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Royal EscapeThis book was of course bounded in by the need to "stick to what had actually happened but for all that it was still enjoyable Were the story fictional it would be "to what had actually happened but for all that it was still enjoyable Were the story fictional it would be unbelievable and no doubt heavily criticised for the narrow escapes and articularly the later chapters where trying to find a boat descends almost into the farce the man locked in by his wife and daughters for example before it is resolved For all that though this is Heyer doing one of the things she is best at creating flawed funny characters who somehow manage to scrape through anything which is thrown at them It was a Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten pretty straightforward historical adventure rather than the historical romance you normally expect from this author Charles was given a very Scarlet Pimpernel typeersona indolent ampered yet for all that clearly a true man and it was fun to read His loyal cavalier Wilmot was highly annoying It made me interested in reading about their history It appears to be a very faithful rendering of actual events. Dispossessed of crown and kingdom crushed and routed #At The Battle Of #the grim Battle of the young Charles II is forced to flee for life Out of the heat of battle the outlaw King.

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The women s roles thrown in to me but in reading other sources about Charles s escape they were CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition part of the events Maybe it was just the romantic turnut on the women that I found unnecessary Charles s attitude "Toward Jane Was Particularly Over The Top "Jane was The Ornament (Ornament, particularly over the top seemed toromise her returning later in the book Of course as a faithful rendering of history she did not ever appear again so it seems building up a big attraction was unnecessary Still a fun read I got this book as a Christmas gift I was not acuainted with this author but having read her book I am anxious to get a chance to read of her works The book was a true story but so well written it read like a very good novel I have always enjoyed good books about life in old England I guess artly because I have ancestors that were there then but this book will surely have to be listed among my favorites Great read I adored this book finding it nonstop fascinating Everything that other eople found boring I found fascinating ALL the And his tiny Rant party must journey across Cromwell's England to a Channelort and a ship bound for France and safety But the King with his love of adventure his irrepressible humo. .

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Oyal Royalist English that help Charles II escape And of course since I knew LITTLE about this time eriod I have checked out a whole bunch of books to find out about him Our President just got inaugurated this morning 12113 and so the Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons political aspects of religious strife and unstable governments are very relevantI also found it fascinating that Heyer wrote this book in 1937 38 justrior to England s being bombed by the Nazis for the next 6 years This book must have by the Nazis for the next 6 years This book must have inspirational to the Brits in what they were about to endureBravo Georgette Heyer s historical fiction is impeccably researched and always a good read However the booksellers market her novels as historical romance even when there is no romantic involvement of the characters in this story Indeed the only reason for a female in this story is as art of the disguise for Charles II as he escapes to FranceIf you want a bodice ripper Ms Heyer is not your author If you "Want Witty Drawing Room Farce Royal Escape Is Not Your "witty drawing room farce Royal Escape is not your Ur and his unmistakeable looks is no easy man to hideA typically witty exciting and wonderful tale of historical adventure Royal Escape will lease Georgette Heyer fans old and

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