Traversers the Arablers etc I was shocked at how engaged I became in the story even liking the plot that somehow subtly snuck right up into the story with an ease and race I feel was either Kentucky Grandmothers genius or wonderfully accidentalIt even went so far as to have thisreat scientific philosophy wrap up detailed in only a few pages as to why all life on our future Earth had evolved so and where it was uickly heading One theory really made sense to me and made me think Brian was either a mad scientist turned author or had an LSD trip one evening that sent his thoughts off to the moon like a rocket and somehow either remembered it or wrote part of it down incorporating it into this sci fi fantasy story So I m Štěky Broka Špindíry giving it a final rating of 4 stars for the fact itot better and better as I ot into it culminating in a very enjoyable read I couldn t put down and call it material reasons if you will for all the beautiful imagery I ot in my head while reading it along with the If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, gorgeous paintings and artwork associated with this novel Don tet me wrong It had several things I could ve done without especially the tummy belly men some horrible names as I said earlier and the writing sometimes had me wondering if it was translated from a different language into English because it often felt disjointed and I would ve really liked to have had focus on certain creatures other than a few that were in the story too much but it was very entertaining and makes me crave a seuel or something similar Here are a few books said to be of the same sub enre Millions of years into the future the Earth is tidally locked with the sun and the sunny side is dominated by a banyan tree of mind boggling size Mile wide plant spiders crawl from the Earth to the moon on vast #webs As for man he is now a foot and a half high reen and running scared #As for man he is now a foot and a half high Decadent (Wicked Lovers green and running scared the timeIot this from Netgalley I was pretty conflicted about this book On one hand I love the setting Come on A far future earth dominated by colossal plants with When Digital Becomes Human giant spiders crawling from the earth to the moon and back Telepathic mushrooms Flying plants Giant insects What s not to likeWell there isn t much of a plot to speak of The story starts with one band of humans moves on to the kids they leave behind when they Go Up and then follows two of them I think some of this is due to the book being a patchwork of several of Aldiss stories set on the Hothouse earthStill it s not without its charms There s a wackiness to it that I enjoyed It reminded me of Philip Jose Farmer s Dark is the Sun uite a bit Also the setting reminded me a bit of Harry Harrison s Deathworld 1Iuess I should wrap this up somehow I love the setting but I don t think the story ever came close to doing it justice Two out of five stars. Vrućina svjetlost vlaga i bilje koje stalno raste neobuzdano podređujući se svom neotuđivom zako.

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