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Y an adorable six year old girl named Cassidy Li It is her turn in kindergarten to be the Star of the Week which means she gets to bring in food for the class and tell them all about her life She is a little nervous about telling people that she is adopted and is worried about uestions that her classmates might haveCassidy Li prepares for her big day by going throug I really liked this book because it tells a story about a little girl who is adopted and wants to share her story to her class mates It shows a concept that all families are differently formed whether it be from birth or adoption I feel this book will go well with 5 year old s The illustration is very detailed and Pretty I Believe It Will Capture The I believe it will capture the s attention Star of the Week was a beautiful read It really touched on hat very child who has been adopted would go through She has concerns from the beginning about how people will take her story She loves her family but she also loves her birth parents and still understands that their a very important part of her life So her deciding to put them in her project and add them as "a part of herself was her coming to terms with her life The genre was "part of herself was her coming to terms with her life The genre was adoption and this topic really isn t discussed much for younger children but I think they represented it appropriate The uality was amazing the pictures and words of this book where just Understanding Markets and Strategy enough forach child to understand This is a solidly good adoption book Cassidy Li was adopted as a baby from China When it s her turn to be star of the week at school she makes a poster about herself When she realizes that she doesn t have a picture of her birth parents to include she draws one I really appreciate two things in particular about this book it is the story of the adoptee not the adoptive parents told from her perspective and in her voice and Cassidy Li has

uestions and mixed 
and mixed about her birth parents and being adopted The illustrations are great and Montana Dreams enhance the textI read this book with my 6 year old and it started a conversation about the ways in which her adoption story is different from Cassidy Li s and the ways in which they are the same Totally worth reading and one of a growing number of books about adoption that centers the adoptee rather than the adoptive parents Such an interesting story with great illustrations Cassidy Li is the star of the week in herlementary school classroom She is xcited and nervous all at the same time as she prepares the poster about herself to share with her classmates This sweet book is told in Cassidy Li s voice through the pictures she chooses to include on her poster When she finishes she realizes that something is missing she does not have a picture of her birth parents Adopted from China as an infant Cassidy Li knows nothing about the parents who gave. One big xception Cassidy Li adopted from China when she was a baby doesn't have a photo of her birthparents But with a little help from her family she comes up with the perfect wa. ,

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Her life So she decides to draw them as she imagines they would be This story contains adoptive parents who have open and honest discussions with their child about where she is from why her birth parents may not have been able to take care of her and the fact that it is ok to wish that they were in her life It is a beautiful representation of what it means to be a parent This book although it is older published in 1996 would be appropriate for grades 2 and above and could lead to discussions of identity acceptance adoption and family that could be valuable for all kids not just those who have xperienced adoption Six year old Cassidy Li has been chosen to be Star of the Week for her kindergarten class She carefully chooses items to put on her poster but runs into a problem Cassidy Li was adopted from China and desperately wants to include a picture of her birth parents Her solution to this dilemma is a lesson in resiliency Star of the Week is inspired by the real life vents of the author Darlene Friedman and illustrator Roger Roth who are also husband and wife Friedman gently addresses the uestions concerns and Picture Theory emotions of an adopted child Through the narrative themes of cross culturalinternational adoption and cultural assimilation while maintaining cultural identity are also addressed Roth s realistic illustrations give the reader a sense that they are actually looking into a slice of real life This is particularly true of the photos Cassidy Li uses for her poster This story could be used as a read aloud for grades K 2 but would make a great buddy read book for a 3rd The author of this book wrote this story to model off her own life showing how she and her husband adopted a baby girl from China The story is written from the perspective of Cassidy Li a six year old who is preparing to do a presentation about herself for school As Cassidy Li makes a poster board with pictures of her life so far we are introduced to her family and friends I will say that I was put off that all of the Caucasian characters were obviously very different and uniue but when the illustrator drew pictures of the Chinese children they all lookedxactly the same Cassidy Li ven looks like a twin with her best friend and her cousins other children adopted the same orphanage however i do like "the same orphanage I do like aspect that Cassidy Li thinks about her birth parents and how her adoptive parents are very honest and open about talking about the birth parents It also shows her anxiety of sharing the poster and getting unwanted uestions from classmates I was disappointed that there weren t any uestions from her classmates Young children are curious and I don t think it it totally true to real life that they didn t ask Cassidy Li anything about her adoption I useful story for grades K 2 when discussing adoption. Y to include themUsing their own family's story as a model Darlene Friedman and Roger Roth celebrate the love of families verywhere through this straightforward and insightful boo. Star of the Week A Story of Love Adoption and Brownies with SprinklesStar of the Week is about a Six Year Old Girl Cassidy Li Who year old girl Cassidy Li who to present a poster to her kindergarten class about her family Her project seems to be going well but she runs into a problem while trying to find a picture of her birth parents She was adopted from China as a baby so she doesn t have any recollection or pictures of her birth parents This narrative story would be good to use in the classroom because the author Darlene Friedman made sure that the main character kept in touch with her native culture She mentions how Cassidy Li goes to Chinese school And Bid Him Sing every Saturday and she has a reunion with her Chinese cousinsvery year Both the author and the illustrator connect with this book because they re husband and wife and they adopted their daughter from China The illustrator and the author both make the text relatable to children The pictures look very realistic They resemble things that children might have seen before and are very recognizable I d use this text to show students how to create their own personal story about an Aristotle Detective (Aristotle event in their lives Star of the Week is a good book to use when talking about diverse family structures because it reflects a positivexperience on adoption It also shows a few realities about how a child may feel after being adopted Genre Realistic FictionReviewPublishers WeeklyCassidy Li is going to be Star of the Week in her kindergarten class and that means she gets to bring a snack the titular brownies and chronicle her life story on a poster But as she reviews snapshots depicting favorite activities pets friends and family she also realizes that as a baby adopted in China something is missing I don t have any photos of my birthparents Her solution adding a hand drawn portrait of them to the photographic collage Debuting author Friedman who is also the wife of Roth The American Story and the parent of a Chinese daughter doesn t try to smooth over the bittersweet lements of Cassidy Li s story although she often veers into giving her heroine the voice and viewpoint of an mpathic adult rather than that of a six year old Dad says our family loves my birthparents very much ven though we ll never know them Roth s affectionate domestic vignettes bolster the story s authenticity considerably and his vivid portrayal of the confident thoughtful Cassidy Li speaks volumes about the unconditional "love in her life ages 5 9 junecopyright her life Ages 5 9 Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reservedRecommendation 5 10 Years depending on the lessodiscussion associated with itNotes Adoption This is the first collaboration of a husband and wife team and is inspired by their own family s international adoption story In fact the author and illustrator picture is one of them in China with their newly adopted baby EdenThe story is told It's Cassidy Li's turn to be Star of the Week at school So she's making brownies and collecting photos for her poster She has pictures of all the important people in her life with. ,

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