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This book was not my favorite but it was a decent uick and easy read The book is about wealthy teenagers who have Lies That Are Not Very that are not very at least to me The main character is well nown as she hosts a rumor gossip tv show She becomes entangled in the drug scene where people including her peers are being hurt because of a new drug Naturally there is a happy ending I was glad that this Gossip Girl The Cliue type novel had a diverse set of ethnically characters Its not that hard to include non white characters in this popular upper class rich girl narrative Sigh on the other hand Maya as a character was so dumb and foul that I was incredulous My word And not one mention of God by this Christian author I guess she is trying to get on that secular tip What lesson is she trying to teach the teen girls who read her novels Not one Christian character or any meaningful lesson My word i got this book from the publisher in exchanged for an honest reviewi have to start and say that is book reminded me of a tv show that would be aired on disney or even nick this book is based on the age group of 10 to about young adults it nick this book is based on the age group of 10 to about young adults it a very enjoyable read and was glad that i got the chance to be the first to review itit starts off with a group of friends who go to a private high school for rich parents they also have scholarships students who attend but all the students who have rich parents dont talk to them except for them to there homework there group of friends are on a tv show calle miami divas Maya is the main character in this story with her 4 friends sheridanbali shayand chenoa there are fliming there last show for the season and it so happend to be maya s super sweet 17 so while filming this last show maya is also flilimg for MTVmaya has it all great friends a boyfriend who spoils her with everything and a show this is all about to change maya gets asks to do her own show so of course she said yes and is making triple what she was making before Maya was shocked when the rest of her friends got fired and they cancelled miami divas now all her friends de friended her because she didn t even flinch to have them start with her on the new show now to make matters worse mayas first job was to dish "The Dirt On Her "dirt on her old friends yea she got to interview high named celebs and singers but the produces said it was every other show and what is better than dishing the dirt on her old friends who are still in the spot light Maya decided since she was dealing with a lot of heat the school wit. These Miami divas are filled with sass scandal and mouth dropping entertainment Ni Ni SimoneSpilling juicy secrets on air is creating drama than Maya Morgan ever imaginedThe teen reality show Miami Divas made media sensations out of Miami's richest in crowd and Maya. Rumor Central

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O depth Just gossip money backstabbing bitches regretful boyfriends and money and gossipGuys she talks about herself in the THIRD PERSON because she thinks she so amazing This byotch needs to be slapped down a few hundred platforms When she went to the police to file a report about her stalker there were two issuesa She was all like My daddy is Miles Morgan You d betterANDbThe fucking police did not take her seriously even though she was receiving serious threatsThat is not how police act It was shallow ridiculous unrealistic messed up and a zillion other shitty thingsAnd then the whole Brice Thing Was A thing was a romantic flub He s like I made a mistake Boo I want you back Babe Meanwhile I m sitting thereGTFOH Brice You don t get to break up with your girlfriend because you believed a lie her enemy told you about sleeping with two guys at once then later decide you miss her NUH UHThere was too much modern language that I didn t like It was so annoying I didn t get any literary vibes The verb trip or some variation of it was used way too often And no it doesn t mean trip If someone is tripping in this context that means they re annoyed about or freaking out over somethingI cannot tell you how often it showed up I wanted to go back "and count but I couldn t because it s an audiobook It must have been at least "count but I couldn t because it s an audiobook It must have been at least usages in a 263 page bookThroughout the whole book Idiot Supreme aka Maya Morgan was 999999% sure her stalker was SheridanThe whole time she was like SheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridansheridanMeanwhile I m sitting there like First of all fck you Second of all view spoilerValerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerievalerie hide spoiler If Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars can get a showso can Rumor Central This is Love Hip Hop and The Wendy Williams Show all mixed together for a showso can Rumor Central This is Love Hip Hop and The Wendy Williams Show all mixed together for teen diva set There are already dozens of teens on YouTube with their own faux reality showsbut a big network with an Empire budget could put a series like this on TV and I think it would be a hit To read of this review and watch a booktrailer click here This was a good read short of 34 in where it jumped around awkwardlyGreat book to recommend to a reluctant ya reader who loves reality tv. Gs someone will do anything to shut her up Between back stabbing lies and hard truths this gossip girl has only one chance to make things rightbefore it's too late Sit up and pay attention Maya Morgan will nock your socks off Earl Sewell author of The Keysha Diaries. .
H all the drama of her new Show That She Was Going To Do that she was going to do her ex best friend had stolen her boyfriend and they done everything to rub that in her face she got great ratings on her show and couldn t be happier she even got an assistant to help her with her homework because of all the partys and work she was doing her assistance name was valerie and she was a scholarship student she normally wouldn t be friends wit her but with all the drama she was the only one left that was being nice to her valerie being excited that she got a new BFF told her one huge secret about her friend sheridan maya couldnt eep her mouth shut and spilled the beans on national tv about her ex best friends mothersince then she also exposed the rest of her old friends on a stealing ring the whole school now refuses to talk to maya and now started calling her a snitch she still didn t care because she was a star that is until she got threating text messages and even greated by some thugs now maya has to either uite this show or deal with the conseences of what will come with these thugs maya nows it is someone from school but cant figure it out will she be able to solve this problem before her career or life is done will maya finally figure out who her true friends are or will maya learn whats really important in life I surprisingly enjoyed this than I expected I enjoyed the change from Maya being the popular diva to the outsider looking in It was written very well and the ending was gooooood I felt like everything was was very real and it showed how people can be easily manipulated into doing things they now is wrong I enjoyed the gossip and rumours surrounding this book it was very funny at times and although you wanted to Hate Maya It Was Impossible Great Book It Wasn T Maya it was impossible Great book It wasn t bad I actually liked it Anybody with friends can relate to it I love reshonda tate billingsley I apologize in advance to those of you who are strictly opposed to profanity That s when I noticed the long butcher s nife in her handAre you fucking idding me She just admitted she s your stalker and that she doesn t like you and you said she looked crazybut you didn t see the BUTCHER KNIFE she came to murder you with Oh My God Never has a protagonist pissed me off so much Although I m not sure if I hated the book the characters or both The point being that I suffered and my views may be jaded at this pointWhere is the 0 star rating when you need itI could not deal with the excessive shallowness that saturated this book Absolutely Morgan is one of them Now Maya's been offered her very own show and she'll do whatever it takes to step up the fame she's worked so hard for and that includes spilling some secrets her friends wish were left buried But as Maya gives up the goods for the sake of ratin.

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