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Out spoilers but it s so you can read it yourself if you don t believe meWarning I have been told this story has spoilers for Struck so you may want to read it after the book I struggled with reading Struck by Jennifer Bosworth so I thought maybe reading Prophet after was a good idea to help me appreciate it These were the moments when I thought I just didn t Get The Whole Thought Behind the whole thought behind story of Struck Seeing Prophet I thought to myself Hey Maybe this ll help me get to know Rance Ridley and why he s so villain ish Not a word I know I tried using vil but he doesn 24 of 2020Have absolutely no intention of reading the series after this Not only did I read this story but I also wrote it. Ment and Rance is set on a course that will change verything ‘Prophet' is a disturbing glimpse into the past of the villain of Jennifer Bosworth's debut novel Struck. .
Here is the link for the preuel to Struck Amazing I can Wait To Read The wait to read the now He s creepy lol Creepy glimpse of the terrifying villain from Struck Prophet s past Really well done short Interesting short story about the son of a religious cult leader and how aged thirteen certain vents would change his life forever It presents a nice xample of the distorted worldview of cults and the autocratic power of cult leaders but with a hint of otherness about it While it s nicely written I would ve preferred a longer tale My interest is nonetheless piued so I will be checking out other books and stories in the Struck series Prophet can be read for free here This is only a preuel to the Some Men Are Born Monsters Others Are Made are born monsters others are made In Prophet Rance Ridley the teenage son of a cult leader lives on an isolated compound disconnected from modern civilizati. ,

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Ook but it did not make ME WANT TO READ THE ACTUAL want to read the actual This short story gives some insight into the mind and past of the villain of Struck but I don t know why this would make Rance understandable for me or why I should have sympathy or mpathy with him when he was such a weak person view spoilerand let his girlfriend suffer for him and then die hide spoiler WTF This story is a preuel to Struck by Jennifer Bosworth involving one of the novel s main characters Rance Ridley I have not read Struck but I am glad he is not the narrator because I found this part of his back story revolting Not the writing just what happens what he and his father do Pretty much Gallowglass every single thing Can t really say with. On There is no running water Nolectricity And no law but the Prophet's When Rance is caught in an act of flagrant disobedience his father delivers the ultimate punish. Prophet Struck #05

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