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A detective struggles against her fellow officers reluctance to embrace newfangled methods of crime solving as she investigates a mysterious murder spree An enjoyable story The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor by Delia Sherman is a charming entry a Gothic ghost story with a mechanical twist It s beautifully written and doesn t go uite where ou expect it to in large part because of its spirited heroine who chafes at restrictions of both gender and classElizabeth Knox s Gethsemane is set in the South Pacific but is based at least in part on the 1902 eruption of Mt Pelee in the West Indies island of Martiniue Knox follows four characters each of whom has a story and each of these stories is made up of a complex tangle of truth and lies The lies start to unravel as disaster strikes Gethsemane and the truths discovered are often tragic but the process of learning them is satisfying for the reader The Summer People by Kelly Link is a story of fairies in Appalachia The steampunk connection is a bit tenuous My Darling, My Hamburger you could remove the steampunk and still have essentially the same story but it does provide a clever new look at why one shouldn t take certain metals along while visiting the fairies Even though it s really of a fairy story than a steampunk one The Summer People is haunting I think I ll remember its twist and the rooms of the fairies house for a long timeGarth Nix s Peace in Our Time centers on an old man who at first seems doddering and innocent but whose role in a horrific cataclysm unfolds gradually as he is interrogated by aoung woman An interesting character studyChristopher Rowe s Nowhere Fast is set in Kentucky in a post apocalyptic future Anti technological beliefs have taken over to the point of becoming repressive Into this setting comes a oung man in a device that isn t at all exotic to us but is shocking to the townspeople a car I thought this story was going somewhere darker than it actually went but it s a thought provoking look at how any philosophy can be taken too farThe second graphic entry is Finishing School by Kathleen Jennings Engaging and well drawn Finishing School tells the story of a famous aviatrix s first flight as seen through the eyes of her childhood friend now a dentist I enjoyed it and wished there were of it I wanted to see of both women s lives Steam Girl by Dylan Horrocks is set in our own time as a teenage boy falls slowly and awkwardly in love with a geeky outcast girl in his class They bond over the graphic novels the girl writes which relate the adventures of Steam Girl an author avatar whose life is filled with planet hopping high adventure Meanwhile they face bullying at school and it also becomes evident that the Steam Girl arns are closely tied to their creator s troubled real life than one might expect Steam Girl is an absolutely beautiful story in which any high school pariah current or former will see a little bit of him or herself ETA And I want to tell Shanaia that It Gets Better for geeks too Get thee to a SF con girl You ll be beating off suitors with a stickNext is Holly Black s Everything Amiable and Obliging This story is set in an alternate Regency England where automata are employed as domestics and in other subservient positions The narrator s cousin falls in love with an automaton and the narrator tries to scuttle the romance by proving the automaton is incapable of love Like Nowhere Fast this is a story I thought was going to go darker than it did Black paints a disturbing scenario regarding the sentience or not and the free will or not of the robots but ties it up in a way that seems fluffier than is warranted by the themesClosing out the anthology is MT Anderson s The Oracle Engine Anderson places his entry in an ancient Rome that never was It s much like the real historical Rome but these Romans have advanced technology They have flying machines and it s implied that they nuked Carthage The Oracle Engine draws on the real life history of the consul Crassus and uses that as the foundation for a terrific story of revenge If Our Island Guide you knowour Greco Roman mythology it s not hard to guess where this story is going but Anderson makes the journey irresistible Also includes a great joke that s ostensibly about an order of male Vestals dedi I haven t enjoyed a YA anthology this much since Zombies Vs Unicorns Picking authors who can write and have a lot of interest in the genre as opposed to those who are can write and have a lot of interest in the genre as opposed to those who are really paid off here The only exception to this assumption is the opening short story by Cassandra Clare But I guess there was no way to avoid that as Clare is currently considered to be the shining beacon of YA steampunk and thus assigned as the main attraction in this bookThe subtitle of the collection is An Anthology if Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories and indeed it s not a lie this book is full of imaginative and original stories My vision of what steampunk is is pretty pedestrian and looks something like thisFor the most part the authors cater to such vision and a few even manage to bend it to their purposes and create some darn good stories Although there are some who think that using words like engineer or gadget once or twice in a story is sufficient to make it steampunk I disagree but what do I knowNow to the stories themselvesMy most favorite in the collection without contest Dylan Horrocks s Steam Girl It s a sweet story about a developing friendship and maybe between a lonely boy and a new girl in school who calls herself Steam Girl and tells strange tales about her inventions and various steampunky interplanetary adventures Are her stories real or imaginaryThe other shorts that caught my attentionLibba Bray s The Last Ride of the Glory Girls about a gang of girls who rob trains using a clockwork that stops time This story is so good I wouldn t mind reading a whole book about the Glory Girls and their adventuresIn Clockwork Fagin by Cory Doctorow limbless and mutilated children injured by steam powered machines who live in an orphanage get rid of their evil master and substitute him with an automatonNext two stories are both ghostly and with the most feminist flare The main character in Ysabeau S Wilce s Hand in Glove Constable Aurelia Etreyo seeks both respect from her male colleagues and justice for an innocent "man accused of multiple murders The narrator of Delia Sherman s The Ghost of Cwmlech "accused of multiple murders The narrator of Delia Sherman s The Ghost of Cwmlech a servant girl who dreams of becoming an engineer helps her master to find hidden treasure with some help from the resident ghostCalling Elizabeth Knox s Gethsemane steampunk would be a stretch But this story about 4 strange people caught in a natural disaster is so curiously and intricately written that I am willing to forgive the deficiencies in steampunk department I loved how life stories of the characters intertwined and transformed rolling into one anotherThe collection also has two successful post apocalyptic pieces In Garth Nix s Peace in Our Time and Christopher Rowe s Nowhere Fast steampunk future is respectively a cause and the effect of the downfall of the civilizationThe two graphic stories Shawn Cheng s Seven Days Beset by Demons and Kathleen Jennings s Finishing School presented in Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories while provide some diversion from prose are pretty negligibleMy least favorite stories in the descending order of my enjoyment are Kelly Link s The Summer People has absolutely nothing to do with steampunk It s a tale about a girl s uest to rid herself of the fae folk she is bound to serve The Oracle Engine by MT Anderson is set in a AU Ancient Rome and involves a future predicting machine used for revengeBoth Cassandra Clare s Some Fortunate Future Day and Holly Black s Everything Amiable and Obliging have good ideas the first one is about time reversing and the second automaton loving but are too unpolished unappealing in terms of writing and character development It might be a matter of personal taste though I have never liked anything written by either of these authorsAll in all my experience with this collection has been very pleasant Even the weakest short stories in this anthology are very readable I recommend. Ettings as diverse as Canada New Zealand Appalachia Wales ancient Rome future Australia and alternate CaliforniaVisionaries Link and Grant have invited all new interpretations explorations and expansions taking a genre already rich strange and inventive in the extreme and challenging contributors to remake it from the ground up The result is an anthology that defies even as it defines the genre. ,

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Unjust Deserts
Liked this With tragedy and deaths and just classic Roman stuff TW loss of loved one financial struggles death incestThis anthology was fine Nothing particularly special and no 5 Stars But I would recommend Steam Girl The Summer People The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor and Clockwork Fagin I am sad Holly Black sniffs let me down RTC Overall a uality collection There s at least five stories I really really liked and none I d call anything worse than mediocre My favourites are starred Some Fortunate Days by Cassandra Clare In retrospect it s probably a good thing this was the first story of the collection It s not terrible but the next couple stories hit it out of the park and there s no way this wouldn t have felt like a disappointment if I d read it after Libba Bray or Cory Doctorow s story I also think she took the least interesting route she possibly could have with the ending view spoilerI thought the reveal would be that Rose was also an automaton just advanced than the rest Her coldness and determination that everything should follow the path she d planned for seemed like it could point that way Plus after reading the Libba Bray I am deeply unimpressed with this use of a time manipulation device hide spoiler I only read the Cory Doctorow story Clockwork Fagin as I picked up a free preview copy of the story on my Kindle Doctorow proves with his story that he does steampunk just as well as he does cyberpunk It was definitely good enough to make me consider buying the entire anthology Overall a solid compilation A couple of stories weren t steampunkish enough Link s andor compelling Knox s Even Garth Nix s entry was just a short shaggy dog story as it were though the punch line did make ou think But there were far excellent tales than not Clare Bray Doctorow Rowe and Black kept true to the theme and turned out enjoyable and imaginative stories The Oracle Engine with its basis in Roman history was interesting for a while but it soon became obvious what was going to happen Though if ou haven t read anything about the Greek oracles and how their predictions were misinterpreted most famously the wooden wall of Athens then the resolution might be a surprise Hand in Glove Wilce s detective story was a blast to read I longed for it to be a novel or a series of stories la Sherlock Holmes Sherman s ghost story was somewhat predictable Horn (Horn, yet captivating nonetheless But my favorite by far was Dylan Horrock s Steam Girl with its two likable eually interesting characters and a plot that keepsou enthralled and as off balance as the narrator It s a superb work and one that could have been the title story in the collection ie Steam Girl and Other Steampunk StoriesThe best thing about Steampunk is that the editors made good on their promise to explore and expand what steampunk means giving us a set of stories that avoids repetition of setting plot or character Here s hoping they do Steampunk II I love the idea of steampunk I love the fashion it has inspired and the subculture around it and I want to love the fiction I haven t read a whole lot of it تعلم jQuery فى 120 دقيقة yet for various r Short story anthologies are tough This one is a strong three stars Even though there were no lost causes as I read I never thought I d give it four Some stories soared but I guess not high enough or long enoughAnother thing and it is a Catch 22 but I found myself impatiently flipping pages at times wondering how many remained I longed for novels I think I wanted the stories to draw me in faster and deep some didet I was still impatient wondering when it would endOne last thing Steampunk This was a good introduction Turns out I ve read some steampunk Philip Pullman Even though I will read steampunk including some of these authors I did tire at times of reading this all at once I appreciate the effort to develop speculative fiction fantasy and not emulate Tolkien I like the machines and the respect for mechanical skills but am not entirely convinced including those things alone makes a distinct genre Some of the stories contained of those elements than othersBrief perhaps idiosyncratic and unhelpful responses to each storySome Fortunate Future Day by Cassandra Clare Included dirigibles Wartime Abandoned female lead who may amuse andor appall Ambiguous ending Mostly enjoyedThe Last Ride of the Glory Girls by Libba Bray Interesting world Strong female leads Orphans Rebellion Ambiguous ending that may satisfy Mostly enjoyedClockwork Fagin by Cory Doctorow Read one of his novels Orphans Rebellion Murder Mostly enjoyedSeven Days Beset by Demons by Shawn Cheng Comic Deadly Sins EnjoyedHand in Glove by Ysabeau S Wilce Still plan to read one of her novels Murder Horror Female detective lead mostly strong Mostly enjoyedThe Ghost of Cwmlech Manor by Delia Sherman Mystery Admiration for rank Strong female lead Mostly enjoyedGethsemane by Elizabeth Knox Less steampunk perhaps Dirigibles Technology goes very wrong Female lead who perhaps sells out Ambiguous ending Witchcraft Googled the author EnjoyedThe Summer People by Kelly Link Also one of the editors Less steampunk perhaps Female lead who may be evil Sinister Mostly enjoyedPeace in Our Time by Garth Nix May be too cute Selfish old man OkayNowhere Fast by Christopher Rowe Googled the author Bicycles Enjoyable female lead Community Memory Longing EnjoyedFinishing School by Kathleen Jennings Comic Harder to draw me in Somewhat strong female leads Less developed but it may just be me and comicsSteam Girl by Dylan Horrocks Googled the author Setting seems to be our "world Steampunk elements are mainly in the a story within the story Sensitive loser boy saved by loser girl and her "Steampunk elements are mainly in the a story within the story Sensitive loser boy saved by loser girl and her Mostly enjoyedEverything Amiable and Obliging by Holly Black Read a novel by this author Strong female lead Technology goes wrong Slightly disturbing topic of machines and love EnjoyedThe Oracle Engine by MTAnderson Strong narrative voice Flying machines War Men Revenge Twists EnjoyedI enjoyed the stories I guess something about their execution kept me from being completely drawn in This could easily be four stars for somemany people I suspect All these authors are writers to keep an eye on Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories is a new oung adult collection edited by veteran anthologists Kelly Link and Gavin J Grant Featuring twelve conventional short stories and two graphic entries Steampunk showcases a wide variety of ideas and styles that fall under the steampunk umbrella The collection is entertaining and is lent extra freshness by the variety of settings explored by the authors none of the stories are set in Victorian LondonThe book begins with Some Fortunate Future Day by Cassandra Clare This is a CREEPY LITTLE STORY ABOUT A RATHER WARPED YOUNG GIRL little story about a rather warped oung girl desires love but knows very little about it The ending will leave ou wondering How many times Set in an alternate Wild West on another planet Libba Bray s The Last Ride of the Glory Girls follows a girl who goes undercover with a gang of female outlaws and finds her loyalties shifting toward them and away from the Pinkertons she works for The narrative voice is terrific I kept imagining the story being told by Hailee Steinfeld and the religious cult that haunts her past is chilling Clockwork Fagin by Cory Doctorow is set in an oppressive orphanage for children maimed in factory accidents Their keeper meets his untimely end and the kids see a chance to seize their own destinies The story is macabre a bit twisted and darkly funny and ends in a surprisingly uplifting wayThe first of the two graphic entries is Shawn Cheng s Seven Days Beset by Demons I don t think I uite got this one I had trouble liking the protagonist and while I enjoyed other stories in the anthology that revolved around unsympathetic characters this one didn t give me much to sink my teeth into except the emotional state of the protagonist His reactions just seemed way overboard in regards to how briefly he d known his love interest but I ll grant that this may have been an intentional decision related to the story s Seven Deadly Sins themeYsabeau S Wilce offers a tale of early forensics and mad science in Hand in Glove. Ardly crimes escape from monstrous predicaments consult oracles and hover over volcanoes in steam powered airshipsHere in the first major steampunk anthology for oung adults fourteen masters of speculative fiction including two graphic storytellers embrace the genre’s established blend of sci fi and fantasy action and adventure history and romance and refashion it in surprising ways and in ,
I ve been struggling to understand what steampunk means A month ago I d have mentioned such words as Victorian invention pipes and weird before giving up and muttering steam and punk This anthology has its share of all these things but as I read through these stories many of them good a few of them great I realized that steampunk is than its accoutrements It s an almost spiritual belief that technology can achieve miracles wonders and perhaps even transcendence This is illustrated in what I consider to be the best of these stories Steam Girl in which the highly imaginative tales that one lonely child tells another prove to be the awakening and salvation that both of them needNot all wonders are bright though Another standout story The Oracle Engine explores an alternate Rome during the period of the first Triumvirate in which a wronged child seeks his revenge through the use of his invention the eponymous Oracle Engine There are many other good stories and that renders the not so great ones both forgettable and inconseuentialI was ten or thereabouts narrates a character in one of the stories and I was mad for wonders I think there is a need for a little bit of that madness in all of us and Steampunk fulfills it admirably Initial reaction Well that was fairly freaky I ll admit I saw this listed in my feed saw the link to read it and took some odd minutes to read it To be honest Rose was a bit too self absorbed for my liking so I didn t like her but there were parts of this story that were interesting and I think the automatons were a nice touch though I felt like there was still to the story needed even with the freakish ending and eah I consider it freakish for a number of reasonsFull reviewSome Fortunate Future Day was a short story under 5000 words that was featured in the Steampunk compliation by Kelly Link and Gavin Grant I ve read a few of Clare s short stories and found some of them worth the brief reads but while there were some interesting ideas with this particular story it wasn t my cuppa I think part of that might ve been the rather brash and absorbed character of Rose who lives among a group of automatons while 282142857143 25 I don t normally go for Steampunk and it may have come out in the ratings The authors I read this for greatly let me down The entire anthology let me down a fair bit and it saddened me and also took me way to long to read It was just generally tiring Some Fortunate Future Day Cassandra Clare This was relatively creepy Like this girl is living in her house alone with just clockwork creatures to keep her company and this boy fighting in a war lands in her garden so she concocts this idea in her head that they will fall in love and get married So there s insta love And we don t Rose s age which is creepy And there s time travel I just didn t like this TW talk of alcoholism previous loss of loved one death of pet death war themes The Last Ride of the Glory Girls Libba Bray A girl goes undercover to work out exactly how a girl gang are pulling off remarkably impossible robberies They steal from rich people by pausing time with a device So the girl get s pulled in deeper and deeper and I would definitely like to think there is some homoerotic subtext in there TW weight comments violence previous loss of loved ones talk of prostitution sexual harassment Clockwork Fagin Cory Doctorow One day this boy comes along to a home for children who have become disabled via workplace accident Once he takes charge they start to build a mechanical guardian to fool the supervisors This is all about found family and it s great It s definitely one of the better ones TW talk of suicide previous loss of loved one talk of alcoholism whipping death abuse Seven Days Beset By Demons Shawn Cheng 5This is a cartoon about the seven deadly sins I don t really know what to think about this The art was kind of basic says the person with no artistic talent TW alcohol consumption Hand in Glove Ysabeau S Wilce 5Either swear Or don t This is a literal pet peeve of mine Swear Or don t Don t use the words frack or something I don t care Just don t This has sexism as a main theme which was interesting and it wasn t solved Like that was the reason no one was listening to her You can t start with that topic and not resolve it or look at it head on It s basically Frankenstein s monster and it combines magic science with necromancy which is cool TW death sexism The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor Delia Sherman Set in Wales with an aristocrat ghost the lost descendant a girl housekeeper and a mechanical kitchen maid with that great old mansion aesthetic TW death previous loss of loved one violence Gethsemane Elizabeth Knox This is very complicated and I couldn t keep track On one hand this is about human relationships and human interactions but also there was a geyser about human relationships and human interactions but also there was a geyser explodes I think this also might be set in New Zealand because she s a NZ author but also I swear at some point they use the words European Snow So maybe not TW death loss of loved one violence alcohol consumption use of the word wtch slavery The Summer People Kelly Link 5 Be Bold Be Bold But not too Bold This is really cool It kind of start s surrounding religion apparently I don t really remember this aspect of the book and the girl is sick But she still has to work because her Dad isn t in town and one Of Her Ex Friends her ex friends and helps her clean houses and then helps her get better by visiting a house and her Dad s made enemies and I m doing a really bad job of explaining it by I enjoyed it Also the friend is a lesbian and I spent the entire thing waiting for the MC to be like TW talk of alcohol consumption talk of alcoholism previous loss of loved one use of the word lez Peace In Our Time Garth Nix 5This has an old man living in seclusion and an assassininterrogator coming to his house and throughout the short we find out why he s living alone where everyone went and generally just about how terribly having the codes to world damaging war weapons in the hands of a few powerful people TW death war themes portrayal of mental illness probably dementia or Alzheimer s Nowhere Fast Christopher Rowe This is a rural town that lives with minimal contact with other towns because there are no cars because 2 generations back there was a major war where they fought for a better cleaner Earth Now a guy has come to town in a self made car This is disturbingly similar to what could possibly happen at some point in the near future Which is maybe the point of Steampunk as a genre TW war themes violence Finishing School Kathleen Jennings THis was a cartoon set at a finishing school with colonialism at the heart and a lot of homoerotic subtext So Your looking at that 1 Star aren t ou It just was really bad Like I didn t like the art style which feels mean but And the plot was super confusing And a lot happened that was really confusing TW previous loss of loved one Steam Girl Dylan Horrocks 5This uestions reality what s real and what s not A new girl comes to school and she s kind of weird She always wears a helmet and that s enough for her to be bullied But when the main character who s name I don t remember befriends her he gets bullied as well They bond over a comic the girl has written It s really good and super sad TW fatphobia talk of school shooting use of the word freak talk of drug usage bullying talk of sexual harassment Everything Amiable Obliging Holly Black 5 with tears in my eyes Holly Black why did ou write about some of my least favourite tropes Incest bothuman relationships I m very sad I wrote aroace so maybe it wasn t all bad But I don t think there was an aroace character so very confused There was also talk of sexbots which may be my inner asexual but ew They exist in real life I don t need them in an anthology written in 2011 Oh They may not have existed Still Everything about this wasn t good but it was written well so 2 Stars I don t want to give anything by Holly Black less than 2 Stars TW previous loss of loved one talk of gambling talk of prostitution The Oracle Engine M T Anderson 5This was Rome and Steampunk so obviously Clockwork Oracle and classic Roman betrayals etc Imagine an alternate universe where romance and technology reign Where tinkerers and dreamers craft and recraft a world of automatons ornate clockworks calculating machines and other marvels that never were Where scientists and schoolgirls fair folk and Romans intergalactic bandits Utopian revolutionaries and intrepid orphans decked out in corsets clockwerk suits and tall black boots solve dast. .
Steampunk An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories

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