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Ok But every brief exploratory touch was heightened their isses tantalizing because it all had meaning Maybe it was the anticipatory element heightened their isses tantalizing because it all had meaning Maybe it was the anticipatory element guess what They talked they built trust they worked through like two grown adults Ash is an astrophysicist newly stationed in the South Pole camp and Phoenix is the incoming cook Both women bring tall orders of backstory but gradually create something special between them Smooth easy read likable characters interesting inside look at life in the South Pole Some info dump in the beginning when Ash describes the ace spectrum to Phoenix It s fine when she s applying it to herself but felt encyclopedic if she was speaking in generalities Just in the beginning Overall I enjoyed it and got me thinking Two women end up at the South Pole One is a scientist and the other is a cook I m not a chef One is a player someone who always has sex on her mind though she promises her aunt to forgo one night stands and since she doesn t do relationships then that means no sex for a year other does think of sex but as this odd foreign thing she s asexualdemisexual ind of asexual who can desire sex but "only after developing a deep emotional two meet bad Lots of conflict But they both almost immediately apologized to "after developing a deep emotional connectionThe two meet bad Lots of conflict But they both almost immediately apologized to other after about a night and begin a uite tentative friendship that leads to I rather liked both characters and their relationship By roughly the 50% mark I was thinking I might end up rating this 55 But certain things lead me to not being sure if I m rating this 475 or 5 stars The teaching parts of the book were mostly well done but a little too hmm I ll go with a little too many lessonsI ll end with as a sign of how much I enjoyed this first book in a series I went to buy the next book even before I finished book 1 Book 2 not out yet hehRating 488August 22 2019 An okay readThis was an okay read for me The beginning actually started off pretty good and even once both characters met at the Pole ot was still bery promising But soon it became a bit long with nothing really happening A lot of running in fear and then uick make ups A lot of in decissiveness Fascinating read Makes me wish there was ace rep in lesfic Definitely an under represented spectrum While some of this reads as an ace PSA it s completely understandable given the circumstances Ash and Pheonix are really great characters and I look forward to seeing them in the next boo. S there’s nowhere to run and as they find common ground their differences aren’t nearly the hindrance they thoughtRising From Ash is the first book in the Forged by Fire series a slow burn contemporary lesbian romance that shows the power of intimacy to form a new life Note While Rising from Ash features a character on the asexual spectrum the story does include physically intimate scenes However none are gratuitous96000 word. Rising from Ash Forged by Fire #1I ve had this book in my to read pile for some time and am so glad I was finally able to enjoy it This is only the second time I ve read about a character on the asexuality spectrum in a lesfic book so really appreciate the insight it provides I realize there s certainly to it than this book or the other I ve read Perfect Rhythm by Jae can convey but I am coming to learn the ey role intimacy plays in these relationships In this story Ash who identifies as demisexual someone only sexually attracted to someone they have a strong emotional connection to meets Phoenix a woman who is overtly sexual when they both take a year long job in the South Pole Phoenix is a cook and Ash is an astrophysicist and it s a fascinating look at what working in an environment like that might be like We learn not only what they do for a living but how and why they secured those jobs what their family situations and backgrounds are like and what brought them to this point The two have such different professional prospects yet they are both excellent and respected at what they do At the core is a beautiful story about how they fall in love while navigating their way through a new relationship in such a secluded confined environment and at the same time learning how to meet each such a secluded confined environment and at the same time learning how to meet each s very different sexual needs #I love the understanding and care both of of them show to one another It s a very #love the understanding and care both of of them show to one another It s a very romantic and heartwarming story I look forward to learning about their future when Meyer writes the follow up Rating 45 stars Sweet and geeky slow burn I enjoyed this book so much There was so much caring and love between Phoenix and Ash Phoenix had a difficult youth "which still effects way of life and the way she sees "still effects way of life and the way she sees Ash is asexual demi sexual to be precise So she has her own problems one of which is that she hopes but doesn t expect to find the unicorn person that loves her as she is and wants to build a relationship with her Ash and Phoenix clash when they meet and after that it s a lovely and slow build up of their romance I also liked the setting of this story on the South Pole and the important lack of showers Well written romance recommend 5 stars I m not sure why but I finished this a while ago and have been sitting on my review for some reason This was a fascinating read for me and I think I wanted to settle on it for a bit and think over my feelings on it for a little whileTo be honest I went into the. Phoenix Murray has had enough Enough of her incompetent boss Enough of her addict father always asking for money Enough of the struggle to survive So when her aunt offers her a job as a cook at the South Pole she jumps at it Even when she’s asked to avoid casual sex to eep the peace in the tiny communityAstrophysicist Ashley Bennett can’t wait for her year at the South Pole Not only will it allow her to focus on her PhD rese. Read wondering if I d be #FRUSTRATED WITH IT I READ ONE #with it I read one Meyer s previous stories Dal Segno and it just didn t resonate with me despite the music theme I m glad to say that this was a complete change and I loved it ACE representation in fiction especially lesfic is pretty brand new I have to admit that I m pretty sure I m on the ACE spectrum personally falling closely along the lines of demisexual and I didn t even realize that there were others like me until I read about it in a book That s what I think fiction does for us it opens up windows for those who may be feeling lost OR ALONE HELPING US TO FIND SIMILARITIES AND CELEBRATE alone helping us to find similarities and celebrate differencesAs for this story itself I loved seeing ACE representation I ve seen other reviewers mention that this felt a bit like reading about ACE 101 but I thought that Meyer handled that perfectly for the characters MC Ash was teaching MC Phoenix about what it meant to be ACE right along with the reader and through their creation of a comic story on ACE topics it all just made sense why it was handled this wayThe story premise itself is "fascinating to me also Having people essentially cut off from the outside world for months at a time while living "to me also Having people essentially cut off from the outside world for months at a time while living the South Pole was a perfect situation to put these characters in as they learned about each other I can t wait to read the next installment 425 starsAn ARC was provided to me by the author through my link text Lez Review Books This was a particularly interesting book because of the uniueness of the differences between the two main characters I learned so much about a topic I new almost nothing about In addition to that the setting was also uniue The emotion and intimacy of the moments between the two characters was moving and beautiful I look forward to book two Highly recommended Really enjoyed this book Jae did one on asexuality that was also stunning our heroine here Ash who is on the spectrum is a star as is Phoenix both with real issues that are dealt with with sensitivity and importantly make the book a stellar read Thanks Rising from Ash is a story of possibilities It is also very much a relationship book If you go in with expectations of this being a romp you ll be disappointed But watching a couple learn each other as people first before they journey into sex was very hot I didn t anticipate my reaction because I didn t now anything about the asexual spectrum and I thought it might be a non sexy bo. Arch it’s a Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, key step in her plan to become a Mars colonist Avoiding the complications of dating in a society that doesn't understand asexuality is a bonusWhen Phoenix and Ash meet they can’t help but push each other’s buttons Phoenix doesn’t understand that her confident sexuality puts Ash on edge while Ash’s curt formality triggers Phoenix’s insecurities about her upbringing But living at the bottom of the world mean.

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