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Ra returned to where it belongs And Kirk And The Crew Kirk and the crew preparing to return to Earth in their captured Bird of Prey to face charges During the return trip subspace is flooded with numerous signals and noise do not return to Earth save yourselves Of course Kirk is not going to sit back and watch the fireworks and when Spock ident I listen to the abridged version from 1986 which I got on Audible I didn t realize it was abridged when I bought it but that s ok This was xcellently read and acted by George Takei with little vigne The most disappointing of Ms McIntyre s Star Trek movie novelizations She s obviously losing interest by this point and you can see it in her inability to have as much fun with the plot and the character material as the film s actors and director This was a light comedic trium. Space probe Suddenly Kirk Spock McCoy and the rest of the crew must journey back through time to twentieth century Earth to solve

The Mystery Of The Probe. 
mystery of the probe. .

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Up until The Fellowship of Ring came along
Star IV The Voyage 
Trek IV The Voyage was my favorite and most watched movie I had a chance to pick up a copy of the novelization of the script and decided to read itAlthough I njoyed it it s not nearly as good as the movie I m guessing it was based on the script not the actual final movie and there are a fair amount of differences It did xplain some things For xample in the book Scotty knows the guy at the Plexiglass company invented transparent aluminum so he s not worried about altering the timeline However we still didn t get an xplanation of how xactly Sulu talked that pilot into loaning him his helicopterThe thing I liked least about the book is that the space probe is actually intentionally trying to get rid of life on Earth so it can start over In th. Admiral James T Kirk is charged by The Klingon Empire For The Comandeering Of A Klingon Starship Klingon Empire for the comandeering of a Klingon starship Federation honors the Klingon demands for xtradition. E movie the space probe has no harmful intentions Also poor Chekov doesn t get to say his greatest line one of the greatest lines in all of Star Trek nu cle ar wesselsIn any vent reading the book prompted me to watch this great movie for the 100th or so time Glad I read it won t be keeping it 25 stars I feel bad about writing a bad review but to be fair it was awful 1 star because the movie is one of my all time favorites 1 star because I listened to George Takei and he is amazing and I will listen to ANYTHING he reads So really this book is a 05Just watch the movie because the book is not worth the paper it is printed on I know that movie adaptations are tough I feel for the author but someone should have stopped this book before it went to print Spock has been taken back to Vulcan to have his Kat. And Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise are drawn back to Earth But their trip is interrupted by drawn back to Earth But their trip is interrupted by appearance of a mysterious all powerful alien.
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Star Trek IV Star Trek The Original Series #33; Movie Novelization #4

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