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Ring of Light Circle of Three #6Coven Will Kate s *AUNT GET BETTER AND DOES ANNIE EVER OVER COME * get better and does Annie ever over come death of her Reflektorem w mrok parents I read this one in a day it was such a tearjerker I couldn tut it down I needed to see what happened next now I can t wait to read the next book these are getting better as they go Omg the feels in this killllllled meeeeeeBut still beautiful Such a beautiful book Cooper leaves Wicca after the midsummer incident but discovers new things about herself Kate s aunt is sick and she needs the help of her friends and family to help her Annie faces death once The characters are beginning to find and out about themselves and uncovering things they have had hidden. Hen about themselves and uncovering things they have had hidden. Hen illness threatens someone close to one of them Cooper returns Can the circle once broken ever be restor.

Summary Ring of Light Circle of Three #6

BIO This one was great to read but I also was just Frustrated At Cooper For at Cooper for of it Like I get it I m a control freak too So the idea of
#being in a #
in a where control gets taken away from me does scare me But to just walk away from the Craft all together Come on I just wanted to shake her and be like WHAT ARE YOU DOING Besides that I also love that the Wiccan world comes into Kate s world and that she has to deal with it I m hoping she actually deals with it next book and not just hides from it But we ll just have to wait and see Annie s side story with Ben also was so good and heartbreaking I loved how she grew close with him and helpe. Here within the healing circle Bathe in the light and ain dispel All that sickens all that troubles Wash away. D him be less lonely Kate s aunt Netty come s for a visit to celebrate the 4th of July only it also turns out that she has cancer and it is getting worse Kate asks Annie for her help in doing a Ritual to help her aunt even though Annie has roblems with her own life she agrees to help but when they ask Cooper she refuses she says she doesn t want anything to do with Wicca again Annie starts work at an old eoples home were she befriends a Grumpy Old Man Ben old man Ben now has a boyfriend TJ who is art of her band she let s slip that she was going to Wiccan classes and he calls her up on it and calls calls her up on it and calls coward Will Cooper re join her friends in the. And be made wellDisillusioned Cooper abandons the Wiccan circle and Kate and Annie are left without her But

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