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The Case f the Time Capsule BanditLC 5 stars This was a cute little mystery for kids with a strong female lead Recommended My seven year ld picked the book purely because he liked the title He said it was the perfect combination Rim of the Pit (Rogan Kincaid, of two things he loves ninjas and detectives Also he loved that usually in the story the main character is the boys and he liked how in this story she changed it up and made it a girl His final enthusiasticbservation was that three kids who were stuck somewhere they didn t want to be became friends and found that they actually kind They Also Serve of liked where they lived As a mom this book was a huge winner I started it as a read aloud we would read two chapters before school in the morning After a couplef days my husband confessed he was reluctant to leave for work because he didn t want to miss Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling out Then I caught my son reading ahead By the endf the book he read the last few chapters ut loud to me Thank you MsSpencer for writing such a great story that the whole family could enjoy I loved that it showed a mighty girl without making boys Look Stupid Showed Some Sweet stupid showed some sweet and the
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weren t made look foolish r verbearing We ve started n the second book with great enthusiasm and hope there are many to come This is an interactive book because it has ninja tasks in the back that has recipes and ther helpful detective tips It is the kind f book that everyone will love There are no unrealistic r cheesy parts and it has inspired me to try Tae Kwon Do I loved this book Spencer s book is an excellent middle school mystery Twelve year ld Randi Rhodes is the daughter Large Catechism of Martin Luther of a popular mystery writer Her mother has recently passed away Randi is upset and resentful when her father decides they should move Meet Randi Rhodes the world's first ninja detective Mystery abounds in this delightful new middle grade series from Academy Award winning actress Octavia SpencerDeer Creek is a small town whosenly hope for survival is the success f thei. .
Rom New York to his small Tennessee hometownRandi without her father s knowledge has acted as a sleuth solving small mysteries in her ld neighborhood The Ceux de la posie vcue only excitement in the new town is the upcoming Founder s Day Festival at the centerf which will be the pening f a time capsule Many people believe that a legendary treasure was hidden inside the capsule The fate f many f the town s struggling businesses hangs Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty on the tourists expected to attend the festival Much to the dismayf the whole town the capsule disappears Randi is determined to solve this mystery and doesn t understand why her father who writes mystery novels isn t interested in investigating The story follows Randi and her new friend DC as they search ut the follows Randi and her new friend DC as they search ut the behind the theft and save the town Clues seem to lead to a haunted cabin and mean ld Angus McCarthy This is a very satisfying read with characters and plot twists that will satisfy middle grade readers I hope Spencer will write adventures for Randi Octavia
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Academy Award winner The Help started writing this book 13 years ago Her Hollywood mentor Sandra Bullock gave it a read and encouraged her to seek a publisher With her new stardom she found a contract with Simon Schuster and the second in the series will follow shortly Scooby Do enthusiasts will recognize the formulaic plot those meddlesome kids bad guys in suits the secret treasure and the wholesome reward at the end The chapters are peppered with inconsistent appendices activities that extend the action Try this at home an interesting idea that falls a bit flat in my view The best thing about this book is Spencer s attention to her heroine s emotional life a recently deceased mother a distant and preocc. R Founder's Day Festival But the festival's main attraction a time capsule that many people believe hold the town's treasure has gone missingRandi Rhodes and her best friend DC are Bruce Lee inspired ninjas and local detectives determined.

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Upied father a move from urban
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York to rural She also finds an unlikely for rural Tennessee multicultural mix f friends a Latino an African American and a Chinese nannydaddy s girlfriend Although the setting makes this a bit far fetched it s nice to have multiracial representation and having a number f strong women including a female Sheriff is refreshing The story itself is trite and nothing new but the character development and relationships are worth a uick read Recommended for 3rd 5th graders Thanks to Ms Spencer and SS for the signed ARC This Was So Much Fun To Read AT BEDTIME I EVEN GOT A Bedtime I Even Got A Ovation Afterwards We Loved It I read this right after Liar Spy by Rebecca Stead Both are aimed at age groups 8 12 I thought it would be very interesting to hear the writing voice f the versatile actress Octavia Spencer and it was a fun mystery well written and cleverly put together However when held up against the power messages in Liar and Spy there is just no comparison though Spencer s book deals with similar issues Liar and Spy wholly eclipses the Ninja Detective stylistically and emotionally how resonating affecting the reader and in about every way Here #s hoping Ms Spencer s terrific idea for a series gains in wisdom depth with the next in its series Octavia #hoping Ms Spencer s terrific idea for a series gains in wisdom depth with the next in its series Octavia AND author This is a cute simple uick read that is great for middle school students It s fast paced and provides the reader with a fun journey The characters are decent with a little character development The storyline is great and will be easy for younger readers to follow and understand Review by my 7yo If you want to be a ninja and a detective this is the book for you I want to be both and I learned a lo. To solve the case Even if it means investigating in a haunted cabin and facing mean ld Angus McCarthy prime suspectThey have three days to find the treasure; the future f their whole town is at stake Will these kids be able to save the

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