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Sugar Sweet35 starsI enjoyed the concept of this story and I assume the series as a whole will run with the idea Instead of a regular dating site the characters use a sugar daddy site NOT an escort site although there is some fears and stigma that go along with the idea of getting a lot of money to be arm candy for a rich person Marissa is a super likable character She tries so hard to take care of her own problemseven with the problems shouldn t even be hers but were thrust upon her by bad people in her life She may have upon her by bad people in her life She may have her moments of weakness in her life especially when it comes to her ex boyfriend but she s learned her lesson and is not the shrinking violet she first appears to be She s going to do what needs to be done to take care of her problems while also going to school to better her lifeOf course the multimillionaire Vince is not uite as likable at first But once he confronted by someone who doesn t bow down at his feet we get to see his true heart Marissa truly brings out the best in him against his own better judgement even It was fun to see such a strong and in charge business man get bossed around by Marissa occasionally He had his alpha moments but he really tried so hard to pull back those instincts in most matters There are things I didn t uite understand about Vince his father and their companies At first I really wanted to understand and thought I needed to understand the whys and hows And in fact I couldn t understand why Vince didn t deeply uestion his father s Insistence On How They Were on how they were with their mutual investment Then I relaxed and decided to just go with the flow They whys and hows were not really that important to the overall story Just the fact that Vince s dad is a real jerk is enough for the reader to knowWhat did continue to irk me throughout the story was the awkward language at some points And some totally mis used words Now this story takes place in Canada so there are some slight differences in what we in the United States call things That is not what I m talking about My hope is since I read an ARC of this story there is still some editing that will be done before publication Even if these things are not caught this is still a great storyChristine d Abo is a new to me author and I m looking forward to reading by her Especially the next book in this seriesI received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely When ou have a parent who has regressed after a divorce With that also becoming harmful to his rep but now it is affecting Vince s which is becoming a real problem When it harms his business Vince Taylor s father Geoff has turned into a bitter and hateful man ever since divorcing his mother As if taking out all the anger on his son will make up for all the anger he has for his ex Vince is by no means a lightweight You see he is a co host of a television show Bull Rush Where those chosen give sales pitches hoping to get venture capital out of the two host But as The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) you can imagine Vince was rarely one to give willingly But when he did those people were very successful in what they chose to do Which leads us to Marissa Roy A college student going to business school She is hoping to one day open her own business There is only one big huge problem Her ex Andrew left with all the money that she signed for all the loans for solely Leaving her with all this mounting debt When she pays off one another pops up She doesn t even have enough to buy good TP he bled her so dry She was working double shifts and is going to school full time and trying to payback every creditor even if she is late doing it She admits she was the stupid one Then a friend tells her about a sugar daddy site at 3wmillionairesugardaddycom that is legit Has been a Godsend to some girls who really needed the Connecting on millionairesugardaddycom is reserved for a certain kind of woman But some men makeou earn to be that kind of woman   Marissa Roy never thought she would do it Until she finds herself overwhelmed by debt college costs and a vengeful ex boyfriend determined to ruin her financially But once she meets multi millionaire Vince Taylor the thought of sleeping with her ho. ,

Oney They are for rich men who need a woman on their arm for functions or events At first Marissa said no way When one bill collector came pounding on her door elling horrible things at her she thought again Enter Geoff Taylor Vince s daddy He has already been in hot water due to being caught with having an affair with a business partners wife and sexual harassment complaints with Mandatory Counseling So When He Tells Vince He Booked A counseling So when he tells Vince he booked a Vince said No Way That he would meet the MTIV young lady instead and just pay her for her trouble and then send her on her way The meet and greet were not what he expected Marissa was beautiful and down to earth Not to mention a business major but notet have a handle on how to do that clearly since she wrote her name on loans for her ex who has now skipped She didn t care that he had bank and she told him point blank She didn t give a rat s ass what he wanted or expected because as she said she didn t book with him anyway Her banter and street smarts intrigued him As well as her care kindness and manners she showed to his staff See what they agree to on that boat as she calls it LOL The joking that goes on about this is funny As well as the word millionaire He thinks there need to be rules Yet when *things go south he wants to break them A real Cinderella story and worth the read I give this *go south he wants to break them A real Cinderella story and worth the read I give this stars Provided by netgalleycom Follow us at www1rad readerreviewscom Sugar Sweet by Christine d AboBook 1 Sugar SeriesSource NetGalleyMy Rating 45 starsI have such a soft spot for Christine D Abo and feel like she is really one of my go to authors when I m craving a bit of naughty with a real plot and re Two people from very different worlds discover that International Organizations you can t buy happiness in this Sugar Daddy romance set in Toronto Canada A troublemaking ex has caused financial problems for Marissa and she s reluctantly decided to follow advice from a friend and join a sugar daddy website for some uick cash To her surprise the man she meets isn t the one she expects but his handsome andounger but still sugar daddy material son Vince Vince can t stand the thought of his father a somewhat reprehensible character since divorcing Vince s mother taking advantage of Marissa so he s decided to take over the arrangement but with the caveat that while Marissa will be his escort for public events their relationship will be sex free Marissa agrees to the exchange and Vince s contract But when the sexual chemistry gets too hot will they be able to stick to their agreement And what happens if they fall in love This is a fun and sexy pre ordered from ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and impartial reviewI ve read Christine d Abo s Ringside Romance series four mm romance novels as is my preferred genre and was curious to try out one of her mf romances Sugar Sweet did not disappointSugar Sweet tells the story of Marissa early twenties college student drowning in debt and Victor mid thirties TV personality multi millionaire Marissa needs money to pay off debts and Victor needs someone to act as his steady girlfriend They come to an arrangement to help each other out and hit several road bumps along The WayI Enjoyed Reading wayI enjoyed reading story so much that I didn t want to put it down This was an easy read for me The words flowed smoothly and the actiondramasexy times kept my interest I liked how the autho 4 STAR REVIEW Judging a Book by it s Cover Illustrated cover of a man in a suit walking across an upper floor of a highrise building with the top of a cityscape beyond the all glass wall behind him Font choices are a little weak Synopsis sounded interesting different from anything I ve read recently Looking Deeper POV Third personSetting Mostly Canada with a weekend in New YorkYou d think that this would be a typical rags to riches story based on the blurb but Maris. T benefactor is a major turn on Except Vince has one condition to their dating contract he wants her by his side but not in his bed Finding sex was easy he said finding someone he could trust was not Still his hungry gaze tells Marissa otherwise   She’s the perfect escort a natural beauty with the kind of savvy discretion that will keep his personal life out of the tabloids Onl. ,

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Sa is much too strong for that Going back to college to get her business degree while working two jobs to make ends meet is taxing enough but when her scumbag ex boyfriend starts sending creditors her way and it becomes physically threatening she opts to take extreme measures at a friend s suggestion Vince has had just about enough of his father s sloppy and manipulative meddling but even he could not allow the man to meet up with some innocent oung woman looking for an easy payday He takes his father s place on the sugar daddy date and although he s the multimillionaire her goodness and openness bring to the table than he bargained for Both are coming off crappy relationships are hurt and guarded He needs a steady date to secure a business deal she needs some extra money to get control of the mounting debts Rules are in place and agreed upon But things don t always work according to plan Yes Vince is a self proclaimed a hole but he acknowledges that he s not necessarily proud of that and pledges to be a better person Marissa is smart strong honest and upfront Their chemistry was enjoyable The secondary cast was widely varied as was their likability Dialogue was mostly good the interactions were believable for the majority of it There were several conflicts and all were resolved by the end Predictability was low The conclusion was satisfying enough but not concrete solid While I am aware that this was an ARC copy and am not deducting points for typos and errors it could use one pass by a proofreader I d picked up at least 4 things that made it to this pre release stage Hopefully those will be caught before the final copy is released to the masses in about 2 weeks Enjoyable story with a strong heroine who s not easily intimidated and unafraid to speak her mind Boorish multimillionaire that is humbled to be put in his place and is smart enough to allow it most of the timeRating R Score 42 Stars 4 Disclosure of Material I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the AuthorPublisher with the hope that I would voluntarily leave unbiased and unsolicited feedback I was not asked encouraged or reuired to leave a review nor was I compensated in any way I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Sugar Sweet by Christine d Abo is the First book in the Sugar Series This Is The Story Of series This is the story of Roy and Vince Taylor Marissa is in need of money after a bad breakup where her Ex is putting her in this financial mess Work several jobs and going to school isn t making the collectors happy so when a friend suggested the a Sugar Daddy type website for uick cashshe goes for it Vince s tries to keep his dad in check but their feelings for each other have never really been close Now his father is talking about hiring a college girl to play as being his girlfriend to try a secure a deal Vince argues with his father about doing this until his father tells him to do it Vince ends up agreeing which puts him meeting Marissa Sparks are flying left and right but he tries to sit to his ideal of her just being for show and no romance or physical touching But the sparks just keep getting bigger until they go up in flames Can t wait for the next book in this seriesloved it DNF 40%I just didn t feel any chemistry between Marissa and Vince It was all pretty ridiculous An ARC of Sugar Sweet by Christine d Abo was generously provided to me via netgalley in exchange for to me via NetGalley in exchange for review35 stars I was expecting an Alpha Hero but I didn t think Vince is Alpha at all Sure he s demanding possessive and all but I didn t feel the Alpha vibe coming off of him Plus I don t really see the chemistry between Marissa and Vince The actual plot is good but the execution could be better Look forward to read from this author. Y Vince doesn’t expect his body to pulse every time Marissa steps into the room every time she stands close Too close  He doesn’t expect to find himself pulling her into his arms night after night after night Suddenly he can’t get enough of her intoxicating body And once he’s broken that rule it’s only a matter of time until he violates his vow to never ever fall in lov. .

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