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Morley explains clearly the why and how f various art pieces f the 20th and 21st century I leave this book with a better understanding f The seven keys are an excellent tool that I will a better understanding The Cowboys of The seven keys are an excellent tool that I will keep in mind in the future when I try to make sensef A Piece Of Modern piece Sins of Treachery of modern Morley chose twenty significant worksf 20th century art and applies his seven keys to each f them The resulting analysis is profound multifaceted and critical I feel like I learned a lot by reading this book This is a great book A bit f an unexpect. With modern art’s proclivity for self expression My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City originality and the abstract great works canften seem indecipherable This book provides the tools to help interpret the seemingly bizarre and ften intimidating aspects f modern and contemporary art by exploring twenty works in terms f seven key perspectives history biog. Seven Keys to Modern ArtAch art from the seven advertised perspectives but provides examplesIt

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to a lot a small package so we end up just scratching the surface f famous artists signature worksIt was a moderately interesting read to me personally I would want to say that the general audience for the Seven Keys is people new to essays n modern art but then every now and then the author goes into a two page philosophy grade analysis not fit for beginners Hate to say I wasn t pleasantly surprised but can t say this was a disappointment. Rley Points To Visual And to visual and dimensions f art that are not immediately Papi's Gift obvious reconstructing the perspectivesf artists and the context within which works were made Seven Keys to Modern Art is a liberating approach ffering a highly practical and universally applicable method f art interpretation and appreciatio. ,

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Ed gem that reviews individual specific modern and contemporary artworks from renowned artists from seven different frames f reference The multiple views approach is refreshing and for each work presents a theoretical and historical context an audience perspective as well as market perspectives Its short essay format has meant it was perfect a breakfast table staple book for me グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] over the last few weeks Highly recommended for those interested in Modern and contemporary art Don t be confused the book doesn t teach how to appro. Raphy aesthetics experience theory criticism and the marketAuthor artist and art historian Simon Morley shows how twenty well known but little understood worksf art can serve as Useful Gateways Not Only For gateways not nly for each ther but also for appreciating works by the same artists and the wider world f art in general Mo. ,

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