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This review is of Ride the Free Wind book 2 in the Savage Destiny series by Rosanne BittnerThe story Ride the Free Wind begins shortly after the first book Sweet Prairie Passion ended Abigail Abbie Trent Monroe and her husband Cheyenne Zeke Monroe are traveling to find Zeke s Cheyenne relatives his mother and three Cheyenne half brothers Zeke also has three white half brothers one of whom Danny Monroe is introduced in this book Danny as well as one of Zeke s Indian brothers Swift Arrow will play pivotal roles as the series goes on There are also three evil characters introduced who will adversely affect Zeke Abbie their family and the Cheyenne They areDancing Moon An Arapaho Indian woman and Zeke s former over Dancing Moon becomes intensely jealous when Zeke brings Abbie into the Cheyenne camp This emotion The Patriot Bride leads to a series of attacks against both Zeke and Abbie Zeke takes revenge on Dancing Moon but does not kill her a decision he will come to rue as the series continuesWinston Garvey A US Senator whousts after money and power Garvey aspires to become a war profiteer when the US and Mexico go to war among other plans Jonathan Mack Garvey s right hand man Mack hires Zeke to act as a scout for a dangerous expedition What Zeke doesn t know is that Mack has stashed contraband in the wagons so that HE can profit from the Mexican American WarAs the book goes on Zeke and Danny find each other Zeke and Abbie become parents of two children a son Little Rock and a daughter Blue Sky but both they and the Cheyenne and the rest of the Native American tribes deal with sadness and anger as their ways of ife are forever altered by the encroachment of white society Upside As usual Ms Bittner s writing is exuisite I feel Upside As usual Ms Bittner s writing is exuisite I never feel if m reading a book she writes but rather that I am watching the characters in front of me and I feel every one of their emotions especially Zeke and Abbie s I feel their happiness and I feel their pain and that is something only the truly great authors can engender in me I also ike the fact that Ms Bittner writes Zeke as a totally human character Unline Gray Eagle the hero of Janelle Taylor s EcstasyGray Eagle series who is often written as omnipotent Ms Bittner doesn t write Zeke that way During the course of the Savage Destiny series Zeke is shot and injured and allowed to be human This is great to see and makes Zeke a total character as opposed to a caricature Downside In addition to what I wrote in my review of Sweet Prairie Passion I can add one criticism of Ms Bittner at times the Savage Destiny series is formulaic The formula goes ike this Zeke and Abbie are happy Zeke and Abbie are separated Abbie andor Zeke is attacked Zeke finds the attackers and inflicts maximum pain on the malefactors Before Usually Killing Them Lather Rinse Repeat Sex Ms Bittner usually killing them Lather rinse repeat Sex Ms Bittner ove scenes are very salty this is not a compliment Salt to me is a very basic spice and that also describes Ms Bittner s Understanding Women love scenes Basic at best Violence Ms Bittner s scenes here however are far from basic As usual there are scenes of assault rape and various killings When Zeke does it it s aittle graphic and creative Bottom Line I m much willing to forgive Ms Bittner. Abandoning everything she had ever known Abigail Trent eft her family and chose her fate to ride with Zeke Monroe half Che. ,

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Uple endure so much and not Verdammt verliebt let it tear them apart Excellent read and great historical teacher of the Indian ways ofife Love Zeke and AbbyI ve read the first 2 BOOKS AFTER READING REVIEWS FOR ALL after reading reviews for all I think I will stop here I can t handle the emotional roller coaster I hope The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, later to read the next book but might be awhile Great books but very emotional Great historyessons makes me wish I could have known my great great great Creek Indian grandmother but no history since it was a shame for a white man to be married to a Indian or Visa versa I now understand the shame that it Brought And Understand The Stories and understand the stories ve heard of my own family Zeke and Abbie is now married and very happy They went to Inverloch Volume 4 live with his people the Cheyenne Theyived in a tipi and Zeke promised Abbie a cabin even though she didn t mind The Good and Beautiful God living in a tipi Zeke s half indian brother Swift Arrow didn tike her at first but in time he did Black Elk and Red Eagle did ike her Zeke s mother and step father adored her Abbie had made a friend Tall Grass Woman There was one woman who hated Abbie bc she was a white woman married to Zeke Dancing Moon was Zeke s ex over She slept with all the guys and was always starting stuff Abbie became pregnant which she and Zeke was very happy about Dancing moon attacked Abbie and stabbed her in the stomach almost killing Abbie and she did kill the baby The indians banished her for what she did After that things was rough between Zeke and Abbie but they made it through Dancing Moon was still going to cause trouble Really you MUST get all 7 books in the Savage Destiny series and fall in ove with Zeke and his Abbie My heart felt every emotion possible with these two I cried aughed stressed rejoiced cheered worried along with them When a bookseries can do that you know they re the best If I could only keep one set of fiction books this would be it hands down no hesitationWhile I always enjoy reading how a couple gets together I The Horse in Celtic Culture loveove LOVE the romance and story that follows the HEAwedding I think that s another reason why I so enjoy this series it didn t just stop at the wedding we get to experience all their joys and struggles through their married ife but yet how much stronger their ove grows over timeAnother thing I Every Boys Dream love about this series is the American history Rosanne Bittner gently teaches us I ve alwaysoved history but hated reading the dry text book type things However RB makes Starflight Zero learning history enjoyable because we can experience it through Zeke and Abbie s eyes Iearned so much about the American IndianCheyenne culture and my heart broke to really realize how much prejudice people have for one another and how uickly that can affect A Succession of Bad Days livesThese first few years of Zeke and Abbie sives was a mix of such joy and hardship but they proved together how much they need each other My favorite book out of the entire series Ya know writing the reviews about these books makes me want to read themI think I am going to go and grab book one and read some of it tonight I LOVE THIS SERIES I The Multi-Orgasmic Man love Rosanne Bittner Indian Life MattersYet anotherook into the past of this great Nation of ours Thank you for your continuing sagas Inspiring Enlightening. Urning his back on the white man's world To stay with him Abigail must become Cheyenne too even if it means death and warfa. For the somewhat formulaic nature of some of her scenes due to how exceptional she is in other areas Ms Bittner s books will not be everyone s cup of tea but those who ike Native American romances will find The Great Passage lots toove in Rosanne Bittner s books One of the best ove stories I ve ever readI read this series years Ago And The Characters and the characters stayed with me all this time This is a sweeping ove story of epic proportions and I recommend all of the books in this series to anyone who Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) loves romance particularly historical romance set in the wild West I did enjoy this book aot better than the first one The author had Abby being a I Walk in Dread lot mature than what she did in the first book I know that the book is not a true story but we do know aot of this is what happened there s one thing The Life You Save like the previous book it seems to run on aittle too much I started Ride The Free Wind within half an hour of finishing Sweet Prairie Passion I became so absorbed in Zeke and Abbie s story that I simply had to start book two immediately I found this book extremely hard to read It was very well written it was just the events and actions of many of the characters were very upsetting My minor problems with Abbie in book one disappeared uickly in this book although she was still uite young at the start Her character felt real to me I oved seeing both sides of Zeke the kind and gentle man and the savage warrior Many characters deserved his harsh methods of revenge so although I hate violence I didn t have a problem with the actions of Zeke in battle He only killed out of necessity or to seek revenge on those who deserved itI felt many emotions while reading this book The actions of the government the greedy white senator Jonathan Mack and Dancing Moon sickened me so than when the Indians did battle Reading this book at times made me ashamed of being white I know that is probably a ridiculous sentiment but it is how I felt When I ook back at how the Indians were treated in America and the Aboriginals in my own country I cannot feel anything but anger and shame This book is was so powerful and the storyline at times so hard to read that I have decided I need a break from the series I most definitely will be continuing the series however after reading such an emotionally draining book I feel a strong need to read a Inside MacPaint light hearted romance which will make me smile rather than cry I m not sure there could ever be a greaterove than the Othello (Shakespeare for Everyone Else, love between Zeke and Abigail So many trials and tests go up against the couple that could end the best of relationships yet theirove just grows Abigail is just a white child when she falls in ove with the half breed Cheyenne buck but she grows to be a great white falls in ove with the half breed Cheyenne buck but she grows to be a great white woman that is oved by Zeke s Cheyenne family and tribe So many things happen in the 2nd book Ride The Free Wind There is death births tragedies fear of the future for the Cheyenne and all Indians the enflux of the white settlers into the West that wreaks havoc on the Indian way of ife The whites bring disease and take over and of the Luthor Huss land the indians had always hunted on and traveled on freely Yet there is adventure human growth spirituality reunions and beauty How can one co. Yenne scout into the unexplored west Together they faced peril until Zeke found his mother's people and became Lone Eagle

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